Chapter 20 [Finale]


"With everything that's happening, I've become too busy to go and ask Emilia out on the ball," I said in mild horror, this earned an amused eye roll from Bryce and a chuckle from Rory as I help the Literature Club in the Festival, which involves selling this year's Short Story anthology which is a collection of well, everything we made this entire school year that hadn't been sent to the Newspaper Club or set up into a manuscript.

"I thought that would be a mutual agreement?" Rory asked as he handed out another Anthology.

"I thought about that as well," I answered as I looked at Bryce who was just chuckling at both of us. "They'll love it trust me if you make the effort that you would ask them." Bryce continued with a smile.

"Leave it to the one who has a girlfriend to give sound advice on the topic," Rory scoffed. "I feel definitely out of place with you two even more now."

"I'm sure you'll find one out there," I told him with a teasing smile as both of us saw Sophia walk towards our stall with her usual irked look on her face. At first, he gave us a confused look but he quickly realized what he was implying and rolled his eyes in amusement.

"Get bent you two, besides we hardly get along anyway." He scoffed.

"Can you help me check on something Andrew?" She said as she bought an Anthology from us. "Sure thing." I nodded as I followed her while the rest of the Literature Club went on with their business.

"I need to get a few things out from the storage and sent to the Gymnasium for the band but I can't carry them all the way to my Classroom." She explained to me.

"Oh hey, who will you be bringing to the Ball tonight?" I asked her innocently.

"None," She gave me a smirk. "I don't plan on going in there anyway."

"As members of the student council, we're obligated to join the event." I pointed out.

"Dammit." She said with a disappointed tone. "Who knows maybe it'll be fun in your side," I reassured her as we entered the storage and grabbed an armful of boxes while she did the same thing.

"We'll see." She said as we made our way out and through the hallway, and made our way towards the Classroom where I placed the boxes.

"By the way have you seen Emilia?" I asked her, well since I haven't asked her yet I might as well do it now or else it might backfire on me in the future.

"I think she's helping in the Volleyball Club," She pointed out. "You haven't asked her yet haven't you?"

"I plan to right now." I pointed out earning an amused laugh from her.

"Then hurry up then."

"I am," I said as I ended up sprinting through the halls and making my way to the Gymnasium where a Volleyball match is currently being held, it wasn't serious or anything but it was more or less for fun for fans to watch. Or even put bets, that tends to happen with one another something Bryce and I do that very often with other fans.

I spotted Emilia in a Volleyball uniform in the middle of the game and went to the side and waited for the game to finish and—

"Head's up!" I heard someone call me, I turned to the side wondering what she was implying but the next thing I knew I saw a volleyball heading towards me and everything went black.

As soon as I came to I found myself staring at a worried Emilia and Alex while the Nurse was checking on me as I was placed on the bleachers while the game went on.

"This is surprisingly nostalgic," I joked earning an amused eye roll form Alex and Emilia let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm glad you're alright," Emilia said.

"Don't worry, my head is pretty durable." I joked this instead gave a disapproving look from Emilia. "Come one you shouldn't joke like that you know," Emilia said in a less than approved tone.

"I don't know," Alex chuckled. "Based on experience he seems to be pretty durable after all."

"See, she gets it." I pointed out with a smile earning a quick laugh from her as she walked away. "Besides, I came here to talk to about something."

"Yes." She said with a serious look on her face.

"Will you go to the ball with me?"

"Yes." She said with a serious look on her face.

"What's with that lack of an emotional response?" I said with a chuckle.

"That's because I've been waiting for you to ask the past few days," She pointed out with an irked look on her face causing me to laugh a bit. "No argument there, to be fair we were both busy on this whole thing we didn't notice time flies," I said sheepishly.

"Well," She gave me a sweet smile as she helped me up. "You know what they say the best things come in last."

"Ugh that's cheesy enough that gave me a headache," I pointed out with a cringe, this earned an amused giggle from her. "These cheesy lines what you Love the most don't you." She said holding my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Well, that's true," I said shaking my head in mild disbelief. "Are you guys still playing?"

"Yeah, two more matches and we'll see who'll win." She said with a determined look. "You wanna watch?"

"I can't," I said with an apologetic smile and shook my head. "I still have to do my rounds and check on the other Clubs and Organizations."

"Ah well, I'll see you later then." She said with a slightly disappointed look. I couldn't help but smile seeing how she's easy to read. I simply gave her a light kiss on the forehead and said.

"Yeah, I'll see you later." I smiled as I walked out of the Gymnasium.

[Fallen for Mr. Geek]


I met up with the rest of the Student Council as we entered the Event Hall where the Ball is taking place. I went and came with a white and gold dress with my hair fixed in a neat bun and gave an excited look at the crowd getting ready outside as well.

"If you smile a lot harder you might split your face in half," Andrew behind me chuckled, he wore a black and purple suit with his hair slicked back handsomely. Any signs of his usual snarky and at times gloomy self was gone and was replaced with this handsome prince!

"You know it's rude of you to stare." He chuckled as he buried his hands on his pockets in the same usual manner he had as before and offered me a box of various cords. "Here."

Oh yeah, we both volunteered to participate to get other students to join in. We made various sets of ribbons and split them into two boxes, one for the boys and one for the girls.

"Oh yeah the event," I said grabbing a white and gold ribbon and gave him a teasing smile. "You're not gonna take advantage and take my end of the ribbon."

"Sorry not sorry," He gave me a smirk while showing me a black and purple ribbon. I simply pouted and stuck out my tongue at him.

"Really? You're not worried that your beautiful girlfriend is dancing with some random man?" I gave him a teasing smile. Instead, he scoffed at me in mild amusement.

"Why would I be worried when I know your heart belongs to me?" He smiled back. I gave him a pout and a light punch in the chest.

"Since when did you become that smooth towards women!" I said in mild annoyance.

"That's quite the scene you two are putting there." We both turned around to find Sophia with a pure red cord in her hands as she tied it around her wrist. "Why don't you get a room or something?"

"I'd love to but her parents said that kind of stuff is too early," he told me with a smirk I simply elbowed him in embarrassment while my face was no doubt red. This instead earned an eye roll from Sophia as she left in silence.

"Jeez at least turn down the jokes about that," I told him shyly.

"Right right, sorry," he said with a sheepish smile. As we both entered the Event Area as the event finally began with Josh and Ellie began the speech, both of us sat next to one another on a nearby table as they began their speech. All the while I felt his hand gently grip my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"And now we have Student Council President Emilia Valentine with her remarks." Ellie smiled as I took the stage.

"Let's be honest, it's been one hell of a rollercoaster for this year isn't it?" I told them earning an amused laugh from the rest. "With all of these projects and events that I've planned thanks to the combined efforts of the Student Council and the rest of the other Clubs we managed to pull through."

"But all of those weren't for fun per se." I continued with the speech. "Too many of us especially the Club Presidents, this is our last year as High School students, and soon we'll be heading off to College. So I thought, well this is our last year so why not make the most of it then. So I talked to them about this, and we all decided to make as many memories as possible."

I paused for a moment as the memories since January flooded within me. From those cold winter days where Andrew and I barely got along to think all of those things were just in a few months.

"This is in a way, our way of saying goodbye and thanking you all for the memories." I smiled holding my tears for a bit while I caught a few wiping their eyes as well from the tears. "Because without a doubt next year we'll be focusing on College. That's why let's make the most of our memories tonight."

There was a momentary silence, eventually, Andrew began to applaud me which was then followed by everyone else as they all burst into applause. I then nodded to Josh and Ellie, who were also on the verge of tears and continued the event.

The next event was the Ballroom Club's dance number while the Music Band performed. Eventually, we went to the main event, the Strings of Fate. I made a quick speech, explaining everything about the strings and eventually told them to find their designated partner.

"Found him yet?" Andrew asked me as we looked for our partners. "None yet and-wait, what?" I said as my eyes landed on Ashton's who had a sheepish smile and carried the same White and Gold Cord.

"Uh, this is awkward," Ashton told us sheepishly, beside him was Alex who had the same nervous look while holding a familiar Black and Purple cord.

"Watch where you're touching, understand?" Andrew simply said. "Noted." Ashton smiled as I took his hand while I shot a worried look at Andrew as he and Alex danced as well.

"Hows things between you and Andrew?" Ashton asked me as we gently danced. "It's been great," I smiled back. "What about you and Alex?"

"We talked for a bit. And well we agreed to just be friends." He said in a sad voice. "It's for the best."

"I-I wish you all for the best then," I said, truth be told I hoped maybe he would patch things through with Alex. But I guess it'll take some time for them to recover.

"Hey isn't that Sophia and Rory?" He smiled and nodded at the center, I turned around and saw and my eyes widened in surprise and saw Sophia and Rory gently dancing together. Any sign of their usually snark and animosity was gone and instead, she has her arms wrapped closely around him with a rare and sweet smile in her lips.

"Well looks like I have something interesting just happened," I commented as the dance ended.

"Yeah," He chuckled as we danced. "It really is."

As soon as the dance had ended, we both shared a nod and walked off. I went off to find Andrew but instead, I find him looking for me as well.

"Ah, there you are." He smiled as I went to grab his hand. "I was looking for you, to be honest."

"Why is that?" I gave him a concerned look.

"Well then." He said as he took my hand and gave it a kiss. "May I have this dance?"

"You sir have quite an interesting way with words." I gave him a sheepish smile as I wrapped my arms around his neck while he wrapped his own around my waist as a soft love song plays in the background.

"Thank you." He smiled as we danced.

"For what?" I gave him a confused look.

"For finally being able to respond to my feelings," He explained once more. "I know I said it before but I mean it, you have no idea how happy I feel knowing that you're my girlfriend."

"In that case thank you as well?"

"For what?"

"For everything, for essentially putting up with me." I smiled at him. "But rest assure, this is just the beginning for both of us."

"I couldn't agree more."

Every relationship has its ups and downs, to be honest, but if you really love someone you have to put up with all of their virtues and vices. I know for sure that Andrew put up for me, and yet he still chose to be with me despite everything that has happened.

I hope someday to you dear reader that you'll find your happiness with someone.

The End.

[Fallen for Mr. Geek]

Author's Note:

Well guys, it's been a wild and fun ride. I hope you all enjoyed this Love Story that I've made. Until then I'll see you all in the future books.