Before continuing, this story involves two people that face issues of racism, ableism, transphobia and homophobia. It will contain some slurs and other things that may trigger some readers. I'm putting this warning in case someone suffers from anxiety or PTSD that has stemmed from any of these issues so they won't go into any panic attacks. Thank you for reading this warning, it is for your own safety. If you think you are safe from any of this, continue reading. If you suffer with problems due to transphobia or homophobia, my story Pride may be a better read.

"Finally, out of your parent's house and into our own place." Ma Biang-Kinters said as she breathed a sigh of relief and lay on her new bed. Her wife, Pepper Biang-Kinters, climbed onto the bed with her arms. She snuggled Ma tightly once she was fully on the bed.

The two had known each other since they were teenagers. Ma was a recent transfer to Pepper's school and they became friends after Pepper saw Ma drawing a unicorn that had the bisexual pride colours and questioned it. Ma eventually came out to Pepper as bi which encouraged Pepper to reveal she was a transwoman. They started dating after Pepper's gender affirmation surgery which happened after a car crash that had left Pepper without either of her legs. Ma and Pepper married a year ago but had lived with Pepper's parents up until this moment.

A knock suddenly interrupted this moment of warmth between the couple. Ma wiggled herself out of Pepper's arms to go answer the door. A straight couple was standing at the door with a cake. The woman quickly hugged Ma tightly.

"Welcome to the floor. We're so excited to meet you. I'm Harriet Cathy and this is my husband, Hubert. So what's your name? Oh and is that your daughter? Hello sweetheart." the woman said. She seemed extremely enthusiastic about meeting Ma. It didn't take long for Ma to realize that they thought that Pepper - who was actually older than her - was her daughter. Ma knew she had to explain.

"Well, I'm Ma Biang-Kinters and this is my wife, Pepper. She's not my daughter. Sorry if you-" She tried to explain but she was interrupted by a gasp and a cake getting flung into her face.

"Oh my GOD! Hubert, I didn't know we had a couple of FAGGOTS living here. So disgusting." Harriet screamed in their faces before dragging Hubert away. As they walked away, a foreign hand scraped some of the icing off Ma's face. A young man was standing there, wearing a hoodie and licking the icing off his fingers.

"Hey, this cake's pretty good. Sorry about the Cathys, they can be a real pain in the ass. I'm Ryan by the wa- OH HEY, RAY, RICH, LOOK! THERE'S A BANANA THAT JUST MOVED IN!" the man pointed and laughed at Ma. Two other men that seemed to be roughly around the same age came out of their apartment and started laughing along with Ryan. Filled with rage, Ma slammed the door in their faces and went to clean her own.

Pepper was drying some newly-cleaned dishes when Ma started splashing water on her face to clean it. "Wow, rude neighbours, huh?" Pepper sighed, looking at her wife. Ryan and the two other boys were banging on the door yelling things like "Ching chong" and "Come on out, you weeb!". Ma angrily lifted her face as water dripped into the kitchen sink. Ma dried her face with a tea-towel before she spoke.

"Homophobes and racists in one day, how could it get any worse?" Ma said before hearing another knock on the door. Pepper offered to get the door for Ma to have a chance to calm down. Pepper wheeled herself to the door to see two men standing outside the door. Pepper assumed it was to of the men that were making fun of Ma, given the expressions on their faces when she opened the door.

"Seriously a vegetable? Y'know we were glad to have another gay couple living here but it turns out one of you is a retard. Anyway, I'm Albert and this is Adam, and don't expect us to ever speak to a cripple like you." One of the men spoke in a disrespectful tone before both of them walked away. A girl walked in front of the door shortly after.

"Don't mind them, they can be so rude to newcomers. I'm Trisha Mill, I live next door to them and they are so mean to my little Timmy because the poor thing has Autism." She explained. Hoping she had finally found a decent neighbour, Pepper let her inside for a possible drink. Upon entry, Trisha's eye were laid on the three pride flags that Pepper and Ma proudly hung in their living room. After some analysis, she screamed.

"WHO OUT OF THE TWO OF YOU IS A TRANNY?" She screamed. Pepper raised her hand and replied "And it's TRANSWOMAN!" with an attitude in her voice.

"YOU'RE DISGUSTING! YOU BETTER STAY AWAY FROM MY LITTLE TIMMY! I DON'T WANT HIM TO BE LIKE YOU!" Trisha screeched before marching out of the apartment.

There was a moment of silence afterwards. It was broken by Ma sighing and opening a bottle of wine. She poured two glasses, one for her and one for Pepper. Pepper wheeled herself to the couch and managed to bounce onto it using her arms. Ma finished her glass quickly. She slammed her glass on the table when she heard yet another knock on the door. "Better not be those damn kids again." She muttered as she got up to answer the door. Ma opened the door to see a concerned-looking man. He was a big, sturdy man yet he seemed extremely anxious.

"Um, h-hi I was j-just wondering why it was so loud. T-that's all. I-I was being d-disturbed while w-working." he stuttered.

"Sorry sir, the neighbours were just being pretty mean to my wife and I. We're sorry if-" Ma tried to explain before she saw the man suddenly beaming with delight. He started to bounce up and down excitedly. His eyes were gleaming without the need for tears.

"Oh did the Cathys yell because you two are a lesbian couple? And did those teenagers make fun of you because you're Asian? Also did that other gay couple bully you because your wife is in a wheelchair? Oh and did Trisha scream because one - or even both of you - are trans? I can't believe this. Luke and I have been praying for another couple like us. Please be our friend." The man came out with this hell of a conversation starter.

Another man joined him and introduced himself as Luke as well as the child-like man - Leo - who was his husband. Ma let them in and sat them down. Pepper was still sitting on the couch when the they joined her. Luke soon started to tell their story.

"Leo and I came here a few months ago from the other side of town. The Cathys immediately hated us, tried to convert me to their religion at one stage. They seriously thought I wasn't Catholic because I'm married to a man. Trisha was super nice for a few days and Leo even got along with her son for a while. She changed after finding out that Leo was born a girl. Then the other gay couple were friendly as well but as soon as they found my epilepsy diagnosis. Finally those kids moved in and started picking on Leo for being African-American. This is a horrible floor to live on but we're here for support if you need it. Anyway, Leo has to get back to work. We'll see you two around." Luke explained before leaving with Leo who waved happily as he closed the door.

"Well at least they're nice." Pepper said, smiling and pouring herself another glass of wine. Ma nodded and finally lay back to relax on the reclining chair. It was a peaceful evening from then on which would have to prepare them for the nightmare of a life ahead.

Okay I got a pretty damn funny confession to make, this has the biggest meme of a file name I've ever written in my life. I legit named it 'Well this sucks'. If this is published, I've probably come up with a better name that is less of a meme. But yeah, I created this story to raise a bit of awareness for the problems that I listed at the beginning of this chapter. Also I hope nobody got triggered too badly because I did put a warning at the beginning and one in the description.