"This isn't a love story. More of a heart break story. Maybe it starts out that way you decide," - Brady

Brady Hartford. Sarcastic. Gay. The newest Senior student at Crestwood Academy. Those three words can describe him. How Society would define him. In all honestly, he's only where he doesn't want to be. After coming out to his mother, he leaves without a fight. (One of those people aren't staying under my roof). Without hesitation his uncle takes him in.

As fate so has it (or don't have it) Brady ends up meeting Blake West.

Blake West. Social anxiety. Relationship problems. Also a Senior at Crestwood. Those are how society would see Blake. What he doesn't show is he's a great art student. His girlfriend and himself don't know how to handle senior year. After meeting Brady Hartford, he's instantly called 'Young Jedi' in which he hates. Gets stuck riding around with him, and can't stand being within a twenty feet of him; which becomes a problem as they end with a locker across from each other.

Like a 35mm Film Camera, feelings start to develop and once they do, both boys must decide whether to keep them or throw them away like bad memories.

Told in both boys POV's.