Stop being so hard on yourself. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. People try to bring you down, saying you are meaningless in so many ways and your flaws make you unlovable.. ..that's not true at all. Whatever flaws you have, make you you, and some people will find them charming or help you through the bad habits, since they know you are worth it. They will see the spark of light that ignite in your eyes, despite the tears and screams you may produce. They will be there to check up on you, even when you think you are better off alone. Someone out there will make you believe the good things they say about you, since they actually make effort to be there and do things for ypu, without asking for much.

You can keep thinking you are ugly or not smart or weak...but you aren't perfect and everyone has different perspective of what's ugly, smart, weak, etc… so one person or maybe tons of people will call you weird, ugly, stupid, and so on….but you know what, I take weird as a compliment, since it means I'm not like everyone else and I'm me. ..and some people say weird as a compliment,since they are also and can be weird together. Being called ugly, stupid, and etc….well some people are insecure for one and two everyone has different opinions on looks...even smarts can have different opinions, since everyone has strengths and weakness there, and even if you dropped out of school, you aren't stupid. You can be amazing at art, music, math, baking, etc. Also what matters most is your heart, since the strongest hearts are the ones that endure a lot of harshness in world's and still treat others like actual people.

So just don't give up...someone will will be there for you always or even find you if you think you have no one...since there is always at least one person for someone on some sort of level with friendship,family or relationship. If you were really worthless, you wouldn't exist, and you are existing, since you are reading this right now. Connections are made simply through feeling what others are feelings and relating to it, good or bad. That's why you may hear this this a this a millions times from a million people, that may or may not mean it, but it's true regardless….you are still here living on aren't you? Doesn't matter what race, gender, sex, etc you are….you are a human being, like me, like everyone else in this harsh world, just trying to live, because you have have a purpose and deserve people who care about you, no matter how hard it is and how long it may take to find right people. I wish you best, and look up at the sky, and notice the beauty it's bring, knowing you are alive and bringing light to someone or something in the world to keep the darkness at bay.