The Cold Shoulder

Summary: Two cannibal cavemen try to resolve their dispute.

Tharg and Glur held their stone-tipped spears in hand as they pressed through the white wall of snow. Tharg accused Glur of getting lost once again, and Glur retorted with he'd separated them from their tribe's hunting party. The two shoved each other, and the ground beneath them opened.

When he came to, Tharg found himself in an icy cave. Glur was non-responsive. He shouted at Glur, and the realization came upon him. He had no other rations, so he'd have to eat his comrade. No matter, he thought, for it was an honor to be consumed, so that one hunter's strength would be absorbed by another.

Tharg had to start eating the fallen, non-responsive hunter from the closest body part: the cold shoulder.