AN: Slight content warning because the following story could be interpreted as hinting at suicidal ideation. Nothing graphic, but the implication is there, so read with caution.

That being said, if you find yourself resonating too deeply with this story and/or feel like you should/want to end your life, please DON'T!

Call the national suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

(And/or DM if you want. I'm no expert, but I'm always happy to talk about/listen to your stories.)

It's all so backwards and twisted, all the stories that they tell. They've spent eons trying to convince you that Life is the answer, and Death is the enemy. They've painted Life as something vivacious and beautiful, something lovely and wild and free, something to be admired, cherished and enjoyed. Religion centers around it, all noble traits point towards it, the end goal of humanity (or so we are taught) is to obtain it, and to hold onto it for as long as we can.

Meanwhile, Death is the ugly and monstrous predator that stalks us from the shadows. It is the enemy, to be feared and reviled wherever we go. It is something to be defeated, forced to endure its own existence so that only Life may prevail. Always hungry, never satisfied or merciful. It is tragedy, pain, cessation, fear, the Greatest Unknown.

But that's all so backwards and twisted. The truth is, Life is the horrible demon that we all should fear and revile. It is not Death, but Life that brings about pain, suffering and grief. Who is guilty for prolonging pain except for Life? Death is cessation, termination. Life is perpetuity. It is Life that forces to endure, that drags us against our will to fresh new torments every single day. Were the whole world to perish, all suffering on Earth would cease at once. But because we all continue to live, so too does the horror and tragedy.

And even worse, Life is dolled up. We are convinced that it is beautiful and precious, something wonderful and worthy of being treasured. That is all a fa├žade, a carefully constructed lie that we have become convinced is actually the truth. Like predators that attract prey with bright and flashy colors, that is what Life is. It suckers us all, draws us all in with a meager amount of wonderful feelings that convince us that it is worth the pain to stay. Again, Life is very vivacious, and loud, and humans are attracted to noise and motion.

The stillness of Death haunts and unnerves us, even though that is where the true peace and certainty lie. Unlike Life, which is a treacherous and lying demon, Death is nothing but honesty and simplicity. Perhaps it is a brutal honesty, but it is honesty nonetheless. It is gentle, calm and quiet. It is patient and ever-waiting. Not to hunt or to hurt. But to save, server and protect. It is waiting to escort you from this dismal, miserable plane of existence and to take you to a place of rest.

But unlike the bullying and brutish Life, Death will not force you to do anything. So please, continue to live for as long as you would like. See all the sights that the world has to offer. Just know that Death is waiting patiently at the end of the line, ready to take your hand and guide you to freedom. Life may have seduced you for now, and it may take a century or so for it to finally grow tired of you and discard you in the most undignified way possible, but never fear. Death is still there for you. Always has been, always will.

So be patient, my love, like Death, and watch and wait and witness. I'm not asking you to go to Death a day too soon, for Death never takes any pleasure in early arrivals. But I am asking you to observe. Realize that Death is not the villain. Let your continued existence in this world be a testimony to that fact. Search the globe and bear witness to the atrocities of Life. See how Life is the true monster here. The liar, cheater, coward, sadist and manipulator that drags us all along with false promises just so that it can sustain its own existence while simultaneously showing nothing but contempt for the very creatures it relies upon to survive.

It is like they say, Satan was once an angel too, and he comes not as a devil, but as anything and everything you've ever wanted. Doesn't that sound just like Life? So lovely and intoxicating, but also the cause of all grief. And when it is tired of you, it discards you, leaving Death to pick up the pieces. But that's all the more reason you need to stay alive. To bear witness to all of this so that you can come to see the truth and finally understand. That way, after you've had a long existence and it is time for you to meet Death, you won't be afraid, because you will know for certain that Death has, all along, been just another innocent bystander.

But do not despair. One day, Life's greed will be its own undoing and when the last breath on Earth has finally been drawn, there will be no more Life and Death will finally get its long-awaited and much-deserved victory. Slow and steady wins the race. So just be patient and wait, my love, and keep on going.

AN: This fic was not meant to be some subtle advocation for suicide, rather, a new interpretation where life is the sadistic monster that is responsible for all of our troubles. But even though that is how I chose to write about life in this story, do not take this as a sign that you should ever end yours prematurely, because you shouldn't.

There's still so much left to see and do, so much more to create and experience, so many more lives you can touch (no matter how big or small). If for no other reason other than that, I implore you to stay.

Call the national suicide hotline: 1-800-273-8255.

(And/or DM if you want. I'm no expert, but I'm always happy to talk about/listen to your stories.)