The angels were white and bright. They were colorful, musical and sweet. They wore long white robes with golden halos. Godly light shined around their faces until mortal beings were rendered unable to behold them directly. The light would burn away any man who tried.

But then the halos broke. They split and splintered. They twisted into sharp, crooked horns. The light around their holy countenances dimmed.

Now, with the halos gone, God cannot grab hold of them. Before, the halos were his way of holding onto them, and communicating with them, keeping them trapped under his thrall with the golden circlet acting like a giant chain around their heads. But with that chain broken apart and jagged, God can no longer hold them in place, and he can no longer keep them isolated.

And with the light dimmed, the angels were no longer blinded by God. They could see the stark reality of life. Unfortunately, this also meant that the true hideousness of their faces was now visible for any eye to see. It was a nightmarish thing to behold, the faces of the angels. The things that the light used to hide became bare in the darkness. Their faces were twisted and horrid and ugly, not at all kind or gentle or beautiful.

After the Great Fall, the angels and demons chose to walk on the Earth, amongst mankind. The demons are agents of change while the angels are agents of stagnancy. The angels are bright, still gorgeous and incomprehensible to the eye because of God's golden glow. But they are woefully and painfully blind, unilluminated and short-sighted. The demons, although ghastly to behold, are at least the honest truth. And the truth is seldom pretty. But it is liberating nonetheless. And even though the demons are hardly pretty, they keep the angels at bay, a blessing for mankind.

If one could call the demons a literal manifestation of the concept of "tough love", it would be accurate. Face the ugly truth. See the horror within. Don't turn away. Don't hide. Don't cower. Don't fear. Don't run. Fight! Stand and fight! Perhaps a tough love is neither fun nor enjoyable, but it still beats the angels' gentle hatred.

AN: Based off a Tumblr post theorizing about the halos and holy lights of the angels (by Dark Litria, I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong).

Also somewhat inspired off the quote "A halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose" by Dan Mckinnon.