I got a temporary job working as a secretary for a lawyer named Herbert Weintraub.

The morning was quiet. I answered phone calls, typed a few letters, and did some computer filing. A client came by, at one point.

However, things got interesting, after lunch; water started dripping down from the ceiling! I immediately walked into Mr. Weintraub's office and told him. Signing, he came out and looked.

"This happens quite frequently! OK, Miss Mason, you'll have to repair it."


"I'm sorry! I've got an important appointment in an hour, and I can't get my clothes wet! There are tools and a ladder in the closet. I'll tell you what to do."

"Can't we call the super"

"He's very ineffectual. Please, Miss Mason? I'll give you an extra $50 with your check."

"Oh, all right!"


I got the ladder and the tool kit. I took my shoes off, set the ladder up, and climbed it.

I started getting wet, as I climbed up. And then, when I removed the tile, I got soaked! The water was gushing from the metal pipe

He began giving me instructions—staying away from the leak! —and I followed them. Within five minutes, I was able to close the pipe and stop the water.

He sighed. "Thanks, Miss Mason!"

I got down off the ladder. He went in the closet, pulled out a towel, and gave it to me, and I dried off.

"So, that's how you do it!"

"I beg your pardon?"

"Allow me to more properly introduce myself: My name is Barefoot Jenny, and I'm a private eye. Videos of two girls fixing a leak in an office have been placed online. This office looks very similar to the one in these videos. And a voice in the background sounds very similar to yours!"

He was silent, for a few seconds. "If what you're saying is true—and I'm not admitting anything! —then how did I film them?"

I looked around. On a cabinet close to where the leak was was a very cheesy looking silk plant. I walked over to it.

"This, perhaps?"

He sighed.

Herbert Weintraub ended up being charged with two counts of cybercrime and is now serving 20 years.

I got $1500 for this case—pretty good for taking a fully-clothed shower in an office!