Chapter 1: Nova.


"Ok team, we know what we're doing?" Shen Haru spoke into the airship. He was male, human, sand skinned, purple eyed and had brown hair with a very nasty scar across his face. On his back was a large sword, a very large one at that, almost the size of him.

His armor was very basic, but had a visible history; made out of the various skins and bones of many defeated Shades, chain mails covering any areas that would otherwise be exposed, but not to the point of restricting movement.

"It's just a simple Shade extermination, nothing too special." Kenna Fae, female, a Stark with a dark red space like skin tone, pitch white pupils and wine-red hair.

Her clothing was very simplistic, a simple red hoodie and pants. They were strapped with holsters and attachments to her rifle.

"Yeah, same as usual." Bazak Orfeo, Feral. Ferals were half animal people, they usually had the ears of the animal they were related to.

He had the ears of a bat, which made it slightly inconvenient for the aforementioned ears, but he had made holes on the top to make sure they weren't squished. He also had brown skin, with purple eyes and sky-blue hair. His forearms were protruding raw Ether, a mystical energy that all people in Eden have.

His outfit was somewhat eccentric, having a small black jacket with no shirt underneath and somewhat large bright yellow spikes on his shoulders. His pants were ripped on the lower left with matching color boots.

A pair of gauntlets flew from Bazak's back and onto his arms "Let's rock."

"Let us cleanse." Haizea Alba stood from her cross-legged position and let out a puff of wind from her body.

Haizea had a long, full body white coat attached with a hood. She was elven and her ears poking through her hood showed it off. Pitch white pants and black boots. She also had a very plain white mask with only two small holes for eyes.

She had two hand cannons strapped to pants, both of them a grey color and were infused with her ether.

"Alright." Shen sheathed his sword and pulled down a lever in the airship "Let's do this."

The Airship's bay doors slowly opened; the wind and light hit the four Guardians.

Their mission was a simple one. A shade extermination, take out every shade being in the area.

They were in the Village of Tryferos. More specifically it's outskirts, they could see the village from a small distance away.

Bazak motioned the rest to follow, he hopped off the ship and started walking towards the now-ruined village. The path to the village was desolate. Without any sort of context, it would be considered peaceful.

Shen walked through the now destroyed gates, looking around the village. The swordsman slowly unsheathed, feeling a shade close by.

"Haizea, you feel anything?" Shen asked

Haizea looked around, closing her eyes and breathing in. She let her ether slowly flow out of her and onto the ground. "There are Lackeys around here…there are more as well…but they haven't noticed us."

Shen nodded and grabbed a decoy grenade from his belt "Alright, Kenna, set up high and throw this on my mark."

"Roger roger." Kenna grabbed the grenade and made her way into a ruined building. She walked up a decayed set of stairs and kneeled down near a window. Kenna lifted her rifle and attached something to it's barrel,

Bazak and Haizea took cover behind a piece of rubble. Shen crouched behind a statue of a horse.

Shen looked towards the other two, then held hand to his ear "Kenna. Throw it."

Kenna held the grenade and pulled the pin "Get ready guys." She flicked the primer off and threw the decoy grenade in the, now decayed, open plaza.

The decoy grenade rolled on the ground and exploded. Shooting out three small pods and exploding multiple times. Just enough to cause a ruckus, just want they needed to attract Shades.

Multiple shades ran towards the noise, mostly Lackeys, all of them going on all fours, their turquoise eyes looking around for the source.

Shen slowly readied his sword "Hold on…"

Haizea pulled her hand cannons and flipped them around. Bazak clenched his fists, ready to start fighting.

"Now!" Shen ran out of his cover and activated his Etheren, a green flow of particles emanated from him and quickly form a pointillistic clone of him, also armed with an Etheric sword.

Shen dashed to a shade and swung his sword across a surprised Lackey's face, his Etheric projection flew across him and shoulder bashed a lunging Lackey's back down to the ground, the projection raised its sword and stabbed it down the Lackey.
Shen twirled his sword around and grabbed his sword's blade and bashed a Lackey's head in with the hilt. The knight pulled back his blade and grabbed his hilt, spinning the sword around and readying his stance for more Lackeys.

A lackey got met with an etheric punch to the face and had its head exploded. Bazak rolled under a jumping Lackey and pulled back his right arm, charging his ether into his Gauntlet. "Come on! Lunge me you off-brand Lion!"
A Lackey jumped towards Bazak, the brawler activated his Etheren and dashed like a dark flash of lighting right through the Lackey, then through a Dark Lackey and another shade.
Bazak sprinted towards a Striker and tackled the Wolf-like shade down, beating it down. He looked back and used his etheren to blast himself towards a Striker.

Haizea stood from her cover and started shooting her hand cannons at various shades. She sprinted towards a striker, flipping her hand cannon and whipping the shade. She flipped her hand cannon back and threw herself at a lackey, grabbing ahold of it and ending up on top of it. She shoved her hand cannon down the lackey's throat, shooting as quickly as she could, down to the last bullet.

Kenna sat from her tower, sniping the shades from afar. "Guys there's a Umbral Striker headed towards y'all"

The Umbral Striker, it wasn't like a normal shade. It was larger in size, had turquoise crystals protruding from its body. Empowering it with dark energy, making it highly more aggressive.

"AIM FOR THE CRYSTALS!" Shen shouted over comms

Kenna aimed down her scope and held her breath. She shot at the striker and hit its crystalized faceplate, shattering a part of it. She then started channeling her Etheren and raised her arm, till aimed down her scope.

"Pow" She pointed at the Striker's head and shot out a small orb of fire from her finger, it flew straight to the exposed striker's face and exploded, causing incredible burns. The Umbral Striker slowly raised its head and roared, causing the shade's imbued crystals to glow and start sending more energy into the Striker.

Shen stabbed a lackey down, noticing the empowered Striker "Oh Karambit…"

Bazak placed himself in a fighting stance "Oh Karambit indeed…"

The Umbral Striker slowly formed a small ball of Shade energy inside it's mouth, then raising it's head upwards, detonating the orb into a rain of explosive projectiles.

"Get to cover!" Shen ran into a building with Bazak, barely avoiding the explosive orbs. Shen entered into his team's comms "Everyone ok?!"

Haizea spoke in "Yep, I'm ok."

Kenna blurted as well "Same here"

Shen looked out of his building, onto the Umbral Stiker. "Ok…Ok everyone listen up! Here's what we're going to do!" Shen reached into his pocket and grabbed a flashfire grenade

Bazak crouched next to him, wondering what Shen was planning "What's the plan Shen?"

Shen turned to Bazak "We're doing the Magnus Supernova."

The Bat feral smiled and nodded "Alright alright…"

"Kenna! Load a Nova Round and aim at Bazak!" Kenna replaced one of her bullets for the Nova round "We doing the Supernova?"

"Yes! Get Ready!" Kenna aimed down her sight towards Bazak

Haizea placed another magazine in her hand cannon and sprinted out towards the Umbral shade, rapid firing her guns at the shade.

The Umbral Shade swiftly shot an energy orb towards Haizea. The Guardian used her Etheren, quickly summoning a wind to push her aside, avoiding the umbral orb. But she was hit by the Umbral striker's crystalized tail, sending her flying towards Shen and Bazak.

Bazak watched her partner stumble on the ground "Oh shit, Haizea!"

Shen gave the bat feral the flashfire grenade "Go! I'll take care of Haizea!"

Kenna watched through her scope as Bazak ran straight towards the Umbral striker "Give the call Bazak!"

The Umbral shade charged an orb, but Bazak used his etheren to disrupt the orb inside the striker, causing the orb to implode in the striker's mouth, Bazak flipped away from the Striker and charged his etheren. Blasting himself straight at the striker, hitting it right in it's face, shattering the crystalized plating on it's face.

Bazak jumped back again and pulled the pin on the grenade, followed by the primer, placing himself in a combat stance "NOW KENNA NOW!"

Kenna aimed at Bazak and fired.

The Nova bullet hit Bazak, exploding in a small white flash, causing Bazak's Ether to go into overdrive. Bazak started glowing with black ether around him. "GOING IN LIKE A SUPERNOVA!"

Bazak once again blasted himself towards the Umbral Striker with a Etheric ferocity, as the flashfire grenade exploded, Bazak hit the shade, sending massive amounts of ether at the striker and causing a massive blinding light. The Umbral striker was incinerated with the power of the Magnus Supernova.

The Bat feral landed on the floor, just to see a very relieving sight. The Umbral striker's skeleton laying there, with it's crystals still attached on it. "Oh…" Bazak stretched and cracked a few bones "That was nice…"

Shen held up Haizea "Nice…you still doing good?"

"Yeah…still hurts though" Haizea spoke, Shen chuckled

"I'm sure it does"

-A day later-

"And so, we can see here how Tryferos was attacked by a horde of Shades. Luckily all citizens were evacuated successfully." A new reported spoke on TV

Atom Rutherford watched the news broadcast as he ate his cereal. He was a 17-year-old teen, a human, with blue hair and green eyes. He was about to go to his first day in Krijim academy, his induction into the academy.

"Huh…" Atom felt a tingling on his leg, seeing a chubber. A very floofy dog like animal, was half as big as a human. "Oh, what's up finn. You need something?"

Finn then waddled away, looking for something only he knew.

Atom finished his cereal and placed it in the dishwasher, right as the door was knocked "Oh heck, that's Linda!"

Atom walked to the door and opened it, indeed showing his wolf feral friend.

Linda Volk, 17 years, she had very big wolf ears, even longer and somewhat messy hair. Beige skin and yellow eyes, with black skin around them. Plus an incredibly floofy wolf tail.

She wore a simple black tank top with a hoodie wrapped around her waist. Her pants were cargo pants with yellow sneakers, Aegis brand. Her arms had gauntlets with deployable blades and brass knuckles on her hands.

"Oye Linda…" Atom smiled

Linda rolled her eyes "Mmhm, so we going to Krijim?"

Atom nodded "Yep" He quickly grabbed his assault rifle 'Atomizer' and slung it on his back "I'm ready."