Chapter 4: The Kickoff

-Krijim Academy-

It was a great beginning to the day in Krijim, vast amounts of new students were flocking into the school to start their first day of their Guardian career.

One of them was our boy Adam 'Atom' Rutherford, he was in the entrance with his mother, in their car. "We're here!"

"Yeah..." Atom looked at the school's entrance, the students all seemed relaxed and confident "We are..."

Hannah smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder "It's okay to be nervous"

"They look confident, but they're just as nervous as you" Hannah motioned to the students around "I definitely was!"

"You didn't attend Krijim." Atom frowned

" I didn't" Hannah sighed, but her smile came back "But Krijim is the same as any other, the only difference is the name."


"Yep, maybe there'll be something different, but you'll know how to solve it." Hannah ruffled Atom's hair "You're a Wynder!"

Atom gave a tiny smile "Yeah, I am."

Hannah smiled "You know what they say about Windyne…"

"Windyne is Unbreakable" Atom chuckled

Atom opened the car door and held his rifle, he walked out and turned to his mom "Bye ma!"

"You know your classroom number right?" Hannah asked

The son smiled "Yeah! Linda should've already gotten there now!"

"Tell her I say hi!" Hannah waved, Atom waved back and begun walking towards the school.

"Aight let's do this." Atom looked around the campus.

Krijim's campus was incredibly intricate and beautifully dazzling. There was a statue of Krijim's symbol in the middle, water was spewing from it. From what he could tell, there was a whole district dedicated to the dorms, the buildings were quite a building should be.

"Wonder how big my dorm's gonna be." Atom mumbled, he stopped upon a directory. There were the Dorms, the Cafeteria, the classrooms, the recreational grounds and some others Atom didn't care about.

He needed to go to the classrooms, those were directed by a pink line painted on the ground, headed to what Atom could assume were the classrooms. "Alrighty then, follow the pink..."

Atom followed the pink painted path, he looked around and saw some students huddled around something. The teens mind started racing, thinking about any school things he may have forgotten. "Heck, screw it let's see what it is"

The freshman started walking towards the huddled bunch of students, he could notice a puff of blonde hair standing out of the group. A hand suddenly stopped Atom in place. "I wouldn't recommend checking that out"

Atom looked at the person who stopped him, she was an elk feral. "Oh, that's not school related?"

"No, it's just...Daegan Achilles" The feral spoke

Atom raised an eyebrow "Whomst?"

"Dragan Achilles? You know. Achilles Curse?" The feral answered

"Listen I don't really follow celebrities, unless they play games which in that case-"

"Don't worry, it doesn't matter anyway…I'm Aliza."

"Adam" Atom looked up and down at the girl.

Aliza was slight taller than him, she was wearing a full set of Cinnabar colored armor. Her helmet was different than a traditional one, it split open near her ears, probably because of her antlers. She had some large shoulder plates but one of them was painted black, her chest piece had an intricate rose embossing on it. There was a piece of cloth around her neck, and some cloth wraps on her arm. Her legs were as plated as her upper body with a dress-like cloth to it, all of it with paisley designs embossed into it, underneath all of this was black clothing.

"You look really cool." Atom awed at the feral's armor

Aliza gave a small giggle "Well, thank you very much. I hope we see each other often."

"Oh! Definitely, yeah for sure" Atom smiled, he left with a friendly wave "See you around!"

Atom kept his smile, he'd made it to the classroom building. The air inside the building was fresh and the smell was pleasing to the nose, students were walking into their classrooms and some were looking into the windows for some unknown reason. He kept his walk until he finally saw it.

His classroom, there were faint voices coming from inside, people were already here. "Alright, let's do this."

Atom walked in the classroom, the students inside turned to the newcomer. Atom stopped in his tracks and stared back at the students. "...howdy."

The students turned back to their conversations, Atom breathed in, he looked around and saw Leon sitting on a desk. Atom smiled and started to walk towards the Wulfen teen.

"Hey Atom!" Katrina suddenly jumped in

"Oh hey, how you uh doin?"

"Come on! We're sitting over here" Katrina dragged Atom towards where they were sitting.

"Hey-o Atom." Linda waved "Teach hasn't arrived yet."

"Yes, I very much noticed" Atom looked around and saw the variety of students "you guys bumped into an Achilles dude?"

"Oh yeah!" Katrina answered "He's got a cute face!"

The classroom door suddenly opened, showing the girl Atom had met earlier and Daegan Achilles, causing a stir of conversations in the classroom. "Oh he's gonna be with us?"

Katrina giddily shook her arms "Aaaahh, he's so handsome!"

Aliza chose her seat and so did Daegan. Immediately after their arrival, an adult walked into the room. The was the teacher. "Alright students, settle down"

The teacher walked to her desk and set her bag down. "So, this is my new pile of potential for the next four years huh?"

She grabbed a marker and wrote her name. "So firstly, my name is Hilda Koch, I'll be your teacher. Now, I'm going to call out names and make sure everyone's here"

"Noland Luken?" A student raised his hand

"Lon Constantine?"

"Present." Atom heard a voice speak

"Aliza Charnette?" Atom saw the same girl he'd met raised her hand

"Ethan Howard?"

"Reporting in" Atom looked to see Ethan raise his hand, he noticed a Salvo Wind insignia on his arm

"Emily Remington?"

"Right 'ere madam" Atom noted Emily had a thick Douglas accent

"Tsura Brava?" Hilda saw the girl raise her hand

"Safi Alsmad? Oh wow that's new."

"Present and ready to learn ma'am!" Safi smiled

"Katrina and Lindana Volk?"

"We're here, please just call me Linda." The wolf feral spoke

"Sylvia Dorado?"

"Yes ma'am" Atom discreetly turned and saw the elf girl with her legs on the desk

"Leon Takumi?"

"Present as well." Atom looked at León and gave a small wave, the Wulfen kid returned it

"Charlie Deimos?" The student smiled and raised his hand

"Kurt Harland?"

"In one piece" Atom saw Kurt's duo-colored style, groovy.

"Daegan Achilles-I'm getting one hell of a class this year damn."

"I am here."

"Lucille Sharp?"


"And finally…Adam Rutherford?"

"President." Atom uttered, giving him a small chuckle

"Alright that's all Sixteen of you, let's see what you're capable of."

-Krijim Training Yards-

"So, first order of business! I'm going to be testing your basic physical capabilities, to sort of get an idea of what you can and can't do." Hilda pointed to the top of the obstacle course "You're go ahead an make your way through the course and press the bright yellow button on the top! Person who gets the faster time gets a Rutherford bar and bragging rights."

Hilda Koch turned to the students and clapped her hands "So, who's going first?"

Ethan immediately shot up his hand "Me! I'll do it!"

"Alright, go and set yourself up right here then I'll tell you when to start." Hilda looked back at the group "Oh also! If you have an Etheren that'll help you out, go ahead and use it"

The teacher turned back to Ethan "Alright you ready Howard?"

"Yes ma'am" Ethan readied himself

Hilda raised her blank gun, she pulled the trigger and gave the signal "Go!"

Ethan sprinted as fast as he could and started jumping across the first obstacle, stepping stones. Ethan landed on the end and kept running.

The student climbed up a wall and saw a rope swing, but the rope's ends had sticks attached to them. Ethan grabbed the first rope and swung toward the next one.

"Man this thing's huge." Linda admired the size of the obstacle course "Don't start wheezing after the second obstacle Atom"

"Pfft, nuh uh…" Atom saw Ethan make it to the end of the swings, now he was heading towards a set of monkey bars. "Oh fuck they have monkey bars-"

Ethan traversed the monkey bars with ease, then continued his way to a net leading up once more. Ethan made it up and saw his next obstacle, a tight rope over a net with another rope above it.

The teen steadily made his way across the gap on top of the rope, making sure he didn't look down. From the height he was, he could see another obstacle course, other students were doing the same as he was.

Ethan snapped back to his own course and sped up his pace, he sprinted off the rope and went right into the next obstacle. There were bars between him and the end of the obstacle, he grabbed his backpack and threw up under the bars, sliding to the end.

Ethan made his way across the bars, hurling over and ducking under them. He reached his backpack and grabbed it, just in time for his next obstacle.

There was several high ramps in front of him, Ethan sprinted and reach the top, grabbing on to its edge and pulled him himself up. He dropped down and repeated the process.

"That's going to be an issue for my nails, I'm going to have to wear gloves." Katrina said, reaching into her pocket for the mentioned gloves

Ethan reached the end of the obstacle and finally saw the last few obstacles in his way. The first was a set of over and under walls. Ethan once again removed his backpack and started to hurdle and duck through the walls, he could see the whole class from his height.

Ethan made it to the next obstacle, it was a set of multiple rock climb walls on parallel sides of each other, he'd have to stretch or jump to make it to each of them

"AY BRO YOU GOT THIS!" Ethan heard, he turned to the group and saw Adam with his hands cupped around his mouth

"Thanks! I guess..." Ethan firmly hopped himself on a wall and turned around to see the next wall. The teen swung his arm and jumped off, latching on to the next wall.

Hilda looked at her timer, a solid 28 seconds so far. "Not bad, not bad at all.

"Ethan jumped once more and reached for the wall, he latched on with the exception of his right foot, causing him almost to fall. Ethan quickly shot his leg back at the rock and firmly adjusted himself.

Ethan finally jumped to the last platform, just to see the last obstacle. A simple thin bridge. "this-this is the last one?"

Ethan shook off his thought and walked to the yellow button at the end, he pressed it and heard a buzz near him

"Clean one minute run Ethan, that's impressive!" Hilda smiled

Ethan slid down a ladder "Thank you ma'am."

Hilda wrote down the result and reset her timer "Alright who's next?"

Kurt hopped across the stepping stones, then suddenly jumped and spun, throwing a clone of himself to the top of the wall. Kurt fused into the clone and kept running

"That's a cool Etheren right there!" Hilda remarked

Tsura sprinted towards her next obstacles, swings and monkey bars. She ignored the swings and jumped across, pushing herself with her Etheren, a small orb that could release a gravitational explosion of the magnitude she chose.

Luckily she'd just need a small nudge to make it across. Tsura landed at the end and kept running, now to the monkey bars. She conjured a small orb and jumped across, letting the orb go, it detonated and pushed Tsura just enough to make it to the other end.

Safi ran to the tight ropes, she paid no mind and kept running. Sapphire materialized underneath her feet as she casually kept running over the gap "This is quite entertaining!"

Atom sprinted towards the bars ahead and stopped before them, slight hunching down and getting some of his breath back "Ok…let's do this."

Atom stepped back a few and ran straight towards the bars, he jumped and activated his Etheren. His body de-atomized himself and phased around the bars. The teen landed at the end and re-atomized himself together

Atom squirmed in place, as each time he'd phase around an object he'd feel a tingling sensation in his body "Eughsgss...that won't ever stop feeling weird."

Charlie stylishly ran towards his next objective a show of high walls, he stopped and looked for any shadows. He saw one on the high wall. "Bazongle"

Charlie jumped head first towards the shadow and phased in.

The teen flew through a shadowy etherscape with many different portals back out, being the shadows outside. Charlie saw a exit shadow at the end of the obstacle and shot towards it.

Hilda saw as Charlie shot back out the last high wall and land back in the course. "Ain't that a wicked Etheren…"

Lon gracefully ducked and jumped across the over and under walls, he squinted his eyes and activated his Etheren. He'd be able to make it through the obstacles in no time if he kept his pace, he de-activated his Etheren and kept going.

Katrina flipped over the final high wall and saw the last obstacle, the parallel rock climb walls. She smiled and jumped, having her knees to her chest she suddenly shot through the obstacle and made it to the other side, leaving an Etherical golden trail.

She ran towards the button, throwing herself into a cartwheel and performing a backflip as she pressed it. "Yes! What was my time!?"

"That was…27 seconds. The fastest in class, nice job!" Hilda pocketed her timer" You get a Rutherford bar"

Katrina giddly jumped as she grabbed the ladder rails and slid down them, she yoinked the chocolate out of the teachers hands "Thank you miss."

Hilda inspected the student list "And that covers everyone. Are you all tired yet?"

"No, not really"

"Alright then. Let's do something more interesting." Hilda smiled "I'm gonna call out for names and those names bunch up in a group okay?"

-Krijim Combat Training Arena-

Atom stood before a holographic barrier. There were three other students with him. Daegan, Noland and Tsura.

"Listen up students this is going to be your first of many combat exercises!" Hilda spoke through the intercoms "This exercise is simple enough, Team A, comprised of Adam, Daegan, Noland and Tsura are attacking."

"Team B, comprised of Aliza, Ethan, Charlie and Lucille, are defending. This is a simple search and destroy, A plants bomb, B tries to stop them. Either detonate the bomb or incapacitate the enemy team to win."

Atom held a bomb-like device. It had a sticker, explaining that it would only give off a holographic explosion, along with that it had the instructions to set it for detonation.

"You kids ready?"

Atom breathed in and looked to his teammates "Bet, what's the plan?"