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Chapter 1

Water Fall padded through the dark forest, her collar tugging at her neck. The trees moved in the wind, and the sounds of prey got the young cat's attention. A mouse ran into her path, causing her to drop into a hunter's crouch. A sudden noise made her jump, causing her collar to ring in the night. When she turned around, she saw that the mouse was gone.

The young female growled and stalked away from the hunt. She stalked low and looked around for the noise that had ruined her hunt. She heard it again, this time she recognized it.

"Water Fall! Why are you still asleep?!" her house mate, Chocolate hissed. Water Fall looked at her friend tiredly. Chocolate let out a sigh of relief and walked over to her friend. "Why were you twitching in your sleep?"

"Hey, Chocolate? Have you ever heard of the forest Colonies?" Water Fall whispered.

"The forest what? Of course I know about the forest Colonies, I'm not dumb!" Chocolate hissed.

Water Fall nodded and padded outside. The garden smelled of small purple flowers and wet grass. She hissed as a drop of rain hit her head. She shook it and continued walking in the garden. A sudden noise made her jump. When she looked up, she saw her friend, Doughnut watching her from his fence.

"You slept in," he growled, his eyes narrowed.

"So what?" Water Fall replied, sitting on her fence and staring into the wilderness.

"We were going to take that walk through thr forest, remember?" Doughnut growled, anger in his eyes.

"Oh, a walk? I don't remember talk about a walk," Water Fall teased. "I was just carried away by my sleep, I should be able to decide when I wake up. No other cats decide that! Now if you excuse me."

"Where are you going?!" Doughnut shouted.

"Into the forest, see you!" Water Fall yowled back, running into the forest. She ran as far as she could without looking behind her. Finally, she looked back and saw how far she had gone. I don't think this was supposed to happen! Water Fall thought fearfully. She was worried that she was lost. No cat wanted to be lost in the wilderness. Penny, one of her friends had been killed by a weird animal that had sort of looked like a cat, dog hybrid. "I need to get out of here!"

"Yes, you do," a voice growled, causing her to jump. Water Fall looked for the source of the voice, but she couldn't find it. Suddenly, a pale blue gray female padded out of the shadows, anger in her gaze. "Who are you?! What are you doing here?!"

"What is a pet doing so close to the camp?" a tan and white tomcat hissed.

Water Fall whimpered as more cats came out of the shadows. A fiery ginger female came out of a den in a rock, followed by a black and white female and a golden brown tom cat. Cats mewed nervously as the black and white female padded up to Water Fall.

"Sand Stone, I think we found the cat of the prophecy. What's your name, little one?" the black and white female meowed.

"W - Water Fall," she mewed nervously. "What's your name? Where am I?"

"I am Leap Cloud," the female meowed, leaping onto a rock. "Colony, it seems we have a visitor, gather around to hear my judgement!"

Cats came out of dens, grumbling about how it was still to early for a meeting. Two cats ran into camp with a squirrel and a tiny bird. Their eyes widened when they saw that a meeting had been called. Quickly, they deposited the tiny animals on a pile of, to Water Fall's horror, dead animals, and ran to the center of the clearing.

A pale gray tomcat sat beside Water Fall, causing her to back away wearily. He seemed to notice her fear. He murmured, "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I'm the healer, so my job is to heal cats, not hurt them. My name is Lion Whisker. What is your's?"

The tomcat looked friendly enough. "I'm Water Fall. Where am I exactly?"

"The Fire Colony Camp. The blue gray tomcat and pure white female are the elders, Egg and Coast Line. They are some of the oldest cats in the Colony. We care for them, they are very important to the Colony. The plump fiery ginger female is Reed Fire, she is expecting kits," Lion Whisker mewed.

Water Fall watched as Reed Fire gruffly pushed a fluffy black female aside. The cat hissed but didn't say anything. Though, she did dig her claws into the earth and glare at the mother over her shoulder. "What did Reed Fire do that for?"

"Oh, that was a Hunter apprentice, Plant Root. She must have made a mistake while changing Reed Fire's nest. I'll need to speak with her after the meeting," Lion Whisker replied.

"Is she your daughter or something?" Water Fall asked.

"Yes, Plant Root is a fine Hunter, but still needs to get over the fact that bedding has to be perfect for the mothers and elders. I hope she doesn't get into too much trouble with Alder Bark," Lion Whisker meowed.

"Alder Bark?" Water Fall mewed, confused.

"Oh, yes, Alder Bark is her mentor. Which means she trains her how do hunt. Hunters don't fight. That is up to the Fighters. They defend the Colony and go on raid patrols when needed. Hunters hunt prey and bring it to the prey pile," Lion Whisker explained, pointing his tail to the terrifying pile.

"What is wrong with you cats?! You just killed all those innocent animals! What are you going to do with them?" Water Fall hissed.

"Huh? Oh you mean to prey pile. Don't worry, we eat the prey on the pile. It does not go to waste," the healer replied. "Now, I have a feeling that the meeting is about to start. Get ready to start talking. This is for your honor!"

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