Day 294 of the Zombie Apocalypse. They're still watching us. Hunting us. Hating us. It's scary, and sad, and I wish they would stop. We mean them no harm, yet they come after us. The stalk us, hunt us, terrorize us. No matter where we run, no matter where we hide, they are always there. There are always more of them, somewhere, everywhere, waiting and watching, ever-hoping for the perfect chance to strikeā€¦ to kill.

And kill us they do. They slaughter us by the hundreds, thousands, reckless and senseless as they tear us to pieces and leave nothing behind. They have no mercy or regret, only bloodlust and rage. The unleash it on us in full, attacking us in spades and never once allowing us a chance to retreat, or surrender, or fight back. The only option is to let them win, let them kill us.

They hurt us so much! They hunt and torture us for fun! We have done nothing to them and yet they despise us with every fiber in their being. They don't even try to understand. It's nothing but a nightmarish onslaught from them. I'm so tired and run-down. I'm world-weary and I don't know how much longer I can carry on. I don't even think I want to anymore.

I just want it to be over. I just want them to leave us alone. I just want them to stop attacking us. I want them to let us live in peace. I want them to understand that we don't need to fight. We don't need to hate or hurt. Surely we can work a peaceful alternative out! But they refuse to even try to listen to reason. I'm so tired of trying to reason with monsters that wish to kill me on sight. There is no other option but death.

I mean, I suppose I understand it to some degree. A Zombie Apocalypse is a pretty big deal. There are monsters and warriors all over. It's not easy to find a chance to talk to someone, let alone gain their trust. With so much death and deceit, it is only natural that no human has yet figured out a way to achieve peace. We're all too scared to think clearly.

And again, the Zombie Apocalypse is hardly a pretty thing. It's scary, terrifying, ugly. It's all the visceral fears of humanity, literally made flesh. Of course it's hard to try to communicate during these trying times. I get it. Senseless, mindless monsters. Those are staples of the Zombie Apocalypse, and they are impossible to reason with, or even talk to. And it's even harder to find anyone willing to listen.

But even so, it is disheartening that we have yet to find a single one of their ranks that does not kill on sight. All I want is for one listening ear, but that seems too much of a favor to ask in this world. Of course we expected a hostile reaction, but that doesn't make it any easier to bear. They see nothing but targets to kill. That's all. And it's sad, and hurtful (physically and emotionally). I mean, yes, I know I'm an ugly, rotting zombie whose skin is falling off all over the place, but all I want is for the humans to leave us alone!

AN: I swear I once read a creepypasta very similar to this. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, please send it to me because I want to read it again but I cannot think of a title or author. This rewrite is the closest I have. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows what I'm talking about.