Kalmer is a peninsula, located across the Frozen Sea to the north form Midland. Surrounded by mountains from all sides, it is locked into the harsh northern climate. In the northern most part stands a grey stone castle with a single large tower. Once this place was known as the Greycastle, a small decrepit town ruled over by a tyrannical dwarf. Now it is a bustling town. The flag of a gray wolf replaced by a sapphire one, depicting a golden serpent encircling the sun. The name of this new town is Soldale.

Much like Midland, Kalmer has no king. The people in Midland had come together in times of crisis an managed to overcome problems, while Kalmer has a much smaller population that is scattered though a large aria with rough terrain between. The cold and difficult living conditions required the people to focus on survival. This made it easy for a system of oppression to be created. Merchants from other counties came and settled in the cities. Divided the territories that were close to cities and larger settlements and made most lands private. The forests where people hunted and where they got food from were no longer theirs to use. Those who produced goods like tools and clothes had to pay the merchants guilds large taxes. But without wood and food they would not survive. The merchants offered them a dead- work for them and get payed and use that money to buy food and wood that used to be free. The merchants payed their workers very little, barely enough to survive. Most people could not get on a ship and leave with the money they made. And any attempt at rebellion could mean a loss of work that was the only source of materials essential for survival. Soldale was the first free city. There was no merchant's guild here and any who tried to establish influence were turned away. Trade was allowed but the merchants were forced to use the prices set by the city laws.

A young man with shoulder long blond hair and blue eyes looked out the window of the tower. It was a challenge to establish a city but he had done it. After the attack when the baron was killed the town was left abandoned. Using the money he and Gvera had found in the mine Solean bought the town and surrounding territories, he also purchased the mine and reopened it. Beginning independent trade with the nearby kingdom of Norvia and Darlakus port in Midland. Creating a city that was free the merchants and prejudice, allowing magic users to live freely without persecution. The previously empty fields were full of houses now as crowds rushed to the city in search of a better life. In the past three years it had already been though two expansions and not a third was on the way. Workers building a large brick wall around the city, replacing the wooden one.

"What are you thinking about?" a girl with pale blond hair and golden eyes asked.

She was slightly transparent.

"I can't believe it's been three years already." He said. " I wonder where she is"

Three years ago they had fought the necromancer Alister and the demon on the demon on the Hill of Sorrow. After the battle was done Gvera had vanished without a word to anyone.

"Are you angry?" Leah asked

"I was, but I don't know. It's been quiet both here and in Midland. If something had happened somebody would know, right? I mean these things usually cause a lot of rumors…

"You're worried?"

"It's has been three years… I' a little worried, but I have my hands full here. I have a responsibility, I can't just leave on another crazy adventure, even if I wanted to.

Leah smiled at him

"So you do want to."

"Maybe" he looked at her, silver snake earing glittering in the light. " the council meetings are getting a bit tiring, I admit.

There was a sound of a bird cawing. A raven was perched on the windowsill by the open window.

"Is that Munna? " Leah looked at the bird

"No, it's too big and there's a letter. "

There was leather belt holding a cylinder attached to the birds back. Solean approached it and the bird turned to look directly at him. He reached out his hand but the bird didn't move. He opened the contained and took out the scroll. The bird flew away.

"What does it say?" Leah tried to look over his shoulder but wasn't tall enough.

"I've never seen this seal" he said looking at the hand win a sword over the palm and an eye above it.

"It's from far away? So what does it say?"

"We, the holy Order of knights of the Crimson Hand, have found Gvera Cross guilty of being a witch and thus have captured and executed her for her crimes against our God." Solean looked at he paper with disbelief

"There's more" Leah snatched the letter from him "The execution was carried out on the second week of the ninth month of our Lord. "

"That was six months ago" she said

"No, no way Gvera could be…." He held the letter over the fire "there has to be something more to this

But the flames revealed nothing. Solean began casting revelation spells one after another, his blue cape moving from one side to the other.

"it can't be … nothing?"

Suddenly there was knock on the door.

"oh what is it now? Tell them I'm busy"

Leah went to the door. A tall man with long black hair and blue eyes was standing outside. A hat with a feather on top of his head, green wool cloak sweeping the floor. He pointed a crossbow at Leah.

"Herom?" the girl looked at the man scared.

He ignored her and forced his way in . Solean turned to look at his brother.

"What are you doing.? He questioned as the weapon was now pointed at him.

"Nothing personal. Little brother" Herom said "there are some people who don't like what you are doing here, so they paid me to take care of their problem.

Men wearing furs and holding weapons began to barge into the room.

"You would kill me? Over some petty cash? "Solean was in utter disbelief.

"It's not the money that interest me, but seat that you currently occupy."

"You always were a power hungry bastard." Solean said preparing a spell behind his back. " I should have seen this coming."

"But you didn't"

"I thought I could trust my own family. Guess I was wrong."

"You can run, little brother, but my men will hunt you down. " Herom shot a bolt just as Solean began to glow blue and vanished, the bold hitting the floor.

He appeared outside in the square in front of the tower and ran. People in the streets turned their heads, some shouted greetings. A group of armed men were on his heels. Focusing he made four images of himself appear and run next to him. At the cross road they all split up. The men dividing to go after him.

Outside the city Solean caught his breath behind a hill. A white wolf with two tails approached him. Leah's voice came from it even though its mouth didn't move.

"They won't be fooled for long, Herom knows you too well."

"Yeah, I just can't believe this happening." Solean panted trying to get his breath back.

"What will you do? "

"What ca n I do? Herom and his headhunters have me outmatched. I guess I need to leave Kalmer for a while, until things die down back here."

"Do you know where you'll go? "

"South. I guess. The letter Gvera sent me two years ago mentioned something there being hope in the south."

"Mana and I will try to calm Herom down in the meantime, He won't risk hurting me."

"Alright, just be careful, Leah."

He embraced the wolf before he set off running again.