Only hear its sound

but never come near it

I plan to be around for

longer than a minute


I'm currently fine but

wishing I'd feel vital


my head I like it aching

(that's when I feel like my brain

can outshine pain and thus glow)


a heir but no one here with me,

"I won't lie I don't

like it one bit," I say

as I leave. Is he



so I tell shaman to

lure him to the sky

(to seek some more, fire sparks)

poor thing then hides in the clouds

(swore to dance until he dies)


then I get him

'cause again who is he

the pleads really couldn't mean less to me

who even needs guilt when you can foresee

anything that happens to you is by me.


but now I feel worse and smaller

as the world spirals in reverse

stars wink at the sky soarers

and the bright moon spits fireworks.