It was a Monday morning at Brookline L. Elementary School. The kids went to their classes.

In Mrs. Pierce's classroom, she made an announcement while passing out guidelines for a report. "I'll be assigning book reports to you kids and it will be due in three weeks. There will be no homework to allow you time to do your report. It's going to be a two-page written report."

She was giving out the guidelines out while talking about it.

"I'll take you to the school library now to let you pick out a book," said Mrs. Pierce as they left to go there. "When you're done, you can go check out, go back to class and start reading if you want to."

Buster picked out Little Women. After he checked out, he went back to class with Danny and his twin, Lenny, who also checked out. The rest came back within ten to fifteen minutes later.

At lunch, Jenny said, "Is anyone from Trenton coming to the event?"

"I didn't invite them yet because they were all excited to see Lena," said Buster.

"That's okay," said Jenny.

"Do you plan to invite her, too?" asked Manny.

"I thought about it, but depends on how she's feeling. I'll have to check with her Mom," said Buster.

"Good idea," said Danny. "We plan to attend the event."

"It's hard to believe that hockey season is ending soon," said Lenny.

"I know. We don't know who we'll be facing yet. We'll find out during today's practice," said Buster. "This is the last week to practice before the playoffs, which is a week from today. The time is to be determined. We just need to win three games. The first two are going to be away while the third one will be here."

"I bet your team would take all three with their best player," said Haylee.

"And, their best goalie," added Manny.

"Maybe," said Buster. "No matter what happens, we made it this far."

"Good point," agreed Lenny.

"I have a visit with my mother after school and Amanda planned to pick me up from here," said Jenny.

"Good," said Buster.

Jenny came from Trenton, too. Her mom is struggling with cancer and has a few weeks to live, which is why she decided to put Jenny in foster care early, but requests visit in between, so Amanda handles that. Jenny lives with the Hollowware family who is Buster's neighbors.

"Do you both plan to see Lena?" asked Haylee.

"I'm not sure what time I'll be back because Amanda is taking me out after the visit," said Jenny.

"She has a cancer treatment anyway and won't be home until tomorrow, so we can wait until then," said Buster.

"Okay," said Jenny.

She took over for Lena- who had to quit school due to illness and is fading- as a new student. They're longtime best friends.

"Oh, yeah, we forgot she was having it today," said Danny.

After school, Buster had hockey practice. After it ended, Coach Gomes said, "We're going to be facing Harrington Thunder. The times will be announced on Wednesday. See you then."

They went to change and put their hockey items away. At home, Buster was in his room reading when his Mom, T.J. came by said, "Dinner's ready."

"Okay," said Buster as he put the bookmark in the book and went downstairs.

He must be very careful because of his diabetes, but he takes care of himself without problems.

At the table, he said, "I learned who we would be facing in the playoffs that begin a week from today."

"Who?" asked Leah.

"Harrington Thunder that defeated us a few times before," said Buster.

"I recall on how tough they were. Good thing you have the rest of the week to practice," said Leo.

"I know. On top of that, I have a skating event next Saturday. I didn't get a chance to invite the group from Trenton because they were glad to see Lena," said Buster.

"I understand. If you want, you can invite them and the others to stay over for the night," said his Mom.

"Really?" asked Buster.

"It would be my treat," said T.J.

"They plan to come to the event as well anyway," said Buster.

"Oh, good," said T.J.

"I'll let them know tomorrow. I'll probably call Frank tonight before I go back to reading," said Buster.

"That's fine," said T.J.

After supper ended, he called Frank, but there was no answer and left a message to call him back when he gets a chance. In the meantime, Buster went back to reading. He was reading the last chapter when the phone rang as he went to answer it, "Hello."

"Hi. I just got in. I was out with Jen and Amanda. My folks had to work late. We had just brought her home to Dover not long ago," said Frank.

"That's good," said Buster. "I forgot to tell you while I was there: my skating event is coming up next Saturday. I planned to invite you guys, but you were all glad to see Lena."

"I understand. I'll let them know in school and we can show Becky around in Dover," said Frank.

"Sounds good. The event is at 3:00 pm and must be at the rink an hour early to get ready. Plus, mama's treating me by inviting the group to stay overnight," said Buster.

"I won't see my parents until tomorrow morning before school. I'll ask my mom and call you tomorrow night," said Frank.

"No problem," said Buster.

After they finished talking, he continued reading the final chapter. He finished it 10 to 15 minutes later. He decided to change into his pjs and do some writing. He did it for half an hour before calling it quits by 9:00 pm. He's glad that the first page is almost done, and he'll continue that tomorrow during free time. He relaxed until going to bed at 9:30 pm. His dog, Goldilocks, likes to sleep with him every night.