The next day, the kids were up by 8:00 am. They got dressed before they went upstairs to have breakfast.

"When we leave for 11:00 am, we can have lunch in the café," said Leah.

"We can do that before we see Lena," said George.

"Sounds good," said Buster.

"Samantha offered to watch your brothers while your father and I attend your event. I'll meet you guys at the rink," said T.J.

"Alright," said Buster.

After they ate, they hung around for a bit after they brushed their teeth.

"I forgot about that outfit," said Jenny.

"Mama got me this when I first started doing skating events," said Buster. "I just save it for them. I'm allowed to wear my regular clothes during my lessons."

"Which is good," said Mason.

"Seeing you on events were always fun," said Eric.

"Indeed," said Frank.

"I want to join the Winter Omplyics in the future," said Buster.

"You'd be good at it," said Haylee as they left the house.

"I agree," said Jeff.

"These events are the best way to help you to be prepared," said Tina.

"I know," agreed Buster.

At the hospital, they went to the café and had lunch while they wait for the visiting hours to begin. Then, after they finished, they went to see Lena. She was still in coma.

Dr. Locks came by and said, "Lena may not make it for the next few weeks. She was getting weak. We might decide to stop her treatments."

"Becky is due to come by next weekend to visit me and wants to see Lena," said Jenny.

"She can still get visitors," said Dr. Locks.

"Okay, good," said Jenny.

"Can we come by tomorrow before we leave for Trenton?" asked Frank.

"Sure," said Dr. Locks.

"Our train don't leave until 3:00 pm, so it'll give us time," said Josh.

"Perfect," said Buster.

They stayed for an hour until they had to leave for the rink.

"Poor Lena is in a bad shape," said Eric.

"At least we'd be able to see her," said Mason.

At the rink, Frank said, "We'll save your parents their spots. I don't know if they're here yet."

"I'm sure they will be soon after Samantha either goes to my house or if my brothers go over," said Buster.

Buster went to put on his outfit and put his clothes near his hockey uniform. He went out there to get ready. Some of the other skaters were practicing in between. That's what he ended up doing. He knew hockey helped him practice a lot.

The rink started to get a lot of crowds. His parents got there and went to join his friends.

"We saved your spots," said Frank.

"Okay, thanks," said T.J.

At 3:00 pm, the event started. The skaters had a good time. Buster was going last. He felt a bit nervous, but knows that he'll do great especially since he's been in 2nd or 3rd place before and that always put him through the national and the finals. He's never been in 1st place before, but didn't care and feels proud of himself.

They had halftime at 4:00 pm.

"Buster's probably in the second half," said Lee.

"Probably," said T.J. "He's usually in the second half."

"Most of the time, he's the last one," said Justin.

"I recalled he started that in Nevada and when we saw him in those events," said Leah.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot about that part," said Leo.

"Me, too," said Lee.

"We saw him perform in Trenton," said Frank.

"He can be tough to beat," said Jessica.

"Especially when he has lessons," added George.

The halftime lasted only 30. After a few others skated, Buster was coming out. They give them a few minutes. After he was done, he went in the back to wait for his scores.

"I can't wait to see what place he'll be in," said Jenny.

When the event ended, Buster found out that he made it to the finals. He was placed in 2nd place.

"Yay!" cheered his friends.

The top three were in the locker room.

"Congratulations to our top three winners," said Mr. Johnson. "You'll have a few weeks to have free time before we start practicing for the finals, which would be next month, after Spring Break. The place will be announced soon. The date and time will be available when it gets closer. The rest of you did a great job and see all of you in September to get ready for the regionals."

After that, they changed back in their regular clothes. Buster's friends and family were in the lobby when he came out.

"Good for you," said Haylee.

"You were great," said Jenny.

"Thanks," said Buster.

"We should go out to celebrate," said T.J.

"Okay," said Buster.

"We always did that anyway," said Leah.

Then, they went out for dinner.

"We'll be having a free time for a few weeks. I won't be back to the lessons for the finals until after we come back from Florida. The finals are next month, but the place will be available pretty soon. I won't know the date and time yet," said Buster.

"It will give you time to practice for the hockey finals," said T.J.

"I know," said Buster. "And, it will give me extra time to see Lena."

"Which is good, I plan to do the same," said Jenny.

After dinner, they went back to the house.

"I'm going to try to call my mom again," said Jenny.

"Okay, we can call Becky, too," said Buster. "I recalled she came to my skating event a few times."

"Sounds good," said Jenny.

Then, the phone rang as he went to answer.

"Hello," said Buster.

"Hi, I just saw you televised for the skating event. You were great and happy that you took 2nd place," said Becky.

"Thanks. We were just getting ready to call you shortly when you called," said Buster.

"Yeah, I was trying to get a hold of my mom," said Jenny. "There was no answer."

"I heard her phone is disconnected," said Becky.

"That explains why I couldn't reach her," said Jenny. "Thanks for letting me know before I try to do that again."

"No problem," said Becky.

"The finals are in May. The lessons will resume after Spring Break," said Buster.

"I can't wait to see you in it," said Becky.

"All details on the place, time, and date will be updated soon," said Buster.

After they talked, Frank said, "That was a surprise about your mom's phone being disconnected."

"I'm glad Becky told me. I was going to ask Amanda," said Jenny.

"She saved you time," said Buster.

"I agree," said Jenny.

After the others called their parents, the Hollowware kids found out that Becky wasn't kidding when she heard about Mrs. Cooper's phone being disconnected.

"Becky was telling the truth," said Manny.

"I believed her," said Jenny.

"Amanda called Mom earlier to let her know in case you try calling your mother," said Danny.

"Did your mom knew I tried calling mine?" asked Jenny.

"No because we called ours before you did," said Lenny.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot," said Jenny.

"That's okay," said Manny.

"I'm not sure if I want to move to Seattle to live with my father and his parents because of the threats," said Jenny.

"I don't blame you," said Haylee.

"What did they tell you?" asked Jessica.

"I'm sorry. I thought I told you guys. I stayed in touch with them, but they made me promise not to tell Mom or Amanda. Otherwise, they threatened me to cut me off completely," said Jenny.

"Wow," said Frank.

"I'm start to reconsider about it," said Jenny. "I already told Amanda I'd think about it when she asked me if I want to live with them."

"Better to be safe than sorry," said Toni.

"She did let me remain in touch with them, but I might stop that as well," said Jenny.

"If that happened to me, I wouldn't even bother," said Mason.

"Real families wouldn't make threats," said Eric.

"I know," said Jenny. "Amanda planned to make a warning if my father and grandparents make any more threats, she'll ban them to stay contact with me."

"Good. That would make them stop," said George.

"You did the right thing to tell your social worker," said Frank.

"I have no regrets," said Jenny.

"You got time to think about it," said Buster.

"If they apologized, then I'd go for it," said Jenny.

They changed at 8:30 pm. They watched a movie and had popcorn. Buster don't eat snacks much except 30 minutes before bed to keep his blood sugar under control.

He had an apple with peanut butter an hour later after he took insulin. They went to bed at 10:00 pm. They whispered until they went to sleep 20 minutes later.

Buster was glad that his hockey is going to the finals and he's proud that he's going into the skating event finals.