Holding an extensive expertise in financial work, Ken Kremsky worked with the entire accounting faculty and kept up all accounting and money related announcing frameworks. He took an interest in Oreo and premium systems group which drove them to spare of $3mm every year, essentially through the 'One Cookie Out' activity and the Premium oil decrease venture. He aided improvement, investigation and introduction of the yearly working spending plan (AOP) for headquarters.

Highly involved in various roles in the organization for 18 years, Ken has observed various mergers and acquisitions at Mondelez/Kraft/Nabisco. Starting his career as an Assistant Controller at Interstate Brands Corporation, Ken completed raw and packaging material optimization analysis, thus making a saving of $1.4 million annually.

As the Senior Manager of Finance and Strategic Projects at Mondelez International, Ken Kremsky serves as the Finance lead for the Supply Chain Reinvention team projects focusing on the financial rationale, project optimization, and Capex spend. He works on process improvements and streamlining initiatives for all the facilities in North America. He has developed multiple IRR analytic tools which became the model for all in-house projects.

Holding more than 22 years of experience in the corporate world, Ken possesses a record of excellence in leveraging the excellent strategies and finance best practices and analytical ability. Besides, he is well versed with improving the profitability and driving long-term company growth by delivering the financial analysis.

Being a name well written in the field of financial advising, Ken has helped various companies with his bright ideas yet simple ones, and has made them stand their ground firmly, even when situations were not in their favor. He has spent more than 20 years in the manufacturing environment as the controller where he ushered many projects that were focused on cost reduction and higher efficiency. Besides, his projects have realized annualized saving more than $75 million.

Pertaining to his education qualification, Ken Kremsky has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting with 3.8 GPA out of 4, from the Penn State University. He also holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration with a 3.9 GPA out of 4, from La Salle University.