1: In the land of the gullible

And the home of the ignorant,

Tis the American Nation.

And all for their land,

And all for their pride,

And for the patriotism of the nation;

Do the Americans wither away.

2: In liberty, you were conceived!

In equality, you were birthed!

In man, you were strengthened!

But as man ruled, so too did their vanity.

The myths and tales, laymen speak

On the mantle of them;

Not as tales alike the bard;

But for the speaking of history.

They sing of arks and serpents,

Of the first beings cast from the plain,

Of a sea made unto two seas,

And of the crimes most foul

Under the rule of terror'd divine.

3: Of not they speak of myths,

Of history they claim to speak.

But O how the gods weep

At their petty mortality!

Of their wrath and pride,

Of their evils and horrors;

For all in, the speakers who

Say of it, say of the tales spoken not

By the shamans of yesterday.

Or of the sages with their disciples.

Only wherein the tale is a tale,

The tale is told.

But for the American mind,

So goes into them the history

Of all and everything.

4: Therein, in centuries past.

Ago, the fathers; brave and honest,

But still unlawful men as man is;

Sat upon the birth of a nation;

And wherein declared the end of kings,

The kings of man and of God.

For in themselves, they knew of what was;

And that the vanity was to be no more.

Of now is no more than to them,

The nation, prideful and lawful;

Now the land of chaos and devils,

Of hell and of Satan.

But wherein, doth the devils they act not,

For they are but the jesters of kingly courts

Handled with power and sword.

Upon the dome above all,

So stands their golden leader.

5: "Hail the golden one!

Long love the golden one!"

And of him does he speak

With the tone of orators past;

But of truth, he lacks less than man.

For they worship their idol,

Awhile their idol speaks of evil.

"I shall rule the honest nation!

And preserve it, faith, nation and land.

And of truth shall be above all!"

And the yoke of him cheer,

Yet the knowing await the blade.

6: So the fall of America comes,

Of mind, power, and will;

They stand upon the rocks of fate,

Awaiting the final fall unto the stream;

But so will be of their savagery;

For America is by all who see it,

The land of war and death

And the land of utter evil.