How many nights do you sleep on your own?

Feel all alone waiting on me to

Come riding in from somewhere out there,

Living without a care.

You're wasting your youth building someone else's dream.

My girl she waits with a glint of pride in her eyes.

Still drives me wild when I see

That determination to keep things afloat

Even when she's broken down and out of hope.

My girl's a strong one, I'll say.

She keeps on praying

For me to come home and stay.

But my love is the next ride.

I step outside to disappear for another week.

When she calls me, we hardly speak.

I'm so addicted to winning,

It isn't women I'm chasing.

It's the high of the crowd,

The arena lights,

It's feeling my heart in my throat

That makes me feel alive.

Seeing death flash before me,

And somehow I survive.

That's the only joy I can see.

When I ride, she's out of mind.

And when I can taste that dream,

See that buckle, oh how it gleams,

I finally rush back home,

Looking for arms that would welcome

Me and my victory.

But all I see is an empty double wide,

A little note taped outside.

She said:

"Congratulations on Vegas,

I guess that's where your heart was.

For it wasn't with me.

I've been dying, you see.

I hope that buckle was worth it to you

For all the lonely years you put me through.

I wanted a home and a family to love.

It was you and I that I always held above


But to you I was so small.

Now everybody loves you, I know this is true.

You're the world champion, you saw it through.

So here's to the next buckle bunny that will warm your bed.

Because when you get home, this old one will be dead."