Yeah, some days I act like nothing phases me

All the while I'm just chasing a memory.

You and I were always so damn bittersweet

Because when you get sad, you get mean.

And me? I'm always in denial, drifting through life with a smile

Like shit never bother me,

Life is a mother fucking dream.

Holding out for a hero when a hero is what I got.

Waiting for you to save me from this love that

Sometimes feels like getting shot.


I ain't confrontational and you can be so damn irrational.

If we could just sit down and gain some fucking self-control

Talk like adults and not internet trolls.

Maybe we'll figure out why the other is dying while trying to read between

Lines that aren't fucking there.

I wanna know why you're crying,

Why would I ask if I didn't even care?

You so sarcastic, haha I'm bombastic

And we talk like hand grenades,

Man this fight is a classic.

Seems like every mistake ever made

Comes back at me like rubber and glue.

Going nowhere,

All part of the abuse that we put each other through.

Just done talking because talking ain't getting through.

But god damn it, I love you, so what's a girl to do?