I see that white picket fence,

I want one of them.

I want that something that money

Can't buy.

You say I can't eat my cake,

God damn it, I want pie.

Beautiful things don't live around here.

I'm afraid it's just as you feared.

My heart is an empty room,

Exposed and waiting for the

Darkness to consume

Me and my reality

Doesn't always compute with fact.

Just a matter of fact,

I tell you what I think I should say.

Then I go and blow it away.

Honestly, I wish that I could stay,

But you deserve someone who

Every night isn't someone new.

Yeah, I know my head is so royally screwed.

I try to do the things you wanted me to,

But the truth is that

I'm just too crazy for you.

And everyone before or after.

My brain is a fucking disaster.

Unfeeling but desperately searching for

Something to make me feel loved and adored.

Egomaniacs, is that what we're called?

I don't like what they're saying so I don't answer

Their calls.