She's a good girl,

A hood girl

tryin' to act straight.

She's got them big dreams

And a big plan to get there.

Gonna hustle,

Do blow,

What's it gonna take?

To get in with some rich folks,

Nice clothes, white white collar.

Gonna bleach off the blue,

Invent a new you.

Become one of the beautiful people.

But good girl,

You're a hood girl,

And they'll never be in love with you.

You're a second class,

You're way too fast,

And they can't keep up.

Good girl,

Just stay a hood girl.

'Cause their world will tear you apart.

It's all make up, fine wine, and works of art.

You can't relate,

You're second rate,

And they'll see right through.

All that pretend, second-hand,

Long nights with strange men.

How you do your hair,

Standing in ripped underwear,

They'll know.

Good girl,

You're a good girl.

Don't let anyone tell you you're not.

I know you're broke as hell,

But you always mean well,

And you got something they don't got.

It's called a heart,

It's called a soul,

But you'll grow bitter as you get old.

Thinking about all the missed opportunities,

The fucked up irony of it all.

One day you'll die in the town you're born,

Never left home or strayed too far.

Because hood girl don't got a car.

All them promises and the life they led,

Pushing you further to the edge,

And you wonder, "why you not I?"

Oh good girl,

Truly good girl,

Don't let them bring you down.

You and I will be poor until the day we die,

But at least we got each other to get by.

You're my girl, you're my whole world,

And I know that don't mean much.

Life gets tough and you've had enough,

But darling just hang tough.

You're a hood girl.

You're strong as hell.

You been through it,

You live to tell.

You and I,

We survive,

And that's what we'll do.