I'm Cinderella from the hood

Walk down the street looking so good

I'm charming and like hooks, everyone latches

So damn fabulous, everything matches

Looks that kill, I look like a million bucks

But I'm broke as fuck

Ain't nobody ever would have guessed

My life is really just one rich mess

Never bring nobody home because

Where I live is a disaster

Don't want your love or your time

Your cash is what I'm after

Where my Charmings at?

This clock's about to strike, I gotta scat

But don't try to find me in my part of town

You'll be shocked by all the shit you see going down

Squatting and never leaving,

That's just the way we do things.

I ain't ever been one of your beautiful creatures

Even though I got the looks and the bleached hair

Been eating with plastic and not silver

Too poor to ever be a lady killer.

Got nothing here to impress her

Except for maybe these rhymes and a wet t-shirt

Walk the walk because I got that swagger

But never talk the talk because I'd st-st-st-stagger.

One day I'll be more than this basic lifestyle:

Living paycheck to paycheck but dreaming wild

One day money won't make a fool of me.

When the clock strikes 12, I ain't gonna leave.

Then forget all the Charmings


Fuck 'em 'cause I got Benjamins