See the truth

When I'm with you
I don't worry about nothing

I sleep better

I think straighter

I suddenly remember

Who I wanted to be

I know I ran around

Turned our lives upside down

I'd be taking hits

I'd be getting lit

I'd be dead in a ditch

Some place

See the truth

When I'm awake

I don't feel anything

Nothing's good

Nothing's bad

Sun don't burn

Frost don't freeze

When I'm with you

I suddenly remember

What it's like to be alive

Breathe in air

And be afraid to die

See the truth

I don't have genuine feelings

Don't care too much for

People or things

Shit don't mean anything

To me

Laughs are empty

Crocodile tears

But there's a fear...

When I'm with you

To show you I'm real

To give you the feel

I don't know how.

Don't ask me to be anything but

A shell of a person to

These piranhas

I wanna

Give you everything you ask for

God damn, I really adore

You and your whimsical allure

But I won't jump into water

When I don't know how to swim

Ain't gonna drown

If I'm not sure I'll win

I've loved you forever

Believe it or not

But I can't give up my lies

When that's all I got.

And you'd say cut ties

And I say okay

But these ties don't bind me

They merely define me

In between lines of reality and madness

They cope with the sadness

Never meant to hurt nobody

Just needed to decompress

I guess

See the truth

The only whole version of me

is with you

Because I can't change

Can't fake

What it is that I am

When you let me in

You've already seen it all

Rise and fall
So what more do you need?