Forgive me for being forward

I just had to know ya

I don't mean to be rude

But I think I can see right through

You and your good guy persona

Waiting for a chance

To steal a dance

And put your hands down my pants.

Tell me how it is that you jizz

Just thinking about all hearts that you diss.

Your sob story's so tragic,

It's magic

What you get away with just saying:

"Girl, I really care about you, it's all true "

You just couldn't get your shit together,

Can't ever live up to the forever

That you swear on.

But it just dawned on me,

There is so much bullshit

I'm allergic

so it makes me sneeze.

Take a Zyrtec

Cause I'm about to hear your pleas


"I don't know what I'd do

If I didn't have you.

Baby you're a dream come true.

Please believe me,

I can never live without you.

I can't deal with the fact we're all through.

Take me back,

Cut some slack."

Like later we'll hit the sack?


Then it's over.

You got what you came for

And I'm happy enough and sore.

So leave me be,

I don't need you on your knees.

I'm just another opportunity

And you blew it.

Should have known by now

Not to put up with your bullshit.