Adriana was sitting outside on the porch of a tiny, comfortable cottage up north, location unknown, just soaking in the sun and the soft breeze of the lake in front of her. Her long red hair was blowing back as the wind caressed every strand. Her bright blue eyes tightly shut as she enjoyed the feeling alone.

This is the life Adriana wanted for the rest of her life, she didn't want to worry about anything else in life, other than enjoy nature at its fullest. She wanted nothing more. Her only regret at this precise moment was the fact that she was missing the warm cup of hot chocolate in her hand.

Next time I better remember the hot chocolate she thought to herself.

She could hear the rustling of the leaves and the branches of the trees all around the cottage. The warmth of the sun was soaking her knees and bare feet. She wiggled her toes, rubbing them against each other as a quick gust of cold wind hit her below the knees, bringing forth goosebumps on her exposed skin.

She rubbed her feet together, trying to bring warmth back into them to expel the goosebumps.

If only I could use my hands… she thought to herself.

Adriana was sitting outside the cottage, tied to a chair with her hands pulled to the back of the porch chair, tied tightly with a rope. She was blind folded with a picnic table cloth.

To put it simply, Adriana was a captive. She had been kidnapped by two men from her home in Toronto, for reasons unknown, at least to her.

The very moment Adriana was thinking about being able to use her hands, she heard a loud gunshot resonate from the inside the cabin and a loud thump. The panic that flooded through Adriana's body was immense. The goosebumps came back a hundred-fold, and this time there was nothing she could do to dispel this feeling. Her heart was in her throat, beating so rapidly she could feel her ears and face getting warmer by the second.

Please… not me…please not me… she kept thinking to herself. She didn't want to scream. She didn't want to remind the remaining man inside that she was still outside, alive and kicking. She hoped he would stay inside the cottage and not come outside.

Just forget about me… forget I am outside. Please forget about me.

But her biggest fear came true, the remaining man came outside through the front door. She could hear his boots clicking on the wooden porch, coming closer towards her and stopping dead in front of her.

"You heard that didn't you." Adriana couldn't figure out whether he was asking her or whether he was stating it to her, but she just quietly nodded her head. She heard him starting to chuckle and then slowly it turned into a full-blown laughter fest. Adriana was a scared, she was shaking and not due to the cold air but the mere fear that was coursing through her veins.

"P-pp-llease.." it slipped out. She hadn't meant it to slip out, she didn't want him to know she was afraid.

Suddenly his laughter stopped, and she felt a cold round object touch the middle of her forehead.

The gun…

"You know why you were taken?" Adriana shook her head no, the barrel of the gun moving along with her.

"It's because we thought you were the daughter of a multi-millionaire. But we were mistaken. You see the daughter also has red flowing hair like yours and you also happen to work for in the same building as you…so you can see the dilemma we are in currently…" Adriana gulped. She was going to die for sure now. She had seen one of the men's faces, but she doesn't know which man is which.

It was almost as if he knew what she was thinking and said, "I had to kill the other guy, cause well…you saw his face and I couldn't risk you spoiling our plans for us now can I." Adriana felt the cold tip of the barrel leave the middle of her forehead.

"Don't worry darling, I won't kill you. I don't kill innocent people.." suddenly Adriana felt hot air blow in her left ear as the man whispered in her ear, "..for no reason. So darling, don't give me a reason to find you and kill you okay." Adriana nodded.

She felt his chuckle near her ear and lean back away from her.

"Now let's get you back home, shall we." Adriana let out a sigh of relief, at least she was safe…for now.

A few months later after her release, Adriana tried her best for everything to go back to normal, but it took much longer than anticipated.

She could no longer trust any man because of the kidnapping incident, and she had not complained to the Police as demanded. One evening she was sitting in front of her TV when the show she was watching was suddenly interrupted by a breaking news.

"The body of Ms. Sarah Lance, daughter of Multi-Millionaire Bruce Lance, was found a few hours ago near a creek not too far from the city. She had been mutilated beyond recognition, and the reports suggest she was also rapped numerous times" Adriana was now standing up and staring at the TV with shock. This Sarah Lance had red hair, like hers, and she had seen her in her building multiple times. Lance Industries was located on the topmost floor of her building.

"The murderer is still at large, but the police believe it be Larry Croft, a former employee of Mr. Lance's company. According to company records, Larry had been let go due to his unhealthy obsession with the company's female employees." A picture of Larry Croft was shown near the reporter's head and Adriana gasped. It was the same man whose face she had seen. But it can't be, the other man had said he had killed him.

"Larry was last seen talking to Sarah Lance at a coffee shop near the company building 2 days ago. If anyone has any information, please call the Police right away at the mentioned below tip line."
Adriana fell back onto her couch with a slump and let out a cry.

"I could have stopped him..." she whispered to herself. She reached out to her phone and started to type the tip line number when suddenly she remembered his whisper So darling, don't give me a reason to find you and kill you okay.

The phone dropped out of her hand and she cried. All she could do was cry.