Chapter Four

The next morning she called the Gainsley's early and set up a meeting before Mr. Gainsley had to leave for work. She also called the contact numbers for the other three friends Mrs. Gainsley provided. She talked to one and left messages for the other two. She would meet with Luke Quinn right after her briefing of the Gainsleys. She was on her way to the first meeting when the phone rang and it was Iris Flannigan. She agreed to meet Kinsley at Luke Quinn's home.

She pulled into the Gainsley's drive and shut off her car. She drew in a deep breath and prepared herself to break the news up what she found to the parents. Their daughter was not who they thought she was. Kinsley was going to have to break the news to them that their daughter had a secret life. A secret life that may have gotten her into trouble. She exited her vehicle and walked up to the house, ringing the doorbell.

The door opened almost immediately and Kinsley smiled at Mrs. Gainsley before entering the home. She followed the other woman to the kitchen and took a seat at the table.

"Rob is just finishing up getting ready for work. He should be down any second now." They waited in silence. Kinsley fidgeting with the folder she brought. After a short time Rob Gainsley walked up to the table.

"Sorry about that," he said quickly as he took the seat next to his wife.

"I'm going to start by telling you, I am taking this case back to the police to reopen." Kinsley said, pausing to see their reactions. The Gainsleys tensed. "What I'm going to share with you next is going to shock you." She saw the fear flash on Mrs. Gainsley's face.

"What did you find?" Mr. Gainsley asked, his voice filled with tension.

"Your daughter had a phone that you did not know about. She had alternate accounts on social media that you did not know about. She had apps on the second phone that she should not have been on. She was conversing with people you did not know about." Kinsley said calmly and quietly. She then sat back and waited for the reaction. She watched as the words she spoke hit home for Mr. and Mrs. Gainsley. Understanding slowly sunk in and she saw the flashes of emotion for the missing girl's parents.

Mrs. Gainsley went from shock, to horror, to anger, to sadness. Tears spilled from her eyes as her hand went to her mouth to stifle the moan that escaped. "Oh my God," she whispered afterward looking to her husband.

Mr. Gainsley went from recognition to anger to sadness to nothing. He shut down his emotions and looked at Kinsley with cold and empty eyes. He took his wife's hand (that wasn't against her mouth) and squeezed.

"So you're saying our suspicions on her being taken not a runaway are true?"

"That I'm not one hundred percent certain, but I am leaning towards abduction and not a runaway. It is possible that she ran away with someone she was talking to. I have some leads and I'm going to talk to the police later today about what I found. I am also meeting with two more of your daughter's friends when I leave here."

"Who told you about the alternate accounts?" Mr. Gainsley asked.

"I'm not divulging that information at this time to you. I know you want to know but right now I'm going to keep my sources to myself until I can get to the bottom of things."

"You need to tell me…"

"I do not need to tell you," Kinsley said heading the angry father off. "Listen, Rob. If you want me to continue to get information I need to be able to talk to people without them fearing you coming around. I know you're not a bad person, but anger and grief have a way of changing people. I need you to let me do that job you hired me to do and I will keep you up to date as much as I can without jeopardizing my investigation."

"You sound just like the police," Rob Gainsley said angrily as his fist pounded on the table.

"Rob, honey, she is doing better than the police! They didn't find any of this information!" Candice replied. Rob considered his wife and then angrily nodded his head. Then the emotions were gone again from his face.

"Who handled the case with the police?" Kinsely asked so she had a name when she took what she had in. It would knock a lot of wait time off if she knew who to ask for.

"Detectives Cash and Cave." Candice replied.

"Thank you. After I talk to a few more people I will take this to them. Please don't call in and cause a scene before I can talk with them."

Both the Gainsleys agreed not to call in. "I want you to continue on the case. I don't want you to just turn over what you found. I don't trust those two to follow up. I want you to keep looking." Rob said looking Kinsley in the eye. She studied his face and took a deep breath in through her nose and blew it out through her nose.

"I'm not sure they will like that."

"Tough shit. They fucked up. They missed this. They dropped the ball. I don't trust them. I trust you. I will pay you whatever you want. I want you to continue to search for my daughter. If they shut you out then do it on your own."

Kinsley absorbed the information and thought it over. She could always use the money. She didn't necessarily like working on cases with the police and there was even the chance they wouldn't let her work with them. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. She decided to see it through. She wanted this girl found. One way or another. "Ok, I will see it through."

Rob then left for work. Kinsley hoped he could keep his composure while she finished the investigation. She wanted her first meeting with the police to go smoothly and not be tarred by an angry parent demanding.

She was hoping to go in and lay out what she found and see if they would let her be a part of the investigation. It would make things a lot easier on her as they had more resources and more lead way with how to get it. She still had a plan if they told her no. She drove over to Luke Quinn's house to meet with the two kids. When she got there Jackson Reagan was there as well. Once seated she dove right in.

"I'm sure you all know I'm looking for your friend Emerson Gainsley." They all nodded in agreeance. "Have any of you talked to Brnylee since last night?" They all looked at each other trying to decide what to share. I could tell by the looks that at least one of them had. Finally Luke cleared his throat and looked at his mom.

"Does she have to be here?" he asked in a shy voice looking at me and avoiding his mom as he said it.

"Lucas Andrew, what kind of question," his mother said angrily.

"No she doesn't have to be."

"Mom, would you mind if we talked to her without you?" Luke asked in a nervous boyish voice.

Mrs. Quinn stared at her son for a long time then looked at Kinsley. "I will leave the room if it gets them to talk openly. This is absurd that you four didn't tell the police!" Mrs. Quinn walked out of the room.

"Ok. So I'm guessing you have talked to Brynlee and know what she has told me."

"Yeah," Luke replied. "She called me last night and told me about it. Man we were stupid to keep quiet." He closed his eyes. Iris started crying and Jackson put his arm around her.

"You're stupid if you are doing the same thing Emmie did."

"Yeah. I...I know," Luke replied. He apparently had been voted the leader. "I'm gonna dump some stuff tonight. You really think Emmie was taken?"

"I'm sorry we didn't tell the police. Are we going to be in trouble?" Iris squeaked out.

"I'm sure your parents are not going to be too happy. Brnylee gave me accounts, apps, and passwords. She gave me the second phone number. Do any of you know who she was talking to? Was there someone local or close to local that she was planning on meeting? Was she hooking up with any of these guys?"

"She didn't really talk much about it, at least not to me," Jackson said, his arm still around Iris' shoulders.

"She got real friendly with a guy. She said his name was Mike, or Miles, or something like that?" Iris said as she wiped at her nose.

"Miah?" Kinsley asked.

"Yeah that might be it. Anyway. I know they had been messaging for a long time and then they started texting on her burn phone. I think they even video chatted some. She was really into him," Iris continued.

"Do you know if they ever met in person? Did she tell him where she lived?"

"She was really guarded with that info," Luke piped in. "And I don't know if she met him in person. I think she has before with people though. Emmie was kind of the wild one in our group. I mean all of us like to chat and talk with people online and shit, but Emmie was like addicted to it. She liked the attention the guys gave her," he added and rubbed the back of his neck, nervous like.


"Emmie really liked to flirt and tease," Jackson said with a shrug.

"You guys see the danger now? Do you understand why your parents are so controlling?"

"We get it. And we feel sick we didn't tell the police," Iris said with another sob.

"It's ok. I'm going to the police after this to tell them everything."

"Will we get in trouble for keeping quiet?" Luke asked.

"I'd be more afraid of your parents, kiddos. The police aren't likely to do much. Your parents on the other hand," Kinsley said with a shrug and a sigh. "Do any of you have any information on the Miah guy Emmie was talking to when she disappeared? Did she say she was going to meet him? Did she say he wanted to see her for real? Did she give ANY indication that she was going to run away?"

"Not to me," Jackson said. "But I'm probably the last one she'd confide in."

"She was kind of getting distant the last 2 months or so. Didn't want to hang as much. More into her phone than us. We just thought it was normal shit ya know? Happens with teenagers," Luke said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"She really just said how dreamy Miah was and how no one had treated and talked to her like that before. She never showed me a picture or anything. She never mentioned meeting him in real life or anything either. I just know she was taken by him." Iris added.

She thanked the kids and got up to leave. Mrs. Quinn met her at the door with the look of a worried mother. She chewed her bottom lip and glanced back towards the kids.

"My son is hiding something from me isn't he?"

"I don't really know what your son is hiding from you but I would suggest sitting down and having a talk with him. Emerson Gainsley's parents were in the dark too and she is now missing. Good luck Mrs. Quinn." Kinsley replied and walked out the door. She got in her car and pulled out her cell phone. Kinsley called a friend who was a street cop.

"Gina," she answered. Georgina Kiligan was a patrol officer with the police. She was a long time friend of Kinsley's that helped out sometimes on cases. She had some great contacts throughout the city.

"Hey, Gina, it's Kins."

"Kins! Long time, Girl! What's happening? You need something run down?"

"I just need a little info on some detectives."

"Utoh, you run into some trouble?"

"Nothing like that. Got a case they worked on and deemed a runaway. Parents didn't like it so they hired me. I found some information that they had missed. Want to know if they're going to have attitude or work with me."

"Who had the case?"

"Detectives Cash and Cave."

"OOh girl. Naw you won't get attitude from Cash. He a real straight cop. He will work with you. you'll get the attitude from Cave. He's arrogant and sometimes he's a real ass. And girl watch out. Cash is a hottie."

"Thanks, Gina. They are the main precinct downtown?"

"Yes, girl. They work at precinct one."

She thanked her again and hung up. Kinsley pulled away from the curb and headed towards Precinct One. She called the main line and asked to be transferred to Detective Cash. No sense talking to the arrogant one. It went to his voicemail and Kinsley groaned, before leaving a message explaining who she was and who she was working for and that she had information on the Emerson Gainsley case. Hanging up, she called the main line back and asked for the watch commander. She was put on hold for a brief moment before a man's voice came on the line.

"Watch Commander, this is Griggs, how may I help you?"

"I'm looking for Detective Cash, is he in today?"

"Let me check and get back to ya. Your name?"

"Kinsley Harper."

"Hold a moment."

The line cut to elevator music and she waited. It was a full five minutes before Griggs came back on the line. "Yes Detective Cash is in the building but he can't take a call right now would you like to leave a message?"

"Yes, but not on his voicemail. I already did that. Can you tell him Kinsley Harper a private detective has information pertaining to the Emerson Gainsley case." She left her cell number as well.

"Will do, Ms. Harper. Have a great day."

The line went dead and she put her phone down. Now she waited for him to call back and set up a meeting time. It was getting close to lunchtime so Kinsley drove to a little mom and pop place and order a cheeseburger and fries. She was sitting in the booth finishing her food when the phone rang. Glancing at the caller ID, it read restricted so she answered.


"Hello, Ms. Harper. This is Detective Cash. You left a couple messages for me about the Gainsley runaway? What kind of information do you have and how did you come across it?"

"Hello, Detective Cash. Thank you for calling me back. I'm a private detective and was hired by the family…"

"Christ. Tell her father we are looking for his runaway daughter…"

"And I came across some information you will want in your investigation," Kinsley finished without missing a beat. There was silence on the line for a full 30 seconds. "Detective Cash?"

"Yeah, uh, what new information?"

"Her friends told me some information they didn't tell you. They got scared when I was asking questions because they figured she would have contacted one of them by now if she was just a runaway."

"What information?"

"Can we meet face to face to discuss it?"

"What information."

"I'm not sharing it over the phone."

"Fine. Come into the station. I'll be here until five."