Hi everyone! It's my first work here. So, please go easy on me :D

Let my eyes meet yours,

Why're you taunting me? Get close,

Don't look at me by fits and starts,

Set your orbs upon me. Don't be late, it hurts.

Swear by me, oh crazy Juliet,

Leave the sign of love. For that, no need to be a laureate,

Since you left your eyes downed,

My heart's beating fast, my head is spinning round.

Oh, concealing yourself and secretly,

Come to me, oh silly.

Don't be late, the hours are passing by,

Fulfill my dreams which are very high.

Look! My love is begging to you,

For your words….not many, just a few.

It's my only desire, inside my heart, craving,

Illuminate me with consciousness, that'll be paving

My weakness. Listen, my heartbeats are singing,

Being an intoxication, they're ringing.

Between my arms, being discreet and careful,

Come to me, oh beautiful!

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-Misty ^_^