Hi everyone! Thanks to Voted Best Humor Blog for reviewing in my last poem. Here's another one! Enjoy! :D

Look at the cheeks of the bride!

How they are glowing! Like the sun's hue,

When it rises in the east and enlightens the world,

And fills pink everywhere in the blue.

Woah, how is she blushing?

Have you ever seen cherry flowers?

In spring? Nope, that's why you failed

To capture it, despite trying for hours.

Why are her eyes clinging to the ground?

Come on…..let them rise,

No, I think she won't, because they're the places

Where her love lies.

How sloth her footsteps are!

Even her anklets cannot be heard.

No, some things are not slow at all,

They're the beats of her heart.

Have you noticed that smile?

That is clinging to her lips, spreading rosy beams

Along with being mystical and fascinating

How sacred it seems!

So...how's it been? :P

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-Misty ^_^