'This is a big day,' Princess Alyce thought as she clenched her hands together in front of her, 'a big day for both the Kingdom of Zocan and her.'

"Princess, are you feeling well?" a knight with shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes asked. Alyce forced her posture to relax.

"I'm fine, Molly, just a bit nervous," she admitted.

"Well, that's normal since you're meeting your fiance for the first time today," came another voice and they both looked up to see King Jezper coming toward them. Molly dropped to a bow.

"Your Majesty." She said.

"At ease, Molly." King Jezper told her with a smile as he moved past her to hug Alyce. "I can't believe my little princess is finally going to become a queen. Your mother would be so happy if she could see you now."

Alyce felt a tug at her heart with the mention of her mother. "I'm sure she watches us from the stars and I will make her proud," she told her father as she returned his hug. After a moment they pulled away and Alyce looked around. "Is Conner not with you?" She asked.

"Oh, yes he was, but Prince Micah had arrived and I sent him to lead the prince and his entourage here. They'll be along shortly," Jezper told her as he went to sit at his throne. Alyce tried to fight down the butterflies in her stomach as she took the smaller seat to her father's left. Just as she sat the throne room doors opened and Conner walked in along with Prince Micah and two of his knights.

"Your Majesty King Jezper and Princess Alyce, presenting Prince Micah of Kingdom Lothelle," Conner announced before taking his spot at the side of King Jezper once more.

Princess Alyce gave a slight nod to Conner who returned it with a slight smile.

King Jezper spoke up "Welcome to my kingdom Prince Micah I hope that you and your companions will be comfortable here."

Princess Alyce turned to Molly looking for some encouragement who gave her a smile and whispered "You are fine just be yourself."

Alyce nodded and turned to their guests "Welcome I'm princess Alyce and I'm honored to have you here today. My father has prepared a banquet in your honor so please follow us to the dining hall."

Prince Micah approached her with a smile and took her hand and kissed it "It's an honor to meet such a beautiful princess and I will be honored to dine with you."

Alyce blushed a little "I welcome your company."

As they started making their way to the hall Renaya the knight who had traveled with the prince had a crush on him for the longest time and felt an ounce of jealously within in her. She thought "What does this princess had that she didnt?"

Her thought was broken as Molly walked over to introduce herself "Hi I'm Molly a knight and the knight who had announced your arrival is Conner."

Conner smiled "It's a pleasure to meet you."

But his thoughts of that of Newton who was their spy for the kingdom and noticed he had not arrived with the Prince.

He knew that kid was trouble having grown up with him and Molly. He only hoped whatever Newton was doing it was something that was not too dangerous.

"It's strange to be in such a carefree Kingdom of Zocan, it shows that you have been at peace for 100 years. There's barely any security," Renaya replied with a smile. "My name's Renaya." Molly narrowed her eyes but Conner just laughed.

"We should get to our posts, maybe we can grab some drinks on our off time later," he told her asked both he and Molly went to their post behind the King and Princess.

"What a bitch," Molly whispered as they stood together far enough away that they couldn't be heard. "Did you really just offer to hang out with her later?"

"Yeah, I can tolerate anyone after a few mugs of ale," Conner smirked. "and who knows which of the knights will have to follow the Princess to Lothelle after she weds."

"Well I won't mind protecting Princess Alyce, but getting along with Renaya is a different story," Molly replied.

"Speaking of, Newton wasn't with Prince Micah's entourage, I hope he's not doing something dangerous," Conner said.

Molly's expression changed a little "I thought you might had heard something since you two were always close. I hope he's alright."

Conner smirked for he knew Newton had a major crush on her but maybe deep down Molly did to but didn't want to acknowledge it.

He tried to reassure her as well as himself "I'm sure he will send us a message."

She nodded and turned her attention back to the dining hall as the meal began.

She could tell that Alyce had her guard up still just from her body language and Molly felt her heart go out to her a little for she knew her friend was in a situation only royalty dealt with.

She turned to see Conner and saw he was trying to show no emotion of the scene in front of him.

She knew that Alyce had a thing with him and she swore to keep it quiet since she didn't want them to be separated in a cruel way.

But she also knew that Alyce was soon planning on breaking up with him to protect him from her father and Micah. "Are you alright?" She asked.

Conner saw that Micah was trying to make Alyce smile and charming her in order to help her gain his trust which sent a jealous feeling all through him. "I'm fine."

Molly nodded knowing that they need a heart to heart talk later when it was just them and no Renaya.

At the same time Newton had been on the outskirts of the Lothelle Kingdom doing his recon for he had heard a disturbing rumor about Prince Micah.

Apparently there was a conspiracy that put the prince at the heart of it and he had to track down the source if true he would have tell the Zocan Kingdom immediately.

He had escaped the castle hours ago following the Prince's departure and Queen Emery was occupied with other matters also she never cared of the common folk who worked at the palace.

He had arrived to the village and turned away from the main square.

He had waited until dusk to meet with a fellow double agent whom he had learned to trust for they don't work for neither kingdom he was working for but they were part of a neutral spy organization that worked the outskirts of all of the trade routes and with the right amount of money he could buy his way in.

He made sure he wasn't followed for he didn't want to get caught and expose his mission.

Soon he came upon a small path that led away from the village and he kept going.

It wasn't long until he found a small house which he checked once more if he was followed than knocked.

He was also prepared to fight if necessary as the door opened.

"Hey glad you made it in one piece, pal," The other agent greeted with a grin. Newton instantly relaxed since it was not a hostile situation.

"Harry, we meet again, did you have any trouble on the road lately?"

"Nah, just a bit more guards on the roaming about, but come in. What can I do for you this fine evening?"

"Well, I was wondering if you've noticed anything strange on the trade routes coming into Lothelle lately?" As he asked, Newton produced a bag of coin and held it out. Harry smirked and gladly took the offered money. After opening the bag and making sure he was getting a fair price Harry began to talk.

"Funny that you ask, but I've got a contact in the Kingdom that says they're importing a bunch of weapons as of late. A bit strange when the news of the Prince's wedding to the Princess of Zocan was supposedly made to promote peace," Harry said. Newton frowned at this new information and tried to understand what this all meant.

"Thank you, I appreciate the info, send word if anything else interesting comes up. I'll make it worth your while," Newton told him.

"A pleasure as always to do business," Harry replied and Newton made his way out of the house and back into the streets. It almost seemed like Prince Micah was readying for a war rather than a wedding. Newton couldn't help but think how his old friends in the Kingdom of Zocan could be in trouble. If they were then should he warn them? He didn't have a solid set of proof yet, but something was definitely off.

Back at the Zocan Kingdom the banquet had just finished and Alyce had enough excitement and excused herself to return to her room.

She had mixed feelings as she made her way back to her room and Molly came up beside her "Are you alright?"

Alyce nodded "I'm just confused that's all."

As she said that she met eye contact with Conner who gave her a smile and she gave one in returned and he went on his way.

She felt terrible that she would have to break his heart over her upcoming marriage.

She was friends with all of the knights even Newton whom she had not seen in some time.

She knew of his mission since she had asked Newton a favor that day and he had accepted.

Molly opened the door for her friend "Would you like me to sing princess?"

Alyce shook her head "No Molly go enjoy yourself the rest of the night, I will be alright and I will see you tomorrow."

Molly bowed and left the room. She gave the door one last glance as she went to meet up with Conner at the local bar.