Newton and Connor had walked all night to their destination the kingdom of Lothelle.

Dawn was an hour away and the boys hoped that they would reached Queen Emery's castle before than in order to keep their mission a secret.

Connor couldn't help but feel guilty for having to go behind Zocan's back in order to save their kingdom.

Newton noticed how quiet he had been the whole time "Listen don't worry about it once we save the kingdom, I'm sure we all will be pardoned by the king."

Connor could tell that Newton wasn't confident in that idea but smiled a little "Thanks."

Newton nodded and than suddenly stopped as soon as they were miles of the Lothelle Kingdom's gates.

"What is it?" Connor asked as he drew his sword.

Newton had drawn his gun "Come out this is your only warning."

Connor stood ready next to his friend ready for anything as they heard someone approached them.

Meanwhile, Queen Emery was working on the finishing touches of the invasion.

"Tomorrow the kingdom of Zocan will be no more and my rival King Jezper will finally be no more."

She summoned her magic to check on King Jezper and smirked as she saw the king lying there still under her control.

"Excellent that fool hadn't broken my spell yet."

She than sent a message to her son "King Jezper is still under my spell so you should not have any interference."

Prince Micah received the message and a smirk came upon his face "Excellent work mother."

He made sure the message was destroyed as Renaya and Isaac knocked at his door.

"Enter." He had summoned them to tell them of his plan.

Renaya spoke first "You needed something your highness?"

Prince Micah nodded "King Jezper is still indispose. Tell the princess's knight to have her ready for we leave in an hour."

"Yes my prince." She bowed and Isaac soon followed.

Once they left he made sure everything was ready for his wish would come true today. He will be king of both kingdoms by the setting of the sun.

He picked up his sword "Princess your time is up for you were a fool who thought our relationship was real. You will not live to see the end of the day."

He made sure he had everything ready than left his quarters.

Molly lead the Princess to Prince Micah's carriage which awaited them outside the palace. As Alyce was helped in the carriage she looked around and noted that her father wasn't there to see her off. She knew he had a lot to do since he had been absent and that she could not hold it against him if he didn't have the time to spare. Molly threw the Princess' luggage onto the back and then hopped into the servants carriage with Isaac and Renaya. Even if it was the last thing she wanted to do, she tried to get along with them until they got to Lothelle while Micah and Alyce rode in the other carriage.

After a few hours

"My Princess, we will be home soon and then you will be my Queen," Micah said with a smile. They were coming up on the palace of Lothelle and Alyce blinked in surprise when she saw a huge crowd gathered and a platform erected in the center of the crowd.

"Is that..." Alyce found herself speechless. Micah smirked.

"Yes, its our wedding ceremony waiting for us. I don't want to wait a minute longer."

Molly had a real bad feeling and only hoped that Newton and Connor were in the kingdom ready to protect the princess.

She would just have to keep close to the princess and hope that this was all just a nightmare that wouldn't come true.

Molly was told by Alyce to hand the luggage to the servants that way she could have her friend watch the ceremony.

"It's beautiful Micah but this is a bit sudden." Alyce told him.

Micah didn't want to loose her now especially after all they had planned "I just thought you would be able to get over the wedding nerves faster if we were to do it now."

Alyce smiled and Molly didn't like this at all for Micah was giving her the creeps but she kept the thought to herself.

As Alyce was escorted to the platform by the prince, Molly saw something shiny out of the corner of her eye.

She thought she was hallucinating but than she saw it was a signal from Newton and he was standing there with Connor and a girl.

Newton signaled "Evangeline is helping us."

Molly just smiled but she thought that the girl better not rat them out for knowing Newton's plan.

Connor had a plan which he whispered to Newton "I'm going to object to the wedding."

Newton smirked "You know I say you are the perfect person because if you object than we might be able to expose Micah."

Evangeline glanced between the both of them "Ok this is not how I imagned myself helping you two out."

Newton than turned to her "You are going to call the prince out as a liar Evangeline. I know you are risking everything but this is for the future of us all and for the kingdom of Zocan. You will be able to get protection from King Jezper if you want after all of this is over. Just please I'm asking as a favor that you owe me."

Evangeline sighed for she was torn but time was running out "Fine."

She ran into the crowd yellling "Prince Micah you are a liar and unworthy of the throne of your father."

Connor soon followed "Prince Micah I object to this wedding for you are using Alyce as an invasion to her kingdom and to death of us all."

Prince Micah yelled "Renaya, Issac get them!" He ordered.

Newton stepped in as the two guards came upon them "Princess Alyce run for your life and your father's life is in great danger."

"So I did have a spy in kingdom after all." Micah smirked.

Alyce saw her friends were all in trouble "Micah what are they talking about?"

Micah laughed and grabbed the princess holding her close with the sword on her "Kill the spy and guards. The princess and I will continue this inside."

"Let me go!" Alyce tried to break free for now she realized that she had made a huge mistake. He dragged her to the palace where he will carry out his back up plan.

Evangeline spoke up "Connor, Molly go now to the princess. Newton and I along with the other spies will take care of all of the guards."

Molly and Connor fought their way through and as they were about to enter the palace grounds, Molly gasped.

Connor met her gaze as they saw magic fly out of the kingdom "So it was true after all. This had all been planned and if he touches Alyce I will kill that snot nosed prince."

"We must hurry. King Jezper should be able to protect the kingdom." Molly and Connor ran as fast as they can while killing guards along the way.

Evangeline, Newton and Oliver along with the others continued their fight outside which Renaya laughed "I will kill you Evangeline you traitor."

"I will like to see you try." She was soon locked in a one on one battle with Renaya.

At the same time King Jezper sensed great magic approaching his kingdom and he went to stand up but found out he was not in control of his body.

"Emery you will set me free now!" He ordered.

Queen Emery laughed "You are a weak old fool. Your power is not what it used to be."

"I will break free of your trickery and protect this kingdom. You will not have it!" King Jezper started summoning his powers that he had hidden for so many years.

Once his power reached its peak he broke free of her control and Queen Emery was thrown back into the wall of her throne room.

"How dare you!" Alyce yelled as Micah yanked her into the throne room where Queen Emery sat in a rage. "All this time you were just using me!"

Micah scoffed and threw the Princess to the ground. "Yes, you silly twit and the best part is that you let me."

Alyce felt her anger rise up as well as shame. Shame in that she hadn't believed Connor when he proclaimed his innocence and also Molly and Newton when they had told her the truth about Micah and she refused to listen. She knew in that moment she would have to make it right no matter the cost.

"Micah you must hurry, that bastard Jezper broke the spell I had on him and he is stronger than ever," Queen Emery hissed.

"Okay Princess," Micah turned to Alyce with a wild glint in his eyes as he drew his sword. Alyce flinched as he held it to her throat. "Stand and hold out your hand."

Reluctantly Alyce did as he commanded and when she held out her hand to him he slashed her palm open. She jerked back with a yell.

"Now mother, recite the binding spell!" Micah used the sword to slash his own palm as well. Queen Emery began chanting in hurry so as not to be interrupted.

Newton, Oliver and Evangelion meanwhile had killed the remaining of the guards outside and they rushed to the palace to help out their friends.

Evangeline especially had a hard time fighting off Renaya but in the end she killed her and she felt a hint of sadness since she had known Renaya for a long time.

But she didn't have time to act on those emotions now and had to focus on the mission.

"We will take the back passageway hurry." Newton yelled at them.

At the same time Connor and Molly had finally reached the throne room but found they couldn't open the door.

"Princess are you alright?" Connor asked.

"I'm fine but hurry please." Alyce yelled which Micah laughed.

"You are too late for within minutes the binding spell will be completed." Micah told them.

Molly and Connor both glanced at each other and than Molly got an idea "I'm going to try to use the power of the gem I was given to break the barrier on the door."

Connor nodded not sure if it would work but thought any plan was better than none at this point.

Molly pulled out the gem and a bright light activated which soon the barrier broke and they charged through the doors.

Queen Emery was distracted at that point thanks to them and Alyce ushered her to use the brightness of the gem to blind the queen and Micah.

Molly smirked "You messed with the wrong kingdom." She shone the gem right on them and Alyce quickly covered her eyes as the gem blinded the queen and the prince.

"I can't see." Micah yelled.

"You will pay for that." Queen Emery went to attack Alyce's friends.

Alyce quickly grabbed Micah's sword he dropped and took it and stabbed him right in the abdomen which bore of shock across his face.

"That is for my friends, my father and for my kingdom rot in the afterlife." She pulled out the sword and threw it across the room.

Micah hit the floor hard and he was dead.

Queen Emery screamed in anger "You little witch how dare you. I will end you right here and now."

But as Queen Emery was about to strike at the princess, a flash of light landed in front of her and she saw the queen get thrown across the room.

"Don't touch my daughter!" A deep voice ordered.

Alyce saw it was her father and he had stopped the queen with magic. She was in shock for she never thought her father had magic.

"Alyce go get out of here." He ordered.

Alyce nodded for she knew that she would have a lot of questions to ask him later.

Connor and Molly rushed at her and quickly escorted her out of the room.

"I'm glad you are alright Alyce." Molly gave her a smile than noticed her hand was bleeding. She quickly tore some fabric she held in her pocket and wrapped her hand.

"I am thanks to both of you. Now let's get somewhere safe." Alyce ran ahead which her friends following right behind her.

They met up with Newton who smiled at the sight of the princess and they all got out of the palace.

Once outside Alyce turned to her friends "Thank you and I'm sorry for everything."

"Princess we understood why you acted the way you did and we had already forgiven you." Connor told her.

She felt some of the guilt leave her "I will make it up to all of you by rewarding all of you."

"You are most generous princess." Newton told her than he introduced her to Evangeline and Oliver whom Alyce had granted protection and told them that they could be knighted if wished.

Evangeline accepted with a smile on her face but Oliver declined telling her that he would be her head spy for the kingdom.

Within a few minutes King Jezper appeared outside "Queen Emery is dead she was no match for my power. Alyce my daughter you and your friends done well today. You will be crowned queen of both kingdoms today."

"Father is our kingdom safe?" She asked.

"Yes I had eracted a powerful barrier, Queen Emery's army didn't break the defenses. Now come forward my daughter." He ushered her forward.

She stepped forward "People of Lothelle I give you the monarch who will rule over you with a kind firm hand, my daughter Alyce. She was once just a princess now I pass my crown to her."

He took the crown off his head and placed it on hers "Hail Queen Alyce of Lothelle and Zocan."

Everyone bowed and Alyce turned with a smile on her face.

King Jezper smiled "Alyce let us return to Zocan so our other people will hear the great news."

Alyce nodded "Yes father but first I want to make a declartion. Evangeline will you please step forward."

Evangeline stepped forward and Alyce knighted her.

"My knights will be willing to help with any damages done to your village and Oliver here will be in charge of communication between this kingdom and Zocan. So please come to me with any issues you may have. Also if my father wants he will be Regent for Lothelle in my absence." She turned to her father.

King Jezper smiled at his daughter "I accept the role."

Everyone cheered and soon Queen Alyce made her return journey to Zocan to show her place as queen and Molly volunteered to go with her.

Once Zocan recognized Alyce as queen, Alyce started her reign by rewarding all of the knights who had served her than she focused on the rebuilding and unity of both kingdoms as she led them into a bright future.