Be weird. Be crazy. Be yourself. Always. Go laugh at a stupid joke, swear if you feel like it (but don't offend anyone or do it front anyone that would make you get in trouble). Collect as many stuff animals as you want. Say random things that make no sense, cuz you are awkward and you can't help it sometimes. (I mean come on, a lot of us have those moments, so don't feel like you are alone there) or say the wrong thing or blurt something out that has nothing to do with what's going on. Scream….yell….in a forest by yourself or with others. Go for a walk around the neighbor. Go learn a new language. Play video games all day so you can finish your backlog. Binge a new season of your favorite TV show or binge seasons of another one. Watch anime in subtitles or just watch it in dub, so don't have to read if you don't speak or understand Japanese. Write anything you wamt. Draw anyway you want in your style. Give someone something you made, even if it's not the best, but the thought and effort counts. Talk to random people, but don't come off creepy.

Live the life you want and what makes you happy. Go do what you like, despite being criticized and judged by some others. Just make sure it's in a healthy way, and you aren't doing it to please others or doing it to look better in front of others. Be you and be better version of the you, you truly are deep inside of your heart. And be respectful of others being themselves, and values others opinions and differences, since people who accept you for you, would do the same in that case. Don't care what other think, but have a good heart that helps other break out of their shell.