Once we had all gotten a hold of ourselves after Vignette's revelation, we realized that he had to figure out what to do with her during the week.

"She can't just stay here by herself dude." Greg told me as we all drank beer, trying to calm ourselves down.

"So what are going to we do with it?" Benji inquired.

"Don't call her it." I snapped. I didn't like the way that they dehumanized Vignette.

"She's not a human being dude, she's a robot!" Benji snapped back as Greg rubbed his temples.

"We're getting off topic!" He exclaimed. "What are we going to do about...her?" Vignette was sitting on the couch with a confused face. She wasn't really following us.

"Hear me out dudes." Benji interjected. "What if...we brought her with us?" Greg and I were both flabbergasted by the idea.

"What in the name of..." Greg started to say.

"Listen, she could go with Jeff and just follow him around." Benji offered.

"Hold up, you're just dumping her on me?" I asked.

"Hell yes!" Greg shouted. "You brought her into our lives so she's your responsibility!"

"Look dude, you can just say that she's a friend and that she's thinking of going to college here." Benji explained. "People sit in on classes all the time, no one is going to give a damn." I thought about it, Benji did have a point. Maybe the best place for Vignette to hide was in plain sight.

"I guess that could work." I replied as Vignette turned to me.

"So, I'm coming to class with you?" She asked.

"Yeah, is that ok with you?" I asked. Vignette nodded as I grabbed my bag.

As we walked through the campus, Vignette looked genuinely interested. She took in all of the buildings and the sights. We had a pretty nice campus. Some of the buildings had some avant garde decor and style. I'd always figured that the architect for the school had been a pretty creative guy. Vignette looked liked a little kid seeing the world for the very first time.

"Have you...have you ever been to a college campus before?" I asked her as we walked.

"No." She replied as we strolled side by side.

"So, my first class is statistics and I'm not gonna sucks." I told her.

"Why does it suck?"

"Because math isn't my forte."

"I have considerable skills in mathematics." Vignette stated. I guess that made sense, her being a robot and all.

"Part of your programming, huh?" I asked.

"Yes." She replied. We eventually got to the building where my statistics class was held. As we walked in, I saw that quite a few students decided to skip. This was a common occurrence for all classes. For people that I knew, college was more about the experience as opposed to actually being educated. We took our seats as Professor Raddison walked in. The man was nothing of not punctual. Other teachers would usually come in a few minutes late, straggling behind after having a drink or a smoke, but Thomas Raddison was always walking through the door, promptly at 10 AM.

"Good morning aspiring scholars." He said as he moved towards his desk.

"Good morning professor Raddison." The class chorused.

"I trust you all have finished your homework from last class." He said as he began making his rounds.

"Professor Raddison?" One student called out. I didn't know who she was since I wasn't really there to make friends.

"Yes Kinzy?" He asked.

"Since it's national nature day, can we have class outside?" she inquired.



"No." Professor Raddison quipped as the entire class let out a collective groan.

"It's not fair!" Another student named Joel exclaimed. "Professor Yip always lets us have class outside as long as the weather is good."

"Martin Yip can run his class however he sees fit, You are in my class so I make the rules." Raddison argued. The class continued to grumble, so the professor decided to issue a challenge.

"All right, I'll make you a deal." Professor Raddison said as he began writing out a mathematical equation on the smart board. "This equation stumped mathematicians for 65 years. If you can solve it, I'll end class early."


The entire class was stumped out of their minds. Some of the kids tried it, but they soon gave up as every answer turned out wrong. I wasn't even going to try. I looked to see Vignette closing her eyes. I figured that she must be trying to avoid the hassle. Professor Raddison was pleased with the way he humiliated us.

"Well then, if there are no more interruptions, we can..." He started to say as a Vignette stood up out of her seat and walked over to the smart board. She took a marker and wrote three numbers.




Once Vignette had finished, she put down the marker and turned to Professor Raddison.

"What is that?" He asked incredulously.

"The solution to the equation." She replied.

"That's impossible." Raddison replied as he pulled a special calculator and began typing in digits. After a minute, his face dropped and he entered more digits. He typed digits in for a third time before raising his head and looking the class.

"She's correct..." he muttered. The entire class cheered as they packed up their stuff and bolted out the door. I packed up my stuff and moved to collect a Vignette before Raddison stopped us.

"Hold on a second." He said. "Who are you?"

"My name is Vignette." She replied.

"She's my friend, I brought her to class because she's thinking of enrolling." I added.

"How did you know the answer to that equation?" the professor inquired.


"She did it in her head." I answered for her. I couldn't have her telling him that she was a robot. "She has a real gift when it comes to math."

"Well, I hope that you will strongly consider enrolling at UNLV Vignette, you are incredibly gifted." Professor Raddison replied with a smile.

"Thank you." She said as I led her out of the classroom.

"Why did you do that?" I asked nervously. Vignette had almost blown her cover.

"You said math wasn't your forte, now you're free for the day." Vignette replied. I thought about it for a minute and I realized that she had given me a day without Raddison.

"You are my hero!" I exclaimed as I gave her a big hug.