-One Stomach (empty)

-Wine (too much)


-Your Hand

-My Leg

-Record Player

-Green Velvet Couch


Preheat your friendship to a low level of trust, usually takes about a month. Begin on the balcony. Pour the wine into the empty stomach. Move inside, put a record on. Settle closer on the couch. When the wine settles in, close your eyes. Feel the velvet against your face, under your hands… your hand, on my leg. Let uncertainty settle over the situation like a thick fog. Lean in to speak… lips meet lips. Feel the velvet on your shoulders, your missing shirt on the floor… White ceiling, black, shift, white ceiling, different chandelier, the velvet is gone. Shadows move.

Let simmer for five months, stirring occasionally. Best paired with long term friendship and deep trust. I recommend questioning everything— I'm just jaded because you cut me out.