Chapter 7

Martin was jittery for the rest of the weekend, wondering how it went for Lily with Terrance. He was excited about the prospect of dating Lily. He was genuinely attracted to her and he felt that they clicked together, finding common ground during their work on the MLK piece and now with the prospect of doing a Black History Month article together. Martin's relationship with his last girlfriend Elizabeth fluttered out rather quickly once she left for Berkley and he was ready for something new and different.

Martin resisted the urge to text or call Lily but he was ready to jump out of skin by the time Monday rolled around. He didn't bump into Lily until lunch and he asked her how it went with Terrance.

"Meet me in the newsroom after school," Lily said. "We can talk then."

Martin chewed on his lip as he watched her join her friends on the other side of the cafeteria. Was she blowing him off? Avoiding him? Did she not break up with Terrance? Did her parents tell her 'No way' dating a white boy?

Martin was already in the newsroom when Lily entered. There were only a couple of other students in the room and Lily motioned for Martin to join her on the couch – the first time they sat there since the night of their first tryst. He took a seat next to her and looked into her eyes. "Is everything okay?" He asked nervously.

"I hope so," Lily replied.

"Yesterday took forever to get through not knowing and missing you," he said.

"Sundays are family day for me," Lily explained. "It's the only day I get to do stuff with my Dad, although sometimes he'll work an evening shift."

"How'd it go with Terrance?" Martin wondered.

She took his hands in his. "It's over," she let him know.

"He didn't put up a protest? Martin asked with surprise. "He didn't fight for you?"

"I think he saw it coming," Lily said truthfully. "I have my suspicions he might already have someone else Forget interracial couples. Dating someone from a different school is hard too."

"I'm sorry," Martin said with sympathy. He waited for a moment. "Does this mean you'll go out with me?" He asked with curiosity.

"It's not just about our race differences, Martin," Lily cautioned him.

"It's not?" He asked with confusion.

"Class isn't always as obvious as race but it's still a consideration," she said. "You live on the hill. I live in the projects. My parents clean. Your Dad is a Pharmacist and your mother's an ER Doc."

"We can't change where we come from, Lillian," Martin told her.

"Don't you worry that your white privilege and social status will always be a barrier between us?" She asked. "I'll never be able to relate to some of that stuff."

"You broke up with Terrance for a reason," Martin reminded her.

"I worry about how our differences might impact our relationship," Lily revealed. "You'll benefit from your white privilege and class while I'll always going to be limited by mine."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll always have advantages I'll never realize," Lily explained. "Subtle but real. How you might be treated by cops. Or in stores. You live in world where you're not told no but I live in a world where people rarely say yes. You'll always have the power I'll never know."

"You know, I really can't argue with any of that," Martin admitted. "We're never going to completely solve any of that stuff. But if we talk to each other about it we'll be okay. We can validate each other's feelings, understand and accept our difference, and work on our relationship."

"You'll be able to handle the judging?" Lily asked.

"I'm willing to try," Martin stated.

"Okay," Lily smiled, standing from the couch. "Now let's get started on the Black History Article," she said, heading for her desk.

"So, we're dating, right?" Martin asked as he watched her hips shake.

Lily sat at her desk and gave him a wide smile. "Martin is my king," she said.

They put the MLK story to bed for the following week's edition in time for the MLK holiday and their student advisor Mr. Hamilton thought it was a good read.

They started on their first draft of their Black History Month piece. They met most days for lunch in the cafeteria and people eventually began to figure out that they were a couple as much as writing partners.

They went out for pizza one night and to the movies on another. Martin finally heeded his mother's advice and took Lily to Serguci's Italian Family Restaurant on Saturday night.

Because Sunday was family day for Lily, she invited Martin over to finally meet her parents. The four sat the kitchen table eating lunch after the Jacksons came home from church.

There was some awkward tension for a while but Lily's mom eventually loosened up and later her Dad asked Martin if he wanted to watch some of the NFL playoffs and Martin of course said yes.

"Once they get to know you and your family they'll be okay," Lily theorized when she walked Martin to the car later. "If they love me they'll accept you. The times are changing and our parents' generation will have to come to terms with interracial dating and marriage."

"MLK didn't convince the masses overnight," Martin replied. "I can be patient."

Two weeks passed before an opportunity for some loving presented itself. Martin's parents went out of town skiing, taking Martin's sister with them and Martin invited Lily over to the house for a space ship ride.

They both got naked in the alcove this time and Lily pressed herself against the window, facing the backyard.

"You sure nobody can see?" She needed to know.

"Just me," Martin said, standing behind her and pressing his erection against her rear while he kissed her neck and ears.

She turned and faced him, walking him the few steps to the love seat and pushing him onto it before falling on top of him. She reached down and wrapped her hand about his erection, steering it toward her opening.

"Lillian," Martin whispered happily. "You feel so good."

There was finesse to their space ship ride. It was slow, on course, and exhilarating as they found their pace and rhythm, Martin pushing himself deep into her warmth until he felt her shuddering orgasm. Then she flipped them so she was on the loveseat and he was on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and Martin groaned as the new position allowed him deeper penetration. He thrusted for as long as he could last and when it was over they lay together side by side enjoying the aftermath of their togetherness.

"I love going into space with you, Lillian," Martin said.

"You do?" Lily asked, happy, turning her head and kissing him.

Martin smiled and closed his eyes in contentment while she planted soft kisses on his forehead and then on his mouth

"I'm so happy," she told him. "I've found my king." She gave him a look. "Why did your parents name you Martin?"

"It was a family joke," he explained.

"What do you mean?"

"From Rowan and Martin's Laugh-in," he shrugged. "But I'd like to think it was really for Martin Luther King," he said, giving her another kiss.

They held hands and stared out the window as they lay naked together on the love seat taking their space ride.

"You'll always be my king," Lily promised him.