Any similarities to others stories on this or other sites is purely coincidental. Similarities to stories of books and shows may be present from some inspiration, but any inspirations noticed needn't be focused on as despite some unoriginal themes I have my own story for this.

Actions taken by characters do not necessarily reflect the moral values of the author. This story will contain violent themes and some might find certain themes disturbing, including myself.

"I guess I'm not the hero then."

The words to start telling any chapter of a story are the hardest, no less the first of the whole thing. I guess I'll start at the part of my life that got interesting, it only makes sense to do that. Ahem... "Chapter One"

It wasn't like a dream, as surprising it is to say that, but it felt and was just as real as home, as my world. It was clear, by the medieval architecture, the armored knights, the dashing adventurers, the stunning maidens, and, most clearly, the multitude of different races. "I'm in a fantasy world." I said quietly to myself, a wide smile forming as I had no doubt in my mind that this was really happening as I could see everything, hear bantering and horses troting, and smell the city (which for that moment smelled strangely of oranges and peach pie).

It was all so overwhelmingly amazing that I had to slow my mind down to examine my situation. 'Alright, I have been summoned to a new world! That means there must be a reason for it, like some kind of evil for me to defeat. How to go about figuring that out though? I need to think about my first move very carefully. Maybe I go to some kind of temple or church to hear a prophecy? I could search for my summoner, which again might take me to a temple or maybe to a palace! Oh, what about signing up with an adventurer guild! This is so awesome!"

"Salve?" A voice broke me out of thought.

Turning to see the source of the voice I found a rather big man with dark skin, a bald head, a beard, and smithing attire. The classic tough guy mentor/companion who helps you through the tutorial. I guessed I was really lucky to of encountered him so soon. Looking around quickly it became clear I must have been loitering in front of his shop.

"Oh, sorry about that, pops. I'll go ahead and check out the merchandise." I guessed that this was step one for my adventure, just had to chat with this guy a bit as I glance at the gear he's got while he dumps exposition.

"Quid? Disputatio, stultus!" The man spoke with a cross expression, but in a language I had no idea what he was saying. I was no scholar, but I could tell some of it sounded like similar to Latin, maybe descending from it?

Realizing this could get really awkward fast I tried communicate in some way, "Oh, sorry. Me not speak language. Me is very foreign. Many apologies." I said making multiple gestures hoping that'd he'd get a basic idea of what I meant, but instead I found myself slowly backing away the whole time as his glare grew more intense.

He soon raised his hand and called out, "Vigilate! Est barbarous daemon!" That really didn't sound good, even less so when he pointed directly at me.

Response from the watch was immediate as four guards rushed over and surrounded me with polearms pointed to my neck. I raised my hands up trying to keep things from getting out of hand, "Hey wait! This is just a big misunderstanding! If you cou..." I was silenced by a blow to the side of my head, quickly followed by another to my face and me falling backwards.

Everything next was a blur. I found myself walking surrounded by soldiers leading me down the streets as my consciousness fadded in and out with darkness overtaking my vision. Everything I saw were like flashes with some motion. I saw people looking at me, many with fear and concern and others with disgust, and as we continued to wherever they were taking me I saw a mirror sitting in the back of a cart, but what was in the mirror seemed strange. Who I saw looked a lot like myself, a scrawny sixteen year old Japanese kid with very pale skin, but things were different, aside from my face being bloodied my hair was now white as snow and the eyes that looked back at me were a bright yellow. "Who are you?" I asked, but I don't think those words ever left my mouth as my consciousness was lost again.

I think they tried to interrogate me, but I guess as they were able to quickly figure out the language issue they didn't go to far. For now I was put in what seemed like a temporary holding cell, for it seemed much to small to be a prison or dungeon. I still wasn't thinking straight until they had pity enough to give me some water, and even then I couldn't figure out much. I didn't remember where they took me, or even how long it had been, but since the bruises felt fresh I guessed it hadn't be to long.

"Hell of a way to welcome me to my fantasy world adventure." I said, though not to anyone as there were no guards outside of the single cell. Mainly I was just passing the time by talking to myself. Needless to say, this certainly wasn't what I was expecting. My hope that things would turn out alright wasn't quite gone yet. After all, this was all just a misunderstanding. It is probably standard procedure to detain a suspicious foreigner speaking a strange language. Probably spooked them a bit with this change, is what I thought as I looked at my arm and my ash pale skin. Had I always been this ghostly?

It may have been hours, but finally, after sitting with my back to the stone wall the whole time, the silence of the cell was broken by the metal bars being opened and people entering. First came of the city guards, then, while still keeping a close eye on me, they stepped aside for a young woman dressed in dark purple and lavender robes to enter. Most of her face was covered, but the expression of her mouth seemed to show some shock when she looked at me. She seemed to produce a staff from nothing. Judging from that and her attire she was clearly a magic user, posibly even an adventurer.

The mage knelt down in front of me and reached out her left hand, "Sunt tibi bene?" She spoke in a manner that sounded rather concerned, something that gave me a bit of hope that things could be fixed up.

I didn't know what she had said, but if I had to guess she was probably asking my condition, "Not really that bad. My head's not aching anymore, still a bit sore." I knew she probably couldn't understand me, so I gave a friendly smile to show I was doing alright. I hadn't been through really all that much that I'd need that much medical attention.

The staff in her right hand began to glow as a green magic circle appeared in front of her left hand. "Peto ab spirituum. Quis es?" With her brief incantation I began to feel a pretty weird fuzziness, not like I was falling asleep or being knocked out. My thoughts were pulled toward a different world, one without magic, with advanced technology, then to a specific places, Odaiba and Akihabara, and at last a simple apartment fitting for a small family.

When I could again perceive the environment around me in the present I found that the mage's lips had formed a gentle smile, "Otherworlder."

Before leaving, the woman said something to the guards which lead to the spots I got punched getting wiped down with a damp cloth and some bandages being wrapped around my forehead and I was finally able to rest a while.

As I was resting I tried again to think about what my plan was when I get out here. The woman had clearly gone through my memories, but the way she said that word, "overworlder," made it seem like it wasn't the first time this had happened. She seemed to confused by me to of been my summoner, so it felt it was pretty likely that there were other otherworlders here. I'd soon find out the truth of my thoughts when I was brought into another room by a guard.

In was a simple stone room with a door on either side, a high up barred window, and a simple wooden table and chairs, this was actually the room the guards had earlier tried, unsuccessfully, to interrogate me. I was made to sit in a chair as the guards took places beside each door. Shortly after the door across from me opened and a young man, barely older than me, stepped in.

The young man had short brown hair, green eyes, a rather kindly expression, and he wore some of the most baddass fantasy armor I have seen. He seemed smug, friendly, honest, and powerful all at the same time. Taking the seat across from me he smiled. "So, you're the new isekai kid?" He asked, entirely in English, which thankfully was a language I had taken extra care in studying.

I was so overjoyed to of finally encountered someone I could speak to that I almost forgot how to speak for a moment. "Yes." I said with shaky glee. "I-I... uh think so."

"Hey, no need to strain yourself." He said as he produced a red vial from his satchel and pushed it towards me, much to the astonishment of the guards. "Drink it. It's a healing potion."

I didn't need him to insist, and I quickly took the vial and drank all of the liquid in it. The effects of the potion were immediate as I felt any remnants of pain wash away as my injuries were mended. "Ariga... thank you." I was breathing a bit heavy, drinking that potion gave quite the rush.

"Dou itahimashite." He said with a smile, clearly being a bit of a weeb, which brought some humor to situation as we both laughed. After a moment he spoke again, "So how'd this all happen? Laelia, the mage you met earlier, told me they picked you up in the streets thinking you were a demon. Why weren't you with your escort?"

What was he talking about? Escort? Do the summoned heroes of this world have guards with them? "I am afraid I don't follow. I just arrived in this world a few minutes before the watch apprehended me."

Now this time it was him confused, "You mean you didn't arrive at the palace temple? That... I had been meaning to ask, are those somehow your natural colors?"

"Natural colors? What do you mea..." My mind flashed back to the mirrior I saw while being escorted here, "No. It's not dye and contacts either. They were like that when I arrived in this world. Is it unusual for summoned heroes to have abnormal traits?"

Now he had to stop and think. It was a couple of minutes before he spoke again. "To my knowledge there hasn't before been anything like this. Otherworlders often have enhanced strength and stupidly strong talents, but I've never heard of one having their appearance change beyond just in their muscles. Nor have I heard of anyone being summoned outside of the temple. Witnesses didn't report anything else abnormal when you appeared. Do you remember the summoning process?"

That was a lot to take in for the moment. Heroes are supposed to arrive at the palace? They don't change in appearance? And I don't really feel any stronger. I tried to think back to just before I arrived, see if I remembered anything weird like bright lights, symbols, a magic tunnel, people? "Sorry, I haven't a clue. One moment I'm walking down a hallway, the next I'm in the middle of the street."

"I don't really know what to say, but we're going to figure this out. I'll talk to the clerics in charge of summoning, maybe they will know something." He was clearly still as confused as I was, but he had a look of confidence that gave me reassurance.

"Thank you so much." I said to him. This guy was clearly what real heroes are made of.

He stood up from his seat and turned to the guards, "Eum dimittere. I ordinis, sicut heros." He said in a commanding tone.

The guard scowled and shook his head, "Sive est heros..."

The Hero looked at him sternly and stated in a stubborn tone, "Sicut heros, I ordinis!"

"Motus ab sacerdos ut secure release."

The Hero looked relieved and finally turned back to me from the conversation that I had no understanding of. "They are going to get clearance for your release, then you'll be out of here."

The Hero left to investigate the mystery of my appearance from the summoning priests, but he also said he'd likely have a mission to go on before he could get back to me with the information, the guards returned me to my cell, showing a lot less force than before, they even gave me a sheet to lay on. It still wasn't five star, but it was nice to know they weren't out to kill me and that I had a hero watching my back. With that I could finally get some proper sleep...

The Hero offered me his hand to help me up, but when I reached to it I found black bars like a cell, behind which stood a man of robes silhouetted by complete white background, his eyes burning red with malace. The bars vanished and instead I found myself in a white void surround by black silhouettes or glaring and sneering people with cruel red eyes as I fell further down to where the light was swallowed by the dark in a cold sorrow like icy waters, yet I was not alone, for another was trapped in the shadows, one of his eyes blue and the other light. He reached out to me and I to him. We rose from the shadows with haste, even as I felt pain like my eye was torn out we still rose with a burning desire, and more were with us, every one of them different or misshapen. At last we stood on top of a black floor as grey cloud within a white void. The crimson eyed shadows came again, but we were ready.

"So that's how it's going to be, Michi-kun." The Demoness giggled as she laid atop me.