One fine summer morning, Olivia was happily skipping along down the path of the forest she lived in. She was feeling very cheerful on this bright and sunny early summer morning because she had just turned seven years old a week ago and she wanted to show off the new clothes she had received as a present to all of her animal friends.

"I hope they all like this outfit." she said to herself. She was wearing a brand new ruffled Peter Pan blouse with short puff sleeves as well as red and blue trim on the matching collar, a pink satin striped skirt, a pair of white socks and a pair of black Mary Jane dress shoes. Her bright red hair was pulled into a ponytail which bobbed up and down as she skipped. Shortly afterward, she arrived at the house that belonged to her kangaroo friend. She was about to knock when she heard the door open.

"Good morning, Mrs. Kangaroo." said Olivia proudly.

"Good morning, dear." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "What brings you here on this fine morning?"

"I wanted to show you my new outfit that I got for my birthday." said Olivia. "What do you think?"

"I think it looks very nice on you, dear." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "I especially like those two buttons at the top."

"Thanks." said Olivia. "I hope my other friends all like this."

"I'm sure they will." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "Would you like to go for a ride?"

"Yes please." said Olivia and she climbed into Mrs. Kangaroo's pouch.

"Here we go." said Mrs. Kangaroo and she jumped away down the path. Olivia made sure to hold onto the top of the pouch tightly so that she wouldn't fall out.

"This is a lot of fun." she said.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "I was going to give you a ride on your actual birthday but I was sick and couldn't do it then."

"Well better late than never." said Olivia.

"That's true." said Mrs. Kangaroo. As she jumped, they passed by flower fields and grass patches that were completely new to Olivia. She liked seeing new things once in a while, so she smelled some of the flowers as they passed them.

"Those are pretty good." she said.

"They just grew yesterday." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "What do you think of them?"

"I think they're very pretty." said Olivia. "I like them."

"I'm glad you do." said Mrs. Kangaroo and they jumped onward. They also passed by some brand new trees that had just grown over the last month. Olivia wanted to climb them but Mrs. Kangaroo advised against doing so as the new trees weren't completely firm yet.

"The branches on those fresh trees are still weak." she said. "If you try to sit on one of them, they could fall and you could hurt yourself."

"I definitely don't want that." said Olivia.

"I don't want that either." said Mrs. Kangaroo and they continued their ride. After an hour, they arrived back at Mrs. Kangaroo's house.

"Thanks for the ride, Mrs. Kangaroo." said Olivia as she climbed out of the pouch.

"You're quite welcome." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "See you later, dear."

"Bye, Mrs. Kangaroo." said Olivia and she skipped away.

"I think I'll see Rabbit next." she said as she made her way down the path. Rabbit was tending to his carrot patch in his garden, but when he saw Olivia arrive, he stopped and smiled.

"Hello, Rabbit." said Olivia. "How do you like my new outfit?"

"I love it." said Rabbit. "In fact, I think you look like a princess in that outfit."

"Thanks." said Olivia.

"I wish I could chat with you longer, but I've got a lot of work that still needs to be done." said Rabbit.

"I could help you." offered Olivia.

"No thanks." said Rabbit. "I have to get this done on my own."

"All right then." said Olivia. She said goodbye to Rabbit and skipped away once again. This time, she hummed a little tune to herself as she skipped down the path. Not too long after leaving Rabbit's house, she came across her friend Tigger.

"Hello there, Tigger." said Olivia.

"Hello, Olivia." said Tigger. "Where did you get that lovely outfit?"

"I got it for my birthday last week." said Olivia. "What do you think?"

"It looks gorgeous on you." said Tigger.

"Why thank you, Tigger." said Olivia with a smile.

"You're welcome." said Tigger. "Say, would you like to go bouncing with me?"

"Of course I would." said Olivia.

"Well then, off we go." said Tigger and they bounced away together. Now Olivia liked bouncing, but she liked it even better when she was doing it in the company of a friend. As they went further along down the path, the rest of the animals approached her one by one and complimented her on her new outfit. She thanked all of them and continued onward, staying behind Tigger the entire time. An hour later, her stomach started to growl.

"I'm getting kind of hungry, Tigger." said Olivia.

"Come to my house and I'll make us a delicious lunch." said Tigger.

"Okay." said Olivia. They went to Tigger's house and he made both of them delicious ham and cheese sandwiches to eat along with a glass of milk. Once they were finished, they went right back outside. This time, Olivia rode on Tigger's back as he bounced through the forest. They spent the rest of the afternoon together before arriving back at Olivia's house at six o'clock.

"Thanks for letting me bounce with you, Tigger." said Olivia.

"No problem." said Tigger and he went on his way. Olivia waved goodbye to him and then made her way inside.

"There you are." said Olivia's mother. "Did everyone like your new clothes?"

"Yes they did." said Olivia.

"Excellent." said Olivia's mother. "Well come and sit down. It's time to eat dinner." For dinner, they had a delicious helping of spaghetti and meatballs. Once dinner was over, Olivia retreated to her bedroom for the evening. All of the skipping and bouncing around she had done had tired her out, so she changed into her pyjamas and fell asleep. Now as much as Olivia enjoyed playing outside in the forest, there were some days during the rest of the summer where she couldn't do so because of rain. She spent some of the rainy days reading books and playing games in her room and she spent others sitting in the living room and staring out at the wet mess that was pelting the window. These types of days would be more frequent during the fall season, and to make matters worse, Olivia woke up one morning in early October feeling terrible. She sneezed so loud that her mother heard the noise from the kitchen and raced upstairs to see what was wrong.

"I don't think I'm feeling very well." said Olivia in a weak voice and she sneezed again.

"I'll say." said Olivia's mother. "You've come down with a cold."

"Will I be okay?" asked Olivia.

"With plenty of rest and cold pills, you should be fine in a few days." said Olivia's mother. "However, you're not going anywhere until you get better. You don't want your animal friends to get sick, do you?"

"No I don't." said Olivia. The next four days were the most difficult days of young Olivia's life. She had never gotten sick before, and she didn't like it one bit. She did want to get better, though, so she spent those days drinking plenty of tea with honey and sleeping on the couch. Her mother also made her plenty of soup, and those remedies helped a lot because after the four days had passed, she felt much better. She threw on her bright red turtleneck sweater, her dark blue jeans, her orange socks and her pink boots and was about to head outside into the forest when she heard a coughing sound from upstairs. She ran into her mother's room and saw her mother sitting straight up in bed coughing and sneezing.

"What's wrong, Mommy?" asked Olivia.

"I'm sick." said Olivia's mother.

"That's not good." said Olivia.

"No it isn't." said Olivia's mother. "I think I caught it from you."

"Oh dear." said Olivia. She went right into the kitchen and fixed her mother some soup and tea.

"This should make Mommy feel better." said Olivia. She placed everything on a tray and brought it up to her mother's bedroom.

"Here you go, Mommy." said Olivia.

"Thanks, honey." said Olivia's mother.

"Do you want me to do anything else for you?" asked Olivia.

"No thanks. I can take care of myself." said Olivia's mother. "You go and play."

"All right." said Olivia. She closed her mother's door and made her way outside. Now that she had all of her energy back, she began to skip down the path. After she had gone a good distance, she saw Mrs. Kangaroo.

"Hello there, Olivia." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "I heard you haven't been feeling well the last few days."

"Being sick sucked." said Olivia. "I'm feeling much better now, though." She jumped up and down a few times to prove to Mrs. Kangaroo that she was indeed a hundred percent better.

"That's great to hear." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "How's your mother doing?"

"She's sick." said Olivia. "I think she caught the cold I had."

"My goodness." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "Is she all right?"

"She'll be fine in a couple of days or so." said Olivia.

"That's good." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "Now, there's something I need your help with."

"What is it?" asked Olivia.

"Well, your mother's not the only one who's sick." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "Rabbit came down sick last night."

"Oh no!" cried Olivia. "I hope he gets better soon."

"With me nursing him back to health, he'll be feeling better in no time at all." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "But I can't do it by myself. I need you to help me."

"I'll be happy to help." said Olivia. "What do you want me to do?"

"Get into my pouch and I'll tell you when we get to Rabbit's house." said Mrs. Kangaroo. Olivia climbed into the pouch and they hurried away down the path as fast as they could. When they reached Rabbit's house, Olivia got out of the pouch and Mrs. Kangaroo instructed her on what she wanted her to do.

"I'll get some water boiling in a pot on the stove." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "Meanwhile, I want you to pick some carrots from the garden."

"Okay." said Olivia. There were a few carrots that hadn't finished growing yet so she stayed away from those. Most of the other carrots were fresh so she picked a few of those and brought them to Mrs. Kangaroo.

"Thank you." said Mrs. Kangaroo. She cut up the carrots and put them into the pot, which was now full of boiling hot water. Next, she grabbed a can of soup broth and added it to the mixture. She then stirred everything together and soon, they had made carrot soup. Once the soup had cooled down enough, they brought it up to Rabbit's bedroom.

"We have a surprise for you." said Mrs. Kangaroo. Rabbit sat up in his bed and saw the bowl of soup on the tray in front of him. He dipped his spoon into the bowl, took a sip and smiled.

"Thank you, Mrs. Kangaroo. Thank you, Olivia." he said.

"You're welcome." said Olivia. Once he had finished eating, he went back to sleep. Mrs. Kangaroo and Olivia carefully tiptoed out of the room with the empty bowl on the tray and put it on the counter.

"Do you think he liked the soup?" asked Olivia.

"I think so." said Mrs. Kangaroo. They spent the rest of the day taking care of Rabbit and then they headed back into the forest.

"Rabbit's lucky to have good friends like us tending to his needs when he's not feeling well." said Olivia.

"He's very lucky." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "Anyway, I think it's time for you to go home. I'll take you." She put Olivia back into her pouch and headed back down the path. When they arrived at Olivia's house, the sun was getting ready to set.

"Thanks for the ride home." said Olivia as she climbed out of the pouch.

"You're welcome." said Mrs. Kangaroo and she jumped away. Olivia went inside and found her mother reading a magazine on the couch.

"Are you feeling better, Mommy?" asked Olivia as she skipped into the living room.

"I'm feeling a little bit better." said Olivia's mother. "Thanks for taking care of me this morning."

"You're welcome." said Olivia. "Did I do a good job?"

"You did a great job." said Olivia's mother. "I'm very proud of you and I think you deserve a special reward." When her mother had fully recovered a few days later, she made her way into town to purchase a special gift for Olivia.

"I think she's going to love this!" she cried and she went to pay for the items. When Olivia woke up the next morning, she found a box on her desk.

"I wonder what's in here." she said and she opened the box. When she saw what was inside, her eyes lit right up with excitement. Inside the box was a short sleeve snowflake floral dress that had a white Peter Pan collar and blue corduroy piping at the sleeves, waist and hem. The dress also had a wide skirt that allowed her plenty of room for doing whatever she liked whether it was skipping, jumping or bouncing and the dress also had a blue corduroy waist sash that was already tied into a bow at the back. The other item in the box that had been included with the dress was a pair of white cable knit tights.

"Well, this is certainly a nice little surprise." said Olivia. She changed into her new dress and tights as well as her black Mary Jane dress shoes. She buckled up the straps on her shoes, pulled her hair into a ponytail and made her way to the kitchen where she found her mother making breakfast.

"So, how do you like your surprise?" asked Olivia's mother.

"I love it!" cried Olivia and she gave her mother a hug. "Thanks, Mommy."

"You're welcome, honey." said Olivia's mother. "I was going to wait until Christmas to get that for you, but since you did such a good job helping me get better when I wasn't feeling well, I decided that you could have it a bit early. Plus, I figured you could use a new dress for your wardrobe. What do you think of it?"

"I like it a lot." said Olivia. "I think I'm going to wear this when I go outside."

"That's a good idea." said Olivia's mother. "That way you can show off the dress to your friends."

"Do you think they'll like this?" asked Olivia.

"I think so." said Olivia's mother. "But before you go anywhere, you have to have your breakfast." She made Olivia a plate of breakfast sausage, a hash brown and a glass of milk. Olivia ate slowly and carefully so that she'd be able to enjoy every bite, and when she was finished, she made her way out the door and into the forest. The first of her friends she came across as she skipped down the path was Mrs. Kangaroo.

"Hi, Mrs. Kangaroo." said Olivia. "How do you like my new dress?"

"It looks wonderful on you." said Mrs. Kangaroo.

"My mom got me this as a reward for the great job I did taking care of her when she wasn't feeling well." said Olivia.

"That was certainly nice of her." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "I bet you must like that dress."

"I love this dress." said Olivia. "I think it makes me look like a princess."

"I think so too." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "But you know who else might like the dress?"

"No." said Olivia.

"The new girl that just moved into the forest last night." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "Her name's Anna and she's in need of some friends. Would you like to meet her?"

"Yes please." said Olivia. She got into the pouch and they made their way toward Mrs. Kangaroo's house. When they arrived, they made their way inside and found Anna sitting at the window looking very sad. Olivia hated to see the new kid looking like that, so she climbed out of Mrs. Kangaroo's pouch and skipped over to the chair that Anna was sitting in.

"What's wrong?" asked Olivia.

"I have nobody to play with." said Anna and she let out a deep sigh.

"Oh dear." said Olivia. "I'll tell you what. I'll play with you."

"You will?" asked Anna.

"Yes." said Olivia. "I'll even be your friend. How does that make you feel now?"

"That makes me feel much better." said Anna and she got out of her chair.

"By the way, how old are you?" asked Olivia.

"I'm seven." said Anna.

"That's the same age as me." said Olivia. "Now I heard Mrs. Kangaroo say earlier that your name's Anna."

"That's right." said Anna.

"My name's Olivia. It's nice to meet you, Anna." said Olivia.

"It's nice to meet you too, Olivia." said Anna.

"I like your clothes that you're wearing." said Olivia.

"Thanks." said Anna. She was wearing a bright blue turtleneck sweater, pink jeans, white socks and black boots.

"Now then, what kind of things do you like to do?" asked Olivia.

"I like to skip and jump." said Anna. "I even like to bounce sometimes."

"I like those things too." said Olivia. "I'll tell you what. Let's go outside and do those things together. What do you say?"

"That sounds like a great idea." said Anna.

"Not only that, I'll even introduce you to some of the other animal friends that live here." said Olivia.

"Okay." said Anna.

"Well Anna, it looks like you have a new friend." said Mrs. Kangaroo.

"That's right." said Anna. "Olivia says she's going to introduce me to the other forest animals."

"I think that's a good idea." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "Off you go, you two." She opened the front door and the two girls made their way outside.

"Will the other animals like me?" asked Anna as they skipped down the path.

"I think so." said Olivia. "All of the animals that live here are very nice so I think they'll enjoy meeting you."

"I hope you're right." said Anna. Olivia took her new friend to Rabbit's house, and on their way, they came across Tigger. Olivia introduced him to Anna, and soon Tigger and Anna became good friends with each other. They bounced around a little bit until Olivia reminded her about where they were supposed to be going. Anna said goodbye to Tigger and the girls continued on to Rabbit's house. When they got there, they found Rabbit planting cabbages in his garden.

"Hi, Rabbit." said Olivia. "I'm glad to see that you're feeling better."

"I'm feeling much better, thank you." said Rabbit. "Who's your new friend?"

"This is Anna." said Olivia. "Anna, say hi to Rabbit." Anna stammered a bit before blurting out "It's a pleasure to meet you, Rabbit."

"It's a pleasure to meet you too, Anna." said Rabbit. Then he said to Olivia "Your new friend looks like she's a bit shy."

"She just moved to the forest so she doesn't really know anybody yet." said Olivia.

"I see." said Rabbit. "Tell me Anna, have you ever gardened before?" Anna shook her head.

"No I haven't." she said.

"Then I'll teach you." said Rabbit. "Watch me carefully." Anna observed Rabbit as he planted some cabbages and then he had her try. She gulped nervously, but she was able to plant the cabbage successfully.

"Very good." said Rabbit. They planted cabbages for a while before moving on to tomatoes.

"She's doing well." thought Olivia as she watched her new friend work. It took the rest of the morning to plant all of the tomatoes, but once they were finally finished, all the work had been completed.

"How did I do?" asked Anna.

"You did very well." said Rabbit.

"Thanks." said Anna.

"You're welcome." said Rabbit.

"Come on Anna." said Olivia. The two friends waved goodbye to Rabbit and skipped away once again. This time, they smiled and held hands as they made their way down the path.

"I like your shoes, Olivia." said Anna.

"Thanks." said Olivia. "Have you ever worn these shoes before?"

"No I haven't." said Anna. "What kind of shoes are they?"

"They're called Mary Janes." said Olivia.

"Are they only available in black?" asked Anna.

"Most of them are, but there are some types of these shoes that come in other colors like red, pink and brown." said Olivia. "Now these shoes can be worn with just about any kind of clothes you want, but I usually wear them with either a dress or a skirt."

"I see." said Anna. "The only shoes I usually wear are boots or sneakers because I'm not a dress person. Please don't criticize me for that."

"Don't worry, I won't." said Olivia. "After all, whatever you want to wear is completely your choice so I'm not going to judge you."

"Thanks." said Anna. When they got a little further on, their stomachs growled.

"I'm getting a bit hungry." said Anna.

"Come with me to my house and we'll have lunch." said Olivia. "You can also meet my mom."

"Do you think your mother will like me?" asked Anna worriedly.

"Of course she will." said Olivia. They skipped to Olivia's house and made their way inside.

"Hi, Mommy." said Olivia as they made their way into the kitchen.

"Hello, dear." said Olivia's mother. "Who's this new friend of yours that you brought with you?"

"This is Anna." said Olivia. "She's new to the forest."

"It's very nice to meet you." said Olivia's mother. "How do you like living here?"

"I'm enjoying it." said Anna. "Your daughter was the first friend I made."

"She was sad when I first saw her, but after I became friends with her, she cheered right up." said Olivia.

"That's wonderful to hear." said Olivia's mother. "Now then Anna, what kind of things do you like to eat?"

"I like sandwiches." said Anna.

"Well you're in luck because we're having sandwiches for lunch." said Olivia's mother.

"What kind of sandwiches are we having?" asked Anna.

"We're having Olivia's favorite, peanut butter and jelly." said Olivia's mother.

"I don't like jelly." said Anna.

"That's no problem, I can just make yours a peanut butter sandwich." said Olivia's mother.

"I'd like that, thanks." said Anna. Olivia's mother made the sandwiches, along with a glass of milk for both girls, and they all ate their meal together in happiness.

"That was a good sandwich." said Anna. "May I have some more milk, please?"

"Of course, dear." said Olivia's mother.

"Thank you." said Anna.

"You're welcome." said Olivia's mother. She poured some more milk from the carton into Anna's glass and Anna quickly gulped it down.

"Your friend has good manners." said Olivia's mother proudly.

"She sure does." said Olivia. "Hey Anna, do you want to see my room?"

"Sure." said Anna. The girls excused themselves from the table and made their way into Olivia's room. Olivia showed her friend all of her books, toys, clothes and games that she had.

"You've sure got quite a bit of stuff." said Anna.

"Yes, I certainly do." said Olivia. "Hey I know. Let's play a game together."

"Which game did you have in mind?" asked Anna.

"We could play Monopoly." suggested Olivia. "Do you know how to play that?"

"Not really." said Anna.

"Don't worry, I do." said Olivia. "Therefore, I can teach you how to play."

"All right." said Anna. Olivia set up the board and guided her through the game the best she could. It took Anna some time to get the hang of things, but once she understood the rules, she did pretty decently. After two hours of playing, Olivia finally won.

"That was a good game, Olivia." said Anna.

"Thanks." said Olivia. "You did pretty well for a first time player."

"Thank you." said Anna. They were about to set up for a second game when Olivia's mother came into the room.

"I don't mean to interrupt, girls, but Mrs. Kangaroo's here." she said.

"Does that mean I have to go home now?" asked Anna.

"That's exactly what that means." said Olivia's mother.

"All right." said Anna. Olivia put the game away and followed her friend to the door.

"I just thought of something." said Olivia. "How would you like to sleep over this weekend?"

"I'd love that." said Anna.

"That's very sweet of you to invite Anna." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "What time should I bring her over here on Friday?"

"Have her here at about five thirty." said Olivia's mother.

"Five thirty it is." said Mrs. Kangaroo. "Come along, dear." Anna climbed into Mrs. Kangaroo's pouch and they went on their way. Olivia was so excited to have her new friend stay with her that she spent the next two days planning out what she wanted the two of them to do. Before she knew it, Friday came and she got even more excited. For this day, she chose to wear a bright yellow sweater, dark blue jeans, green socks and bright orange boots. She spent most of the day watching television as she waited for her friend to arrive. It seemed like it would take forever, but at exactly five thirty in the afternoon, the doorbell rang. Olivia jumped off the couch and skipped to the front door. There was Mrs. Kangaroo and Anna, right on time.

"I'm so glad you could come, Anna." said Olivia.

"So am I." said Anna. She climbed out of Mrs. Kangaroo's pouch and made her way inside where Olivia was standing. Mrs. Kangaroo took out a bag from her pouch.

"These are all the things I've packed for Anna for her stay at your house." she said as she handed the bag to Olivia. "It's not a whole lot, just her clothes, pajamas and toothbrush."

"That's fine." said Olivia.

"Now you have a good time over here, Anna." said Mrs. Kangaroo.

"I will." said Anna.

"I'll pick her up on Sunday night." said Mrs. Kangaroo. She kissed both girls and left to go back to her house. Meanwhile, the two girls went to Olivia's room, spread the clothes onto the bed and made some space in the dresser to pack them away. When they were finished, Olivia noticed something a little bit different about her friend.

"I told Mrs. Kangaroo about those shoes you were wearing the other day, so she went out and got me my own pair." said Anna as she showed off her brand new bright red Mary Janes with Velcro straps in the middle.

"That's great to hear." said Olivia. "I'm guessing she also got you a dress to go with those?"

"No, I'm still not a dress wearing person." said Anna. "Although, after seeing the one you were wearing the other day, I might ask Mrs. Kangaroo to get me one for Christmas."

"That's a good idea." said Olivia. Just then, they heard a knock on the bedroom door.

"Come in." said Anna. Olivia's mother stepped into the room.

"It's time for dinner, girls." she said.

"Race you to the kitchen." said Olivia.

"You're on." said Anna and they darted out of the room. Although both girls were fast, the sneakers Olivia was wearing were better suited for running and so she made it to the table first.

"What are we having?" asked Anna as they sat down.

"We're going to have some pizza." said Olivia's mother. Both girls loved pizza, and this particular pizza had pepperoni, anchovies and mushrooms.

"I don't mean to be picky, but I don't like mushrooms." said Anna.

"That's no problem. Just take them off." said Olivia. Anna removed the mushrooms from her pieces as Olivia suggested and then she was able to enjoy the pizza.

"That was really good pizza." said Anna once they were finished.

"Thanks." said Olivia's mother. "I made it from scratch myself."

"Well you definitely did a good job with it." said Anna. "Come on Olivia, let's play some more." They went back to Olivia's room and played a few more games. They played The Game of Life, another game of Monopoly and a game of Trivial Pursuit. After they had finished the third game, Anna let out a loud yawn.

"I'm getting a bit tired." she said. "I think we should go to bed."

"That's a good idea." said Olivia. They took off their shoes, changed out of their clothes and into their pajamas and then they turned off the light.

"Good night, Olivia." said Anna as they settled down in Olivia's bed.

"Good night, Anna." said Olivia. The two girls closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep. The next morning, they awoke to find a gorgeous sunny sky.

"I have a feeling that it's going to be a beautiful day." said Anna. "I know. Let's spend today going bouncing. What do you think?"

"That's a terrific idea." said Olivia. They got changed out of their pajamas and into their clothes for the day. Anna chose to wear her bright orange turtleneck sweater, her light blue jeans, her white socks and the same bright red Mary Jane dress shoes she had shown to Olivia the previous day.

"You didn't bring any other shoes with you?" asked Olivia.

"No. This was the only pair Mrs. Kangaroo packed for my stay here." said Anna.

"Well, seeing as you're only here until tomorrow night, I guess that's okay." said Olivia. She put on her white long sleeve button down shirt blouse with a ruffled collar, her black suspender skirt, her grey knee high socks and her black Mary Jane dress shoes. They buckled up the straps on their shoes and made their way to the kitchen to have their breakfast.

"You girls look quite happy this morning." said Olivia's mother.

"That's because it's lovely outside." said Anna. "In fact, it's so nice out that Olivia and I decided to go bouncing today."

"That's fine, but you have to eat something first." said Olivia's mother. She made both of them toast with butter and as the girls ate, she went into the living room to set something up.

"What do you think your mother's doing?" asked Anna.

"I have no clue." said Olivia. They finished their breakfast and went into the living room where they found some sheets on the table.

"What's that paper for?" asked Anna.

"I figured that while you girls are out, I would work on some sewing patterns." said Olivia's mother. "You see, I like to make some clothes for Olivia sometimes."

"I didn't know that." said Anna.

"Well now you do." said Olivia's mother. "Now you girls be careful."

"We will." said Olivia and they made their way out the door.

"I don't know about you, but I think these are perfect clothes for bouncing." said Anna.

"I think so too." said Olivia and they started to bounce down the path.

"Now that you've been in this forest for a few days, what do you think about it?" asked Olivia.

"I like it." said Anna. "The forest animals that live here are definitely very friendly."

"There are still some other animals you haven't met, though." said Olivia. They bounced up to a hollow log and slowly made their way across to the other side before starting to bounce again. A little further on, Olivia's friend Owl flew down toward them.

"Well now, who's this friend that's with you?" asked Owl.

"This is my new friend Anna." said Olivia. "Anna, say hello to Owl."

"Hello, Owl." said Anna nervously.

"Hello there, Anna." said Owl.

"Are you one of those scary owls?" asked Anna.

"Oh no." said Owl. "Unlike most owls you've probably heard about, I'm quite friendly." said Owl.

"That's good." said Anna. "You've got pretty big wings."

"Most owls have big wings, you know." said Owl.

"I actually didn't know that." said Anna. "I always thought owls had smaller wings."

"No, they're pretty big." said Owl. "Well anyway, I must be off now. It was very nice to meet you, though." Owl flew off into the sky and the girls bounced onward. Further on down the path, they saw Tigger.

"Hello, Tigger." said Olivia.

"Hello, Olivia." said Tigger. "It looks like you and your friend are having a lot of fun bouncing."

"We sure are." said Anna.

"I think both of you would have a lot more fun bouncing if the three of us did that together." said Tigger.

"Anna, what do you think?" asked Olivia.

"I think that's a good idea." said Anna. "There's just one problem. I haven't met your tiger friend before so I don't know if he's nice or not."

"His name's Tigger and he's very nice." said Olivia. "He's a very good bouncer, too."

"She's right." said Tigger and he turned to Anna. "What do you say, kid?"

"I say yes." said Anna. She was feeling more confident now that Olivia had told her about Tigger.

"Well then, let's get going." said Tigger and the three of them bounced off together. They had so much fun bouncing together that they didn't want to stop. However, they did have to take a break at around twelve thirty so that they could eat lunch. Tigger made them sandwiches and milk for their meals and when they were finished eating, they went back into the forest and bounced away again. They spent the rest of the afternoon bouncing down the path, and as the girls bounced, they both flashed their biggest smiles as they were having so much fun. By the time they got back to Olivia's house at six o'clock, the girls let out a yawn. They were tired out from bouncing so much that their eyes were practically closed by the time they got inside.

"Hello, girls." said Olivia's mother. "Did you both have fun today?" They slowly nodded their heads as they were clearly exhausted. However, they had just enough energy left to have a fulfilling dinner before going to bed early that night. When Mrs. Kangaroo came to pick up Anna the next night, she told her about all the great things she and Olivia had done together that weekend.

"It seems like you had a great time." said Mrs. Kangaroo.

"I had a wonderful time." said Anna. "I want to visit Olivia again sometime."

"You know what, I'm actually planning to take Olivia into town for some shopping next Sunday." said Olivia's mother. "Perhaps you'd like to join us."

"I'd love to." said Anna.

"All right, we'll see you next weekend then." said Olivia's mother. Olivia waved goodbye to Anna as she watched her and Mrs. Kangaroo head back to their own house.

"I really like Anna." said Olivia. "I think our friendship is going to last a very long time."

"I think so too, honey." said Olivia's mother.

The End