This was based off a picture writing prompt in my writers group. If you want to see the picture, it's "The Legendary Moment" by Mohammad Hossein Attaran. It's really intriguing, and you might find yourself inspired by it too!

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If you do want to look at it, I suggest looking it up before you read this. That way your interpretation of it will not be influenced by mine.

My life flashes before my eyes. My eighth birthday, when I decided I wanted to be an astronaut. The day I got accepted into space camp. Nine years to the day later, when I was chosen to lead a mission to Jupiter. Ten years ago, when we actually left.

One hour ago, when I found out dragons really do exist.

There was no warning when it attacked our ship. One moment nothing. The next moment something shook the whole ship, as if it were a sea vessel battered by the waves.

But in space, there are no waves.

"What the-" Gold yelled. Another crash cut her off.

I remembered I was the leader. "Shut up," I ordered, grabbing my helmet. Goodfell and I had just come back in from the spacewalk we were supposed to do daily.

I shuddered to think of what might be out there.

What might have happened.

I caught a glimpse of something outside- wing, scale, claw. It looked like the dragons my sister had loved as a child.

It was… protecting something? Yes, it was. A baby? Scaleless, wingless... helpless.

I wondered. Would the dragon stop attacking us if the baby was inside the ship?

"Stay here," I said. "I'm going out."

That was just ten minutes ago. Now I can't see the ship. My only focus is the baby dragon.

I almost have it. I think my tether's weakening, or it would've stopped me by now.

But I've almost got the dragon.