The results for Caesar that Sharna found, weren't surprising. He definitely had a criminal record. He had been arrested three other times. For multiple DUI's, theft and even 3rd degree manslaughter. He was far from the epitome of a perfect child.

To her relief, Sharna spied his home address on the criminal record. "I'll just pop in and give him a little talk." She said. Knowing that this could possibly be dangerous, she went up to her bedroom. Opening her desk drawer, she pulled out her little 9 mm glock, stuffing it into her handbag. Hoping that he would actually be there, the detective went on her way to Caesar's house.

When Sharna arrived at his house, she couldn't tell if she was surprised or not. It was a normal, white condo in a neat neighborhood. She wasn't sure what she expected. An evil lair? Possibly. Sharna tried to suppress her nervous feelings as she made her way up the drive way.

I mean, who wouldn't be terrified, walking into the house of a criminal who had possibly assisted in the kidnapping of an innocent child? Taking a deep breath, she rapped on the door.

A few minutes passed, and Sharna leaned into the door, trying to hear if there was any movement in the house. However, there was complete silence. Deciding she absolutely must get to the bottom of this, Sharna decided to do something she wasn't exactly comfortable with.

She pulled out a lock picking device from her bag. She decided that it was far too much work to use a bobby pin to open the door. She stuck the device into the key hole and wiggled it around. With a click, Sharna heard the door unlock. With a smirk she pushed the door open and glanced around the space before stepping inside.

The house was neat and respectable, nothing too trashy about it or anything. As lightly as possible, she went inside and inspected the area. On the right, there was a living room with a couch and an arm chair. A simple rug decorated the floor. As she continued, she caught sight of the kitchen. Dishes were stacked high up in the sink and there were dish towels on the floor. Sharna scrunched up her nose in disgust.

Finding a stair case, she hurried up it and found a room that seemed like it would belong to a teenager. Clothes littered the floor and X-box controllers were scattered in various places. A bowl of cereal sat on a desk by an unmade bed. Yup, definitely a teenager's room.

"Ok, ok, I need evidence here." Muttered Sharna. She began to pull open dressers and sort through them, searching for something to use as evidence. Finding nothing in the dresser, she continued to the closet. There were a few bins stacked in the space and Sharna picked one up and opened the lid.

In the box, were stacks of bills. Not just one dollar bills mind you, but fifties and hundreds. Well Caesar was definitely part of some sort of trade.

Then, the girl felt the cold, metal barrel of a gun being pressed against the back of her head.

"Hey there, what're you doing searching in my stuff now?" Came a taunting male voice.

Sharna sighed and began to straighten up. While she was turning around to face the man, she whipped out her own gun from her bag and pointed it straight back at the man. The two guns were pointed right at each other.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." The man, who Sharna recognized as Caesar, said.

Sharna raised her eyebrow. "For some reason I feel like I have more experience in ballistics than you. No offence though."

Caesar shrugged. "None taken."

"I want to know who you are working for. I assume your 'boss' as been hiring you to kidnap high-schooler's from parties and delivering to him. Then I'm guessing he collects their organs, and sells them for quite a high price." Sharna said, gun still tight in her grasp.

Caesar nodded. "Well that sounds about right, I can't deny that. How'd you figure out the part about him collecting organs?" The teen asked, just a bit confused about that fact.

Sharna's face hardened. "Because the same thing happened to my little brother, Tony. I found him in an abandoned warehouse, missing his vital organs. And I'm assuming the man who did that to Tony, is your boss. I need you to tell me where he is holding Harper Darlington."

Sharna watched as Caesar shifted his weight from side to side, obviously contemplating what to do. His face softened for a second then a sly look crossed his face.

"I'll tell you where she is, on one condition." Caesar said.

Sharna pursed her lips. She didn't like having conditions on her terms. "Which is?" She sighed.

"You have to promise not to arrest me, or Carl or Ruby. You let us go back to our college and forget this ever happened." He said.

Sharna clenched her jaw. "You know I can't do that." She said. Caesar lowered his gun with a sigh. A sudden tension filled the air. Sharna slowly put her arm down as well, giving the teen a side eye. Something was wrong, she didn't trust him. She felt inclined to trust her instincts and leave now, but she waited a moment longer.

Suddenly, Caesar raised his gun and fired. Sharna saw it coming and dodged to the left. She wacked her pistol against his hand, making him drop his gun. She kicked away the fire-arm the moment it hit the floor.

Once again, she raised her pistol to point it at Caesar. With mock sweetness, Sharna asked, "You going to tell me where she is now?"

Sharna's heart was racing. She pressed her foot down on the accelerator and felt her car speed up. Just a bit farther, she was almost there.

"She's in a warehouse on 33 Lafromboise street. My boss tends to have a bit of a temper, so I would be wary if I were you."

Sharna had gone to shake Caesars hand in thanks, but when she grabbed his hand, she took the opportunity to snap a pair of handcuffs on his wrist. Caesar clenched his jaw as Sharna clipped the other cuff to the door post. Giving a sweet smile, Sharna walked out of the house, phone in hand, calling the police to come pick Caesar up.

A light turned red in front of Sharna. She quickly glanced around and seeing that no one else was around, she sped through the light. Normally she wouldn't, but this was important, and she was in a hurry. The detective's breathing sped up, praying that when she found Harper, it wasn't how she had found her brother. Lifeless and cold.

This time, she would get there in time. She had to.

For the first time since she had been kidnapped, Harper saw him. Well, half saw him. The man that came stalking into this room was sporting a black mask, so she could only see his eyes.

A look of terror crossed Harper's face. "No, stay away from me!" She cried, scooting back. As the man continued to approach her, she kept shuffling backward.

Tears streamed down the girl's face, for all she knew, she was about to die. Then, her back scraped the concrete wall of the warehouse. She was cornered.

"I love you mom and dad." Harper whispered, angrily wiping away tears. She wanted her final thoughts to be of her parents. "I'm sorry I snuck out. It was so stupid of me. I'm sorry I got drunk, if I somehow get out of here, I promise I'll never drink again."

She heard a loud, evil chuckle come from the man approaching her. "Talking to yourself are you? Wow you really have gone crazy." The man reached for the curled up girl, but then he stopped. A huge bang came from the back of the warehouse. Harper couldn't believe her eyes.

A woman, was coming into the warehouse. She held a gun pointed at the man.

"Step away from Harper. Now." She heard the woman say. The man turned to the woman, looking very menacing in his mask. "And why should I do that?" He asked.

Fear filled Harpers' chest. That was a fair question. She waited for the mysterious woman's reply.

"Because I'm the one holding a gun." Said the woman. Harper couldn't help but let a grin cross her face. She was being saved.

"Oh, and also, the police are on the way. So you can either come the easy way, or the hard way. It's really up to you." Harper saw the woman smirk. The woman then shot her a comforting smile.

The man grabbed the mask off of his head and his hair stuck up. He was maybe in his mid-thirties, with a scruffy beard and a scar on his cheek.

"I guess I always knew this day would come. When my operation was busted. In a way, I'm kind of ready for it. Doing all of this really takes a toll on you, ya know?" The man said.

Sharna rolled her eyes. "Oh I feel so bad for you," She said, voice dripping with sarcasm.

The man ignored her and continued talking. "Six years ago, I lost my daughter. You know why? Because the doctors couldn't find an organ donor for her." Said the man. He ran his hand through his beard.

Sharna closed her eyes. She felt for the man, she really did. But this man had killed her brother. "You lost your daughter, so now you kidnap kids and collect their organs, then sell them to hospitals? Sharna shook her head.

"I sell them to hospitals so other families don't have to feel the loss that I did." Said the man.

"But you're killing children in the process. You realize that you're hurting other families in doing that. You're tearing them apart! You killed my brother. What you're doing…it's terrible. Your heart seems like it's in the right place, but the execution definitely has flaws." Sharna said.

This man was hurting so much that he resorted to this to try and calm his conscience. He was a psychopath for sure, but in a way, she understood where he was coming from.

"Listen, the police are coming and they're going to take you to therapy. You'll get the help that you need, I promise." Said Sharna, hoping that the man wouldn't put up a fight.

Thankfully, he didn't.

The police showed up and took the man into custody. They obliged to Sharna's wishes and took him to therapy. Harper gave her savior, Sharna a big hug, thanking her over and over again.

Caesar, Ruby and Carl were put in jail for two years, but Ruby didn't go without first apologizing to her sister Harper.

Asher and Harper both swore to their parents that they would never drink again, or go to any party for that matter.

And Sharna? Sharna Campton gratefully accepted the money that the Darlington's gave her, and went back to her apartment.

She settled into her favorite armchair and picked up the case file. She flipped through it, then set it back onto her desk. She would bring it to the BDA tomorrow and file it away.

Sharna grabbed her remote and flicked on the TV, getting ready to binge watch "The Office." She smiled in satisfaction. "Another day, another case solved. All in a day's work."

The End

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