(The episode begins with what appears to be Quinn Daniels, dressed in a suit, white shirt and bowtie as she begins to speak under a spotlight)

Quinn: Have you ever heard the term "It all began with a mouse"? Well...really, I don't get why Disney uses that as their big slogan for their whole animated endeavors. Not taking earlier elements into account like the Alice Comedies, Mickey Mouse isn't even their first true character that they had. Sure there is Oswald the Rabbit who Disney made over at Universal before creating Mickey, but what about poor Peg-Legged Pete? He was actually created first as some bear thing in the Alice Comedies, then as Oswald's first rival. And considering the conditions that Walt Disney left Universal to found his own studio and create Mickey, it's surprising he actually and unexpectedly took Pete with him, making him into an anthropomorphic cat to counter that his new animated star was a mouse! So if anything, it didn't all start with a mouse but a peg-legged cat who Disney refuses to really acknowledge as much these days and who seems to go back and forth between Mickey and Goofy in who he hangs out with! At least he's still better acknowledged than Horace Horsecollar and...(starts gagging) Clarabelle (calms down) but at least put him up there with Mickey, Donald and Goofy!

(The lights go on and we see Tomoko sitting in a chair and Betty cleaning a glass as they watch her quizzically)

Tomoko: And...this has to do with our little Disney project...how?

Quinn: Well I figured if we were going to be looking at Disney we may as well start from the very beginning.

Hydie: (in box) What about Minnie?

Quinn: And what does Minnie have to do with the beginnings?

Hydie: (taps claws together) Well...if she's a mouse and it all started with a mouse then...

Quinn: (to herself) What do you think this is, 1929? You're being too progressive!

Betty: (to the camera) Cue the intro!

(The opening credits:

As "Friends From the Other Side" plays from the first "Are you ready!?", we see a picture of a familiar buxom braided blonde with a caption:


For a brief moment it flashes to a casually dressed teal, buxom, muscular creature with blood-red hair in a ponytail and the caption seems to change to


before flashing and returning to Quinn. It then switches to show a familiar brunette with bun hair in a red corset and yellow ribbon with a caption:


it briefly flashes to show a casually dressed mauve, buxom muscular creature with sky-blue hair in circle braids and the caption seems to change to


before flashing and returning to Tomoko. As the song enters the "you're changing" part, we see brief flashes of several other characters, including Brittany, Erica, Julie, Heather and others before we see Hydie dressed as Cinderella with Tomoko laughing at her pointing at how ridiculous it is; then a flash showing Taeko dressed embarrasingly as Eilonwy from "The Black Cauldron" with Quinn face-palming. Another flash shows Quinn and Tomoko standing confidently with Quinn as Milo from "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" and Tomoko as Mulan's casual outfit from "Ralph Breaks the Internet" before flashing back to Hydie now as Anna from "Frozen" and Taeko as Alice from "Alice in Wonderland". As several other girls try to crowd the shot, the song ends as the scene pans out to a safe with a door closing and a giant wheel with a giant "D" on it as the caption appears)



Act 00: Prologue

(The camera cuts back to the two, Quinn now in her typical outfit again)

Quinn: (sighs) Look I know what we're getting ourselves into but I figured I needed to give some justification for Disney's first real villain. I mean, Mickey may be beloved but if you count the Oswald cartoons, Pete's older.

Tomoko: Don't know, don't care.

Betty: Can you two cut it out about talking about Pete and get to why you're really here?

Hydie: (in box) Please do. (huge eyes)

Quinn: Fine. (to the camera) Hello, and welcome to what should be, hopefully, an interesting experience for all of us. Though something tells me we're entering into a rabbit hole that's going to just get us into a lot of trouble...or Ataru's just going to give up eventually.

Tomoko: As you may know, if there is one pop culture element that quite a few people, including our so-called loser of a creator, likes, it's Disney movies, particularly what's considered the "animated canon".

Quinn: The "animated canon" is a simple yet complex thing that takes a bit to explain but here's the simple version: any movie that was directly made and distributed by the Walt Disney Animation Studio is part of this canon. While one can probably argue that the shorts also made by the studio also fit in the canon...

Hydie: (in box, dressed in a familiar adorable blue and white dress with a blonde updo wig) Do "The Cookie Carnival", Ataru! PWEEEEESE!

Tomoko: (takes over with Quinn disturbed) ...what generally is the start of the canon is 1937's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and, up to now, has lead to 58 movies in total, up through, as of the time of this introduction, 2019's "Frozen II".

Taeko: (in box) Everything you need to know about it and it's prequel will probably be on Youtube in the near future thanks to Olaf. (smiles cutely)

Quinn: (to herself) A blonde wig, seriously? (to the camera) The main concept of this whole project is to basically go through every single movie of the Disney Canon; the 58 main ones and, with resources hopefully available, quite a few other movies as well sort of associated with the canon in their own ways.

Tomoko: We do have a few rules, regulations and thoughts regarding what we consider crucial to the project and don't so that we can at least lay some groundrules...that hopefully we won't have to break too badly as we go through this.

Quinn: 1. The main focus will be on the main Disney Animated Canon. If Disney made it, then we'll be watching it, thus all 58 movies hopefully will be watched.

Tomoko: We'll try to see them as uncensored as possible...though in some cases I sort of hope we get to the good stuff.

Quinn: Like the naked woman in "The Rescuers"?

Tomoko: Like that poor girl who got her chest reduced in that number in that one movie; seriously what's wrong with big-chested 40s girls?

Taeko: (in box with back turned towards camera and topless) It...sort of is embarrasing.

Quinn: That will lead to some controversial stuff as well...(sighs longingly)

Tomoko: Yeah, someone's already contacted us that they'll be watching over us when we get to certain movies, both in the main canon and elsewhere to make sure we don't act up in any way, shape or form.

Quinn: It's better to be safe than sorry. Besides as long as it isn't that militant momma I'm willing to try her out.

Tomoko: And that leads us to 2. We will be doing live action/animation hybrids but generally if they have an importance to the canon.

Quinn: There are some movies that aren't part of the main canon due to being technically live-action but they're sort of crucial...and in a couple cases weird.

"Sensual Voice": Meaning you'll see...me...

(Kiera comes in dressed as Jessica Rabbit but with huge hair covering her one eye)

Kiera: I was so happy you had to bring this up so I can show this little number off.

Quinn: (sighs) Can you at least wait until we get there first?

Kiera: (licks lips) Call it a sneak preview of things to come. (giggles)

Erica: (in box) I sort of had no control over this; the moment this rule was brought up...

(She leaves before Quinn speaks)

Quinn: You do realize that Richard Williams did the animation for that movie, not Disney, right?

Tomoko: Ataru considers it crucial so it's in.

Quinn: As is...

Hydie: (in box, dressed as Giselle with huge hair and ballgown) "Enchanted"?

Quinn: "Mary Poppins" and "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" and of course...

Hydie: (in box with huge eyes) "ENCHANTED!?"

Quinn: "The Reluctant...Dragon?" "Pete's Dragon?"

Hydie: (in box, looking supremely, extremely moe) "ENCHANTED!?"

Tomoko: Um, what about "Enchanted"?

Quinn: (sighs) If I said it, it would just reinforce what she wants.

Hydie: (beaming) Thank you.

Tomoko: It isn't that embarrassing.

Quinn: You have no idea.

Taeko: (in box, as Nancy from "Enchanted") I prefer Idia Menzel in this over "Frozen".

Quinn: And this gets us to 3. If it wasn't animated by Disney and merely distributed by them, then the answer is no.

Tomoko: This mostly goes for movies that Disney merely distributed but have no involvement with: "Valiant", "The Wild", "Gnomeo and Juliet" and the like.

Quinn: There are some countries where they actually consider "The Wild" as a Disney movie but it was done by C.O.R.E. Feature Animation and not Disney, whereas "Dinosaur", of all movies, is a Disney movie. We may come back to this later but if we count it and/or do it, it would fit within the "Experimental Age" between "Chicken Little" and "Meet the Robinsons"...but I doubt anyone cares about that.

Hydie: (in box) Hilda would be upset if we missed this.

Quinn: (sighs) But as is, it won't count.

Tomoko: There is one slight exception we have to get into though.

Quinn: Well three. The first is "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" but as said: it isn't animated by Disney but still key to Disney's identity so it's being done. The other two are...

Taeko: (in box, dressed as Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas") Sort of my suggestion since...I'm a lot like her I think... (taps her claws together)

Tomoko: (disturbed) Those two stop motion movies.

Quinn: Stop-motion director Henry Selick worked to create two animated features at Disney: the first, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" based on Tim Burton's poem, is notable as basically as important to Disney's canon as the animated features. Thus it's going to be part of this as is Selick's other Disney movie which also works as a live-action hybrid, "James and the Giant Peach".

Tomoko: What about "Monkeybone"?

Quinn: Um...what?

Tomoko: Well you do know that Disney and Fox merged so that third Selick movie is...

Quinn: It wasn't made at Disney so that won't be part of this; nor will his Laika work like "Coraline". Which gets us to 4. If it was another studio that made it even if Disney is associated with it, the answer, at least right now, is no. Or as we should also nickname this, THE PIXAR RULE.

Tomoko: Isn't that the same as rule 3?

Quinn: I sort of had to do it like this to emphasize this. In other words, all Pixar films will not be part of this, though if Pixar has a reference in a movie we may at least have some reference to this.

"Voice": Does this mean "Brave"?

Quinn: Yes, this means Bra...(turns and appears shocked) BRITT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

(We see "Britt"...who in this case is actually Kumako wearing a super-long red wig with a crown on her head and a formal dress)

Tomoko: (to herself) I thought she was a blonde.

Brittany: (cutely) I really wish we could do Brave, Quinn dear.

Quinn: Um...

Hydie: (in box, as Merida with her hair curled up) Awww.

Quinn: You...do realize that the bear isn't the princess, right?

Brittany: (huge eyes) I know. That's why I'm Elinor.

Quinn: Elinor...never became an anthro bear, you know. No hair, none of...(waves her hands) that...

Brittany: But she really should have!

Quinn: You know, when we get to "Ralph Breaks the Internet", we...

Brittany: (excited) OH THANK YOU! (hugs her with her massive bear bosom with her muscular arms surrounding her making Quinn almost feel like she can't breathe.)

Hydie: (still as Merida) Why can't that be me?

Tomoko: Um Britt...don't you like any characters that aren't...like that?

Brittany: Well there is Lottie from that frog movie. Um...well...

Quinn: (catching her breath) What about Aurora. She can probably take a nice hibernation nap.

Brittany: Aurora? Who is that?

Tomoko: "Sleeping...Beauty?"

Brittany: But I prefer Merryweather! I don't even know who Aurora is!

Quinn: (sighs) Dumb blonde, thy name is Sommer.

Hydie: (in box) I still love you Britt!

Tomoko: You go and play with your teddy and we'll call you when we need you.

Brittany: I'll be around! (blows a kiss at Quinn and Tomoko before skipping along joyfully)

Quinn: But as said...yeah, no Pixar movies unless notated in the continuity. Also anything that Disney picked up along the way from other companies.

Tomoko: Like "Anastasia"?

Quinn: That was a hoax anyway, regardless of what Hollywood says.

Betty: (to the side)

I stuck around St. Petersburg
When I saw it was a time for a change
Killed the czar and his ministers
Anastasia screamed in vain

Quinn: What she said. We may make some special mention of Bluth but otherwise...

Tomoko: OK, I get it.

Taeko: (in box, dressed as "Anastasia" in her peasant outfit) But I wanted to sing "Once Upon a December"!

Quinn: You do realize that it still lost Best Song to Cameron's sinking ship, right?

Tomoko: But it was another song, wasn't it?

Quinn: Who cares which song cause it was still a ship hitting an iceburg and DiCaprio dying of hypothermia. A very enjoyable moment if I do say so myself.

Tomoko: You have no heart, Quinn.

Quinn: At least I regained my edge.

Hydie: (in box, dressed as Kate Winslet at the end of "Titanic) It all went to me anyway.

Quinn: (to herself) Wouldn't you have stopped my line.

Hydie: (in box) I had to find the right dress to wear for my cameo.

Tomoko: Are there any other rules?

Quinn: Oh yeah, almost forgot this: 5. We're only doing actual Disney movies; we're not doing Disneytoons or TV-related works.

Tomoko: I'm sort of lost on that.

Quinn: Simply put: Disney animated quite a few movies outside their main ones, including many sequels and TV adaptations and whatnot. A few even got released into theaters, such as somehow the "sequels" to "The Jungle Book" and "Peter Pan"; as well as things like "Ducktales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp". We're not doing any of those: only those that were actually made by Disney proper.

"Irish Accent": (off-screen) You mean...no "A Goofy Movie?"

(Quinn and Tomoko turn and the mysterious buxom, muscular Irish setter is standing there with huge puppy-dog eyes wearing a halter and skirt as if she's cosplaying as Roxanne, Max's "girlfriend" from "A Goofy Movie")

Quinn: Ugh...and what the heck is that supposed to be? And can someone tell me who she is?

Tomoko: I still don't know?

"Irish Setter Girl": Don't you think you can make an exception and do "A Goofy Movie?" Pleeeeease!?

Quinn: We're already pushing things with "Roger Rabbit" and the Selick movies, we need to keep some limits for now.

Hydie: (in box) Come on, she looks like she's prepped all day for this!

(She gives huge puppy dog eyes and huge cleavage as Quinn blushes)

Tomoko: She's probably not going to leave until you say something.

(The Irish setter keeps wagging her tail making her boobs jiggle as Quinn gets redder and redder)

Quinn: We'll see. Maybe after we're done with continuity...or something.

(The huge setter squishes Quinn into her massive bosom as her tail continues to wag happily)

"Irish Setter Girl": Oh thank you! I can't wait to see it!

(She then leaves making Quinn appear like she just made the worst decision of her life)

Tomoko: It's just one more movie.

Taeko: (appearing in box in a cuter outfit with long pigtails) Am I the only one who remembers Pistol more?

Quinn: Hopefully we all forget by the time it's all over.

Hydie: (in box) I won't.

Quinn: As is, I think it's time to get into a few things regarding the evolution of the Disney Animated Canon. There is sort of one way that it's typically seen but Ataru sort of sees things a bit differently.

Tomoko: So then, how are we going to split things up?

Quinn: Well I'm glad you asked. And here's a little bit of a guide regarding how we're viewing the eras before we begin.

(A sign comes up)



(The sign shows what appears to be a buxom blonde female [Sakura Nishinotani] as Snow White blushing)

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937)
2. Pinocchio (1940)
3. Fantasia (1940)
3.5. The Reluctant Dragon (1941)
4. Dumbo (1941)
5. Bambi (1942)

Quinn: While many consider the first era of Disney movies as just "everything from Snow White to Walt's death around the time of "The Jungle Book"", we're splitting it up to three; there should really be four but three feels a bit more reasonable due to some timing issues. Anyway, the first era is basically movies from the time Disney started making movies around Snow White until World War II was already underway; while "Bambi" was released in '42, a lot of it was done by the time of Pearl Harbor and thus it wasn't as affected as subsequent movies.

Tomoko: Look I have nothing to do with what happened then, I don't even know if anyone in my family was part of that!

Quinn: (sighs) I wasn't talking about you Tomoko, I was giving historical context.

Tomoko: Look, I don't like talking about that era and something tells me someone is already preparing to be my replacement when we get to then.

Quinn: Yeah I can already guess who. (checks cell when she sees it buzzing) Yep, right on time.

Tomoko: Who is it?

Quinn: Heather. She has already blocked in all the movies during the war period.

Tomoko: And what's your response.

Quinn: I'll consider it. (checks cell) Now she wants to do Bambi too.

Tomoko: Why "Bambi"?

Taeko: (in box, wearing deer kigurumi) But I wanted to do "Bambi!"

Quinn: She texted "Just let me do Bambi and no Hydes will get hurt..." meh, that Heather. I'll offer her "The Fox and the Hound" and sees how she takes it.

Tomoko: Why that movie?

Quinn: Oh great, she forgot about it and now wants to do "Bambi" and "The Fox and the Hound"!

Hydie: (in box, in Saint Bernard kigurumi) CAN I PLAY NANA WITH "PETER PAN"!?

Tomoko: But I don't get it.

Quinn: (sighs) Well she's blocked in. Dang McKie, just because of what you like doesn't mean you have to ruin it for us.

Tomoko: I still don't get it.

Quinn: (sighs) Anyway, because of the war, there was a bit of a change in direction post-Bambi, which leads us to...

-THE WAR AGE - 1942 - 1949
(The sign shows Jymena blushing while sticking her huge butt out as Slue-Foot Sue from "Pecos Bill" from the movie "Melody Time")

6. Saludos Amigos (1942)
6.5 Victory Through Air Power (1943)
7. The Three Caballeros (1944)
8. Make Mine Music (1946)
8.5. Song of the South (1946)
9. Fun and Fancy Free
10. Melody Time
10.5 So Dear to My Heart (1948/1949)
11. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949)

Quinn: With many off fighting in Europe and the Pacific and a massive focus on the war effort, the Disney company was forced to change how their movies were made; they ended up making multiple package films with many shorts that could be split off and things that were considered pursuits that could only be done due to the era, such as an expedition to Latin America due to the US's Good Neighbor Policy.



Erica: (offscreen) BUT WE'RE AMERICANS TOO!

Kiera: (in box) And I would have looks so gorgeous in samba outfits.

Tomoko: And while the war did eventually end, Disney really didn't finish with the package films since there was so much abandoned material and short subjects they could make that they just made several more films until they reorganized themselves to make actual movies again.

Quinn: There are some amusing bits and some interesting things that came from them that would lead to amusement park rides like "Pecos Bill", "Casey At the Bat" and such.

Hydie: (in box, wearing baseball uniform) What about the sequel with Casey's daughters?

Quinn: But eventually it lead to...

Hydie: (in box, extremely excited) YAY! (rushes off before the next caption appears)

(The sign shows Hydie cosplaying as Cinderella, in a more traditional Cinderella look than her typical one with no ponytail with her huge bun)

12. Cinderella (1950)
13. Alice in Wonderland (1951)
14. Peter Pan (1953)
15. Lady and the Tramp (1955)
16. Sleeping Beauty (1959)
17. One-Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)
18: The Sword in the Stone (1963)
18.5: Mary Poppins (1964)
19. The Jungle Book (1967)

Tomoko: This is basically the period where a lot of the big movies people know of Disney were made: Cinderella, Alice, Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty...

Taeko: (in box) You forgot "Lady and the Tramp".

Tomoko: But who cares about dogs anyway?

Taeko: (in box, in cocker spaniel kigurumi) Me?

Quinn: While most merge together all of Walt's movies, people tend to ignore that the war sort of hindered the making of a lot of these which is why we're splitting it into these three eras since...I doubt anyone would want to equate "Melody Time" to the likes of "Snow White" or "Alice".

Hydie: (in box, still in Cinderella outfit) I thought it was "Snow White" or "Cin..." (cut off before she could say it)

Quinn: There is a possible fourth era prior to Disney's death but the thing there is that it mostly has to do with a major shift in art style and tone yet it only really makes up 3 movies and one live-action with animation.

Tomoko: Um...I don't get it.

Quinn: Basically after "Sleeping Beauty" bombed...

Hydie: (in box, suddenly cosplaying as Aurora in a purple dress, crying) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Quinn: (distubed) Um...what's with the dress?

Hydie: (in box) Oh this? Well I couldn't decide between pink or blue so I combined them.

Quinn: But why Aurora?

Hydie: (in box) Um...not sure really.

Quinn (continuing) ...Disney was forced to cut back on costs and started to use this sketchy style with a lot of xeroxing for their movies. It started with "One-Hundred and One Dalmatians" and was primarily through the other three movies including "The Sword in the Stone", "The Jungle Book"...

Hydie: (in box) I wonder if Jijy knows we're doing this?

Quinn: ...and the live-action film "Mary Poppins" with it's animated sequence that it became a prominent style that would affect the studio for at least the next couple decades.

Tomoko: Which leads us right into...

-THE DARK AGE - 1967 - 1988
(The image shows Taeko sweetly staring at the camera as Eilonwy while holding a small Henwen plushie; we see a small bauble floating above her)

20. The Aristocats (1970)
20.5: Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)
21. Robin Hood (1973)
22. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (1977)
23. The Rescuers (1977)
23.5. Pete's Dragon (1977)
24. The Fox and the Hound (1981)
25. The Black Cauldron (1985)
26. The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
26.5. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
27. Oliver and Company (1988)

Tomoko: After Walt died...

Quinn: (shocked) Are we really starting this explanation like that, Tomoko!?

Tomoko: Well what do you want me to say, you know it's true.

Quinn: Sometimes I think you're more blunt than me honestly. Do you think maybe I can say the rest?

Tomoko: Well if you're going to be such a Quinn...

Quinn: (to herself) Such a Quinn...I'm not an adjective, Tomoko...(out loud) In 1966, Walt Disney passed and thus many consider "The Jungle Book" to be the end of an era being the last movie he was directly involved with. Although Walt did approve of the next movie, "The Aristocats", that movie sort of became the first without his guidance and ended up at the beginning of a period where their profits and noteriety would basically plummet through the 1970s and 1980s.

Tomoko: Yep, everything the company touched during that period was crap. Every. Last. Movie.

Taeko: (in box, still as Eilonwy) I still love "The Black Cauldron", even if...(blushes) no one else does.

Tomoko: (loudly) Yep, they all sucked. You may as well consider the entire period between that jungle movie and that mermaid a black hole which nothing emerged from no one ever speaks of again! Yep, I hate to admit it but if you were a Disney fan, then basically 1968 to 1988 did not exist!

Taeko: (in box, crying) But I still like it! Eilonwy for official Princess!

Quinn: Tomoko...firstly, if nothing was made between "The Jungle Book" and "The Little Mermaid", then...what is "The Rescuers Down Under"?

Tomoko: I dunno, some movie.

Quinn: Wouldn't people care about a sequel to a movie in 1990 without having seen the 1977 original which was considered one of the biggest successes of this period?

Tomoko: Probably not.

Quinn: (to herself) Well "Down Under" did bomb compared to other movies...(out loud) Second: you do know that Ataru actually likes some of this period.

Tomoko: Sucks to be him. Can you name a movie that actually existed because honestly all I see between those two movies is nothing.

Quinn: "The Great Mouse Detective".

Tomoko: What, Mickey? I mean he's been everything so why not a detective?

Quinn: "The Rescuers"?

Tomoko: Still nothing.

Quinn: "Oliver and Company"?

Tomoko: Sucks to be in the company of some main character named Oliver, am I right?

Taeko: (in box, screaming adorably) THE BLACK CAULDRON!

Tomoko: Am I hearing dove cry or something?

Quinn: Fine. If you don't want to do this period I can find another co-host.

Tomoko: Yeah whatever. Then call me back once you hit the next period.

Taeko: (in box, upset) OH NO YOU DON'T!

(Tomoko's eyes suddenly turn yellow)

Taeko: (through Tomoko) I...I don't want to come out and interrupt your proceedings...but I'll be there to do the whole thing with her. I'm sorry my other half is being like this, Quinn-dear.

Quinn: (sighs) Well this is awkward. And really, did you have to use that term?

Taeko: (seeing the hair roots changing colors and how tight her outfit is getting) Sorry about that, I'll go now.

(Tomoko's eyes change back, her hair returns to full brown and the slight growth reduces back to her typical self)

Tomoko: You know you didn't have to do that, you idiot?

Taeko: (in box, exerting confidence for once) I have my reasons. (pets Henwen plushie)

Tomoko: Why me?

Quinn: That's basically how I feel all the time myself. At least I'm not getting pushback about this period.

Hydie: (in box, with fox ears and tail as if she's Maid Marian from "Robin Hood") It's an OK period; not enough for me to do but I have my ways. (giggles)

Quinn: At least we can move on to...

-THE RENAISSANCE AGE - 1989 - 1999
(The image shows Kiera cosplaying as Megara from Hercules with ponytail)

28. The Little Mermaid (1989)
29. The Rescuers Down Under (1990)
30. Beauty and the Beast (1991)
31. Aladdin (1992)
31.5. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)
32. The Lion King (1994),
33. Pocahontas (1995)
33.5. James and the Giant Peach (1996)
34. The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)
35. Hercules (1997)
36. Mulan (1998)
37. Tarzan (1999)

Kiera: (to camera) I wanted to do Jessica last period but they said it wasn't representative. (giggles)

Quinn: Obviously after a major shake-up that brought onboard executives Michael Eisner and Jeffery Katzenberg to fix the major problems the studio were having, they eventually bore success. Four of the five movies that came out between 1989 and 1994 instantly became animated classics that showed the world once again that this studio still had what it took to make amazing, good and relevant animated features even when many had written them off.

Tomoko: So "The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin" and "The Lion King"...what was the 5th?

Quinn: "The Rescuers Down Under" as I said prior. The studio had meager pickings in the Dark Age to pride about so my guess is they didn't even think "The Little Mermaid" was going to be as big as it was and thus "hey, let's do a Rescuers sequel".

Tomoko: "The Rescuers" had a sequel?

Quinn: (sighs) Do we have to go through that again?

Tomoko: I still assume that this movie was made independent and some other studio made "The Rescuers" with Disney picking up the sequel due to merging with it or something.

Taeko: (in box, huge eyes with both Henwen and Bianca plushies)

Quinn: Something tells me this is just going to be a running thing with you.

Hydie: (in box, surrounded by plushies of Flounder, Chip, Rajah and Timon with small dolls of Ariel, Belle and Jasmine behind her) Not me!

Quinn: (to herself) I wasn't asking you.

Tomoko: After "The Lion King" though...well they still made movies but really...

Quinn: Whether it be by overambition or the beginnings of fracture within the studio, particularly with Katzenberg leaving and how movies like "Pocahontas" were a bit too ambitious, the remaining period was still huge and successful but not quite the gold standard of the '89-'94 period. It still had great movies though like...

(Kiera dives right in dancing frantically in Esmeralda cosplay)

Quinn: Um...weren't you just Megara in the title card?

Kiera: What, that? I filmed that a bit ago; I also wanted to do this! So, do you know of any great "wonder boys" I can flirt with?

Quinn: And I thought she was supposed to be a sympathetic character. Remind me to dress up as Frollo when we get to that movie.

Hydie: (in box, with huge eyes as she appears in the more modest white dress Esmeralda appears in for the rest of the movie)

Quinn: Not you too.

Hydie: (in box) We are an oppressed people who must be given forgiveness by mercy of...

Quinn: (sighs) There is no "we", it's just a bunch of defective personalities that somehow have been screwed into thinking this way.

Hydie: (in box, huge eyes) But that's what the unbeliever sees!

Quinn: I'm not going to like when we get to "Hunchback", am I?

Tomoko: Anyway to make a long story short, stuff happened and then everything got sucked into a black hole and...

Quinn: Not again.

Tomoko: I don't really care about anything post-"Lion King" until...um...

Quinn: Um?

Tomoko: Just say what happened next and I'll get back to you.

Quinn: The last of this period is generally believed to be "Tarzan" in 1999, since by 2000 we had entered into...

(The image shows Brittany in full Kumako form wearing traditional Inuit garb like she's supposed to be Kenai)

38. Fantasia 2000 (2000)
39. Dinosaur (2000)
40. The Emperor's New Groove (2000)
41. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
42. Lilo and Stitch (2002)
43. Treasure Planet (2002)
44. Brother Bear (2003)
45. Home on the Range (2004)
46. Chicken Little (2005)
47. Meet the Robinsons (2007)
47.5. Enchanted (2007)
48. Bolt (2008)

Quinn: The general gist: the problems the studio had just kept getting worse and weirder as we entered into the new millennium. Eisner grew more out of touch and the studios priorities became more and more skewed and all over the place. The first year of this period alone had a new Fantasia meant to revive the original idea but not going anywhere, as well as "Dinosaur" which was the first CGI-based movie but used live action combined with computer animation so it wasn't really the first fully CGI movie; and then there was...well..."Empire of the Sun".

Tomoko: Never heard of that.

Quinn: That's because that movie had a ton of delays, changes in direction and problems to the point that it was eventually blown up and changed into some other movie about...llamas.

Tomoko: Llamas...do we have a llama girl around here?

Quinn: Yeah..."The Emperor's New Groove"...should be a bit of a headache when we get there. It wasn't helped that thanks to the emergence of CGI animated movies from studios like Dreamworks, Blue Sky and Disney's own partner Pixar that hand-drawn animated movies were increasingly being seen as passe. Eventually after several more movies, most of which were modest successes or bombs outside that weird "Lilo and Stitch".

Tomoko: Nope...still don't know...still don't care.

Quinn: They decided to go all in with CGI animation, leading to one of the most infamous movies they ever made...and I'm going to regret this..."Chicken Little".

Tomoko: (eyes light up) I KNOW THAT MOVIE, I KNOW THAT MOVIE! (starts singing) Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really, really want

Quinn: We're not doing that again.

Tomoko: Oh come on, you had fun with it last time.

Quinn: It was a promo; and when we get to that you're not going to make me do such a thing like that ever again.

Hydie: (in box) So should I make her sing it or shouldn't I...

Quinn: (to herself) And don't give her any ideas!

Tomoko: (on cell) This is actually a good soundtrack. So want to sing "We Are the Champions" instead...or "Don't Go Breaking My Heart?"

Taeko: (in box, cutely) I like "All I Know" but the original by Art Garfunkel.

Quinn: Even though the movie was successful, the damage was done and everyone wanted nothing to do with Eisner anymore. He was fired and Bob Iger took over the company; while Pixar head John Lassetter took over the animation division as the creative head. The last couple movies starts showing some changes and a beginning of their turnaround, from the studio finally breaking away from "realistic CGI" with "Meet the Robinsons" to the successful but sort-of forgotten "Truman Show"-esque road movie "Bolt" with John Travolta being nuts...and a talking dog somehow. However the real impact would finally emerge with...

(The image show Leela cosplaying as Anna in her adventure outfit notably seen with the downed braids)

49. The Princess and the Frog (2009)
50. Tangled (2010)
51. Winnie the Pooh (2011)
52. Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
53. Frozen (2013)
54. Big Hero 6 (2014)
55. Zootopia (2016)
56. Moana (2016)
57. Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)
57.5. Mary Poppins Returns (2018)
58. Frozen II (2019)

Tomoko: Yes, now this era I know about!

Quinn: It's tough to say whether or not this era is still going even now but for the most part you can say that the movies from '09 to '19 all have the Lassetter touch; sure he was kicked out due to his own bad behaviors and the Me Too movement, but you can say that the movies of this decade plus were all affected by him and that any movie beyond this probably will be a new era altogether.

Tomoko: Like the Renaissance, this movie was really affected by a huge variety of films, from the acknowledgement of the "Princess" line with a few more added in to some adventurous concepts and ideas including a video game world, a universe based on a comic book from acquired company Marvel Comics, and even a world discussing race relations by way of anthropomorphic animals!

Quinn: I'm a bit surprised you actually care about this period, Tomoko. I mean with how you were with some eras...

Tomoko: Can you admit I'm not as dumb as I let on?

Quinn: You're even dumber.

Tomoko: Right. (pauses before realizing what she said) WHAT!?

Taeko: (in box in a Rapunzel outfit with her head against a poll depressed like that one scene with massive hair falling down) Why am I even doing this?

Quinn: Sure there are some movies that probably are going to be more noticed as time goes on than others...

Hydie: (in box, herself dressed as Anna but in her coronation outfit with crown braid) I think I pull this better than Leela does.

Quinn: But that's why we're reviewing everything in the end. No matter how good, bad, obscure, bizarre and whatnot.

Tomoko: So...how do you feel as we prepare to dive in, Quinn.

Quinn: Mostly afraid of whatever hell Hydie's going to pull. I don't know what she will or won't do let alone all the people we do or don't know. Otherwise I really do want to do this mostly to sort of get my own feelings out there about a lot of these films.

Hydie: (in box, behind a wardrobe of familiar outfits) And I can't wait to show my feelings about them as well. (giggles)

Quinn: You?

Tomoko: Seriously, I come from the world you gaijin call anime and a lot of it was influenced by Disney. However, just because we have our Tetsuwan Atomu and our Gundam and our Sailor Moon and all the random light novels with super-long titles these days doesn't mean that a girl can't appreciate good animation when she sees it. I may not know or care about a lot of these movies but i do like a few of them and can't wait to see what I can say.

Taeko: (in box, still cuddling her Henwen and Miss Bianca dolls but as herself) I...think I'll see what I can do myself.

Quinn: Anyone else have anything to say.

Brittany: (off-screen) Can't wait to do this with you guys, especially you Quinn dear!

Quinn: Why did Hydie start such a name?

Heather: (appears in a monitor separate from the others) I'm a lock for "Bambi" and "The Fox and the Hound", everything else...well I hope Tomoko doesn't get too sensitive.

Tomoko: Sensitive about what?

Erica: I seriously hope guys like my Disney loves, I really want to show off how great I am!

Kiera: (in box) So do I. (giggles)

Betty: (appearing on camera) Are you sure you two are really up to this?

Quinn: Probably not, why ask?

Betty: Cause I got in a bet with this guy and he thinks that Ataru's not going to make it to the end. I think he said he'll probably stop about "Robin Hood".

Taeko: (in box, crying) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Quinn: Hmm..."Robin Hood"...yeah something tells me he'll lose interest by then. Tomoko?

Tomoko: They made a version of Robin Hood?

Quinn: Don't mind her, she's sort of...against the Dark Age.

Tomoko: I keep telling you, nothing was made during that period.

Betty: Well...good luck then, I'll be around to encourage you and make snide comments on occasion.

Quinn: Can't wait.

Tomoko: Well we better get going, then. We got a vault to raid!

Quinn: See you next time as we finally go into...the DISNEY VAULT!

(Closing Credits: "Little Wonders" from "Meet the Robinsons")

Act 00: Prologue

In truth, Tomoko has seen a few Dark Age movies...she just doesn't realize it yet.

For those who got this far, thanks and I hope you won't be disappointing by any of this.

From HLT Entertainment
A StrangerAtaru Company

Tomoko: So what movie are you excited to do?

Quinn: Eh, I have my favorites and ones I want to see. At least "Treasure Planet" which I hear is underrated. Maybe "Pinocchio". Obviously "Princess and the Frog"; which I actually say is one of the best.

Hydie: (in box, dreamy state) Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen...

Tomoko: Me...you're not going to believe this.

Quinn: Shoot, no one is watching.

Tomoko: "Ichabod and Mr Toad". I mean seriously, what I've heard about that movie...

Quinn: Which part?

Tomoko: Well, I don't know I just want to see it.

Taeko: (in box, cuddling Henwen back in her Eilonwy outfit) As long as you let me have "Black Cauldron", Tomoko, you can have whatever you want.

Tomoko: But seriously, if you find another co-host after "Jungle Book", I promise I'll be back once you hit "The Little Mermaid".

Taeko: (in box, in serious mode again) Does she really want me to do it again?

Quinn: (sighs) Whatever you say, Tomoko.

Hydie: (in box) I can't wait to see you again, Taeko!


(Randy Newman's "Short People" starts playing in the background)

Quinn: So if you were a dwarf, what would your name be?

Tomoko: My name? Oh obviously "Beauty", because I am the farest of them all.

Quinn: Heh, you? And isn't Beauty the name of some other girl?

Tomoko: Not that I know of.

Quinn: Seriously, there's a princess named Beauty. Belle is the French word for "Beauty"!

Tomoko: But Beauty isn't taken!

Quinn: But that's what I'm saying! "Belle" is basically "Beauty!" They even say it in the song!

Tomoko: Because I'm beautiful.

Quinn: Yeah, on the outside, old hag.

Tomoko: (aggrevated) WHAT WAS THAT!?


Taeko: (in box, blushing) I'd be Bashful.

Hydie: (in box) Can I be Happy?

Quinn: Weren't those taken?