The name's Chief Carl Kirschenbaum. I'm the husband, and occasional partner of Barefoot Jenny, private eye. This little incident occurred when we were single, and I was just a lowly lieutenant.

We were to go out to dinner together. I met her at her office at 5:00PM.

"Hi, Jenny."

"Hi, Carl. Soon as I put my shoes on, I'll be ready."

"Must you put your shoes on?"

She smiled. "Yes, I must! Do you have reservations for this place?"

"No, we don't really need them."

"Good. Because, if it's OK with you, I REALLY would like to take a little bubble bath, before we go."

"Sure, that's fine."


I drove her to her house (she left her car at her office) and we got out and came in.

"You can watch TV, while I take my bath. And if you're hungry, or thirsty, you can take what you want from my kitchen. Oh, and there's a bathroom downstairs, if you need it."


She sent upstairs. I sat on the couch and watched TV.

30:00 later, she called me from upstairs. I got up and went to the stairs.

"Yeah, Jenny?"

"Could you help zip up my dress, please?"


I went upstairs into her bedroom. She wasn't there, but from the bathroom, I heard her say, "I'm in here." So, I went in—and was treated to a wonderful sight!

She wasn't putting on her clothes; she was still in the tub—totally encased in soap suds!

"You're not wearing your dress!"


"You brought me up here on false pretenses!"

"You're gonna write me up a ticket, Officer?"

"I'm gonna bust you!"

"While you're at it, why don't you massage my feet!"

She draped her soapy feet over the side, and I sat down and began massaging them. While doing this, I made myself comfortable; I took my coat off, loosened my tie, even took my shoes off. Seeing me do this, she smiled.

"Jenny, I have a question: Did you plan all this?"

"Who, me?"

"Yeah, you!"

"I have no comment, until I talk with my lawyer!"

"Smart girl! Well, perhaps you didn't plan on THIS!"

I took my socks and tie off. Then I joined her in the tub—with the rest of my clothes on!

Why did I do this? I'm not quite sure! A spur-of-the-moment idea.

She smiled. "No, I didn't plan on you doing that!"

"Oh, damn!"

I pulled my wet wallet out of my wet pants pocket! She roared with laughter!

We stayed at her place, that night, and she cooked me dinner.