You're cute. You're funny. You're kind. Since I've met you, my days have been brighter. But I see you with him, and I know he fits better then I. The ease you talk, the jokes that make you laugh, the things I can't. We share a lot in common, you and I. But you're too good for me. You deserve a better friend then I. We can laugh, we can talk. But he makes you smile. And that's ok. My heart may ache, my soul cry out. But seeing you happy makes it worthwhile. I wish it weren't this way, but who am I to decide what makes you smile or frown, laugh or cry? You are you, after all. And that's alright.

You spent the night, and so did he. You two watched a movie, while I did my thing. I hope you're happy, cause then I am too. My heart may ache, my soul cry out. Your smile is so bright, the shadow I cast long. You and him get along so well, I just don't fit. The tears I hide, The ache in my heart. Just don't matter when I see you smile. As long as you're happy, as long as you don't cry. Then it doesn't matter, weather my heart aches. You should be happy, with friends you mesh, then with someone like me, who doesn't just right fit.

...I really have to thank my brother from another mother and our new friend for the inspiration for this. Please, tell me what you think. And should I even try to turn this into a song? lol