1 I see you in the crowd. I don't know name, but you caught my eye. How can you look so beautiful, with that fake smile? Do those who stand next to you see it too? I can see your boredom, through the mask. Do they care for you, or do they want to use you I wonder?

2 I see you, above the crowd, I hear the rumors. Who are you truly, to carry such sorrow in your eyes? You've been through a lot; you've seen too much. Come with me, let me in. Tell me who you are, show me your core.

1 My past is dark and scary. Will you still care about me if I showed you, or will you run? How can I show the one I care for my pain? My past is dark, my past is bleak. You can't know, you can't see. You saved me; I can't lose you. Thank you for sticking to me, for being my friend./

2 You call me friend, but you lack trust. I see you're scarred I see your pain. I want to heal you, one scar at a time. I'll ease you're mind, let you rest. Trust in me, lay down your walls. You are my friend, trust in me. I will show you the light, that shines from a true friend.

Just a little back-and-forth based off of my characters from my comic Strike My Heart. Find it on Webtoons.