August 12th of the year 2271, Koenig Memorial hospital, the screaming of a newborn sent chills down the spines of the nurses. He stood there looking at his newborn son. He knew instantly the name, one of such rarity that he would probably be the only person to receive that name this entire year. The father held his son, turned away from the woman who birthed him, and proclaimed his son's name, Eustace Narayana. The boy continued to cry. His father turned back towards the mother. He barely knew the mother, just another woman who thought he would care. The only difference was she bore his first son.

August 15th of the year 2281, three days after Eustace's tenth birthday, again at Koenig Memorial hospital. Constance was dead. Eustace looked at his mother laying there on the bed, blood coming out of her. The doctor said it was a rare condition, one that hadn't been seen in nearly 200 years. There was nothing they could do for her, her body just suddenly started bleeding everywhere, out of all orifices. The bleeding was sudden, having occurred while her and Eustace were shopping together for school supplies. Already at ten years old Eustace was widely considered to be a prodigal in alchemic sciences. He needed new supplies for transmutations though. The supplies weren't cheap, but Eustace's father never cared about the price if his son was the best at what he did. Eustace was in line to become the best alchemic scientist to ever study the field. Eustace and his mother never got into the store to look for supplies. As soon as they exited the car, his mother let out a loud scream and the blood had started pouring out of her. Eustace panicked. Eustace had an obsession and his mother was the only one who understood it. She was the rock of his life, but now she was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Eustace didn't want to use alchemy to turn charcoal to gold. To him that was child's play and foolish. His obsession was more sophisticated in his mind. He wanted to create one of the scariest creatures of ancient cultures, the Chimera. He found in a book of alchemy theory that creating life through alchemy was possible. Eustace may not have been born destined to be a mage, wielding magic, but he was born with the knowledge to work this scientific branch of magic.

May 9th of the year 2290, Alric Alchemic Science Preparatory school, Eustace was walking the stage. It was his graduation time. His hair was long, dark, dyed with white streaks on the sides in honor of his mother. Ever since her funeral he had delved into periods of heavy depression where the only thing he would do was read, studying ancient mythology and alchemy. His father left him to it. His father never paid him any attention. Eustace looked around the building and he wasn't there. Eustace was graduating from the top alchemy school in the world with the best grades that any student had ever had, and his father wasn't even there. Eustace didn't care though. Eustace never talked to anybody. Few people had heard him utter so much as a single word since his mother died.

July 7th of the year 2301, an unnamed and unmapped laboratory in snowy mountains far to the north of Eustace's place of birth. Eustace works alone, attempting to create a creature. He never expected it to be this difficult. Everything else he had attempted worked without issue. It had been eleven years since he graduated; five years since he moved to this hidden laboratory. It took six years to get ran out of the Alchemic community. To Eustace, they were backwards thinking fools with no vision for innovation. The community thought Eustace was lost, unable to tell the difference between what was possible and what was just a pipedream. In his dissertation, Eustace theorized that through a new field of alchemy, one he dubbed Organic Alchemy, he could achieve the creation of life similarly to the way the mages of the colleges created life. The community unwillingly gave him the doctorate. They felt his theory was sound, and that the possibility of Organic Alchemy was an interesting subject, but still logically impossible. There was just not any evidence that life through alchemy was possible. They also knew that Eustace's knowledge of Alchemic science warranted the Ph.D. They quickly excommunicated him from the Alric Alchemic Society, the premier society for graduates from the similarly named Alric Alchemic Science Preparatory school. Only one out of every ten-thousand students were permitted to join this society.

It was this night in July however that Eustace's sanity finally broke. After nineteen years of teetering on the edge of insanity, he crossed that line. There was a slight barking noise. Only Eustace heard it however, alone in his laboratory. There was a dead goat behind the pane of glass he was looking at. A small leathery figure suddenly jumped up, moving much faster than Eustace had expected, it landed on the goat. Eustace began laughing manically, he had succeeded in creating life through alchemy. He had dreamed of this moment. It was not the Chimera he wanted to create, but it was the first step of the process. His mother's memory would be honored. As he heard sucking sounds coming from where this monster was on top of the goat, Eustace's mind was at last, truly and permanently broken.