"You cannot manifest something from nothing." A weathered and tired man spoke aloud. The small group that surrounded him seemed very much to be paying attention to his every word.

"I am Andro and I will be your teacher." Andro balled a fist up, quickly bringing it to his mouth to cover a cough. He relaxed his arms before returning to his thoughts. "I will teach you everything you need to know about magic and its applications."

"First and foremost, who can tell where magic comes from?" The old teacher raised an eyebrow as he scanned the room.

All of the students seemed nervous to answer, many of which shifted uneasily in their seats as Andro's gaze passed over them. After a minute in silence, his eyes landed on a slender young man, looking no more than seventeen years of age.

Andro gestured his leathery hand towards him. "You there, give me an answer."

The young man spoke softly, obviously nervous for being called on. "Magic comes from inside us, those of us who have magical abilities have a well of magical energy that we tap into to allow us to perform magic."

"What is your name boy?" Andro narrowed his eyes at the young man.

"My names Gideon sir."

"Gideon, you are correct." Andro began pacing back and forth in front of his students, his brown robe gently flowed behind him. "However, I may have specified a little more. Where does magic come from? Why do we have magical abilities?"

This time, a young girl raised her hand. She looked just older than Gideon did, however, was two and a half hands shorter than him. "Proceed miss?"

"Elizabeth sir." She seemed a little more nervous than Gideon about answering. "Magic comes from our lineage. Commonly believed to be a gift from the gods."

Andro closed his eyes and nodded in approval. "Good, good, yes." He quickly opened his eyes, with a look to give even the most seasoned soldier a chill. "However, while that is the most commonly accepted belief, there is another that you will never hear about, which I personally believe."

Spreading out his hands, Andro conjured a small flame in both palms. "Some of us believe magic is a Primal force. The essense left behind after existence was birthed." He closed his hands, the fire began to dim as he did til they were nothing more.

"Many prefer to believe that the gods are responsible for bestowing this gift upon us. Though, considering we manipulate the natural elements of the world, one would find it impossible to prove either to be true or false."

Gideon leaned forward in his seat, paying closer attention to the words Andro was speaking.

Andro continued his speech. "Contrary to popular myths and legends, magic users don't require wands or staves to cast. No ridiculous incantations to memorize." He stopped pacing, and gave one more look across his students. "To use their magical abilities, one must have the will to do so."

Elizabeth raised her hand once again, this time a little less nervous. "What about the well of magical energy?"

Andro smiled at his inquisitive student. "What we call the 'well of magical energy', is simply the energy we have stored in our bodies that allow us to use magic."

"The energy must come somewhere, and you must have the will power to perform whatever it is you are trying to achieve." Andro walked slowly behind his desk, leaning over and propping himself up with both hands.

"When this well of energy is depleted, your body will grow tired. Continuing to use magic after this point, will age your body and eventually you will die." Andro smiled once more, drawing a little uneasiness among the class. "You cannot manifest something from nothing, and here at the Alabaster Tower, I will teach you the fundamentals of magic."