Clouds stretched across the sky, blocking out most light from the sun. The thirteen students were once more gathered in the field. Another day of training their magical abilities. Andro stood out in front of all of them. A week has passed since his students began learning to cast spells, with half catching on fairly quickly, the other half still struggled it seemed.

After his talk with Gideon, there seemed to be a renewed sense of pride within him. Gideon has come along further the last few days than since he first started. Able to conjure his affinity at will, though still having some trouble casting it.

Elizabeth seemed more confident than ever, easily conjuring both her affinities simultaneously as well as manipulating them. She had also learned a few minor spells, practicing every chance she got.

Kirsa was just as serious as ever, though among the wind users of her class, she has taken great strides ahead of them. Able to her affinity to lift herself off the ground, floating for extended periods of time.

Chloe, while able to conjure and manipulate her own affinity, still has trouble maintaining focus to allow herself to really cast any spells. Though through her persistence, appears to have Kirsa warming up to her.

Tyron on the other hand has gained complete control over his fire, able to cast spells most students take years to use. Possibly partly due to the confrontation with Gideon, his focus is ever more present.

Wyn has yet to learn in other spells, or even conjuring or manipulating her affinity. She is always prepared now, in the unfortunate instances, should her classmates end up injured in some way. Due to her light affinity, Andro has no real knowledge to help guide her.

Andro stood proudly in front of his class. Knowing full well, they have each come a long way since their first day here. Finally all eyes were on him. "Alright class, today we will be doing something a little different."

"I understand you have all got into your own routines, and have those you prefer working with." The entirety of the class already seemed to know where Andro was going. "To further grow, it is important to step outside your comfort zone, to do that, I will assign each of you a partner."

"First will be Mister Gideon and Mister Bradley, please step forward." Both young men moved in front of Andro. "Both of you are earth users, so I feel you two will learn a lot from each other." They both nodded together, then proceeded to move to an empty patch of the field.

"Next I would like Miss Chloe and Mister Erwin to step forward." Chloe almost skipped to the front of the class, while the small blonde Elf slowly made his way beside her. "Being both water users, I'm hoping one of you will learn more about their affinity, and the other learns to be more focused." Without any delay, Chloe took Erwin by the arm, pulling him to their own empty party of the field.

"Mister Christopher and Mister Stephen will be partnered. You both do well with fire, with luck you will learn from each other." Christopher seemed surprised by this decision, but followed Stephen away from everyone else.

"Now Mister Tyron will be partnered with Miss Arian." Tyron looked over to the small woman across the class, who in return stared down at the ground. "Another pair of fire users who can teach each other." Tyron shook his head, and made his way away from the class with Arian following closely.

"I would also like Kirsa and Jaren to partner up." Kirsa quietly accepted Andro's wish. Jaren looked as though he wanted to speak up, but Andro's gaze kept him from it. "Last we have Elizabeth and Morwen."

Elizabeth moved over to the young woman standing alone. Both stood at the same height, and aside from Morwens curly brown hair, could be mistaken as her twin.

"Now that you are all partnered up, how you go about continuing to learn and train your magic, is up to you." Andro folded his hands in front of him and began pacing back and forth. "However, there will be no attacking one another, such things are to be saved when you have more control over your abilities."

With that, the class was free to do as they pleased. Gideon looked over at Bradley, who had a serious look on his face. "So, where should we begin?"

Bradley's serious looked faded into a smile. "Definitely not at the beginning!" He held one hand over the ground. "How about we show off first?" Almost as soon as he finished speaking, the ground beneath Bradley turned into quicksand, swallowing him quickly.

Gideon was stunned in place, staring at the spot Bradley was just standing. One step forward, and suddenly Bradley's voice was behind him. "Didn't know you could do that?"

Gideon turned and Bradley was brushing dirt off his shoulder. "Not at all, I didn't think that was even possible."

"It's possible, you just have to make sure you hold your breath, also helps knowing where you want to go, because once you're under the ground, you aren't going to be able to see very well."

Gideon shook his head in disbelief. "All I'm capable of is making a crude egg, and even that's dependent on what's happening."

"Youll get there." Bradley gave a big smile. "Just, believe that the earth is your domain, you command it and will it however you see fit."

Gideon reluctantly held both hands out. After a brief moment of quiet, suddenly the ground beneath him began to stir. It began rising up to meet his hands, slowly encasing them both.

"See you can do it, just have to put your mind to it." Bradley followed his lead, holding his own hands out, calling the earth up to him. "Now form it, bend it, make it your own." He turned his hands to each other, having the dirt he was manipulating come together, twisting and merging until it became a perfectly smooth stone sphere. "The earth can be stubborn, but once you believe you're it's master, it will do anything for you."

Gideon nodded, then put his focus back to his own hands. Turning them over, he clenched his fist tight, then the dirt followed his lead. At first forming simple cocoons around his fist, then becoming more and more dense, became his fist themselves. Gideon looked at both of his, now stone, fist with pride. "Well that's something new."

"And impressive." Bradley took his stone sphere in his own hands, passing it lightly back and forth. "So why don't we see what they can do?" Then without hesitation, he tossed the sphere at Gideon.

As the sphere moved quickly towards him, Gideon pulled a fist back, then slammed into the oncoming object. A loud crack made its way out, as his fist struck the sphere, shattering it into pieces. As the small stone pieces fell to the ground, the stone around Gideon's fist turned back into loose dirt. "Looks like they can at least pack a punch."

Bradley watched in a approval. "I can definitely see that, remind me not to get on the wrong side of a fist fight with you."

"Now let's see what else you can do?" Giving a sly smile, Bradley held his hands out with his palms pointed upward. Five more stone spheres appeared in the air, circling around him like small moons.

With a nod of approval, Gideon brought his fist up, encasing them in stone once again. Then changing his stance into a fighting position, the spheres shot towards him.

One by one, Gideon smashed into each stone, shattering them into pieces. Each one turned to dust that lingered in the air. Finally, turning the final sphere to dust, Gideon swept his hands around him, turning the stone covering his fist into dust. The lingering dust twisted its way around him, gathering into Gideon's hand, and almost as quickly, formed into a crude stone spear.

With a look of shock, Bradley held his hands up in surrender. "The is quite impressive. You just took my own magic, and used it against me."

The crude spear crumbled into dust once more, as Gideon stood up straight. "I just felt a tug, like I could feel the magical energy and could move it." He thought back on his last encounter with Tyron. "This isn't the first time this happened."

"Talking about with that fireball the other day?" Bradley stretched and yawned, getting noticeably tired since they started. "I honestly thought that was just a fluke. You are one surprising individual Gideon."

"And you look like one tired individual." Gideon gave a small chuckle. "You done for the day?"

Bradley gave a nod of affirmation. "Yeah, seems the well has run dry. I just can't seem to use a lot of magic at once."

"You'll get there, if earth magic has taught me anything, the users can be as stubborn as the ground itself." Gideon stretched his hands to the sky, feeling a small wave of exhaustion hitting him.

Bradley laughed loudly at Gideon's comment. "You don't have to tell me that, I already know."