Her mistress pulled

from every end.

The porcelain doll

lies broken.

Her glossy face now

smatched and stained;

Her cloth-wrapped

stitched heart, open.

Her reddish locks were

straitened clean;

Her fine dress

sports an odor.

Her head removed

from bod and limbs;

Her teary blue

eyes, swollen.

The sleepy panda

and singing clown

sat stoic as she

cried out.

Then spoke of their

own present doom;

"She did the same

to us."

"Your looks are no

longer beautiful."

They mumbled

with regret.

"A fair new peach

now claims your

seat inside the

glass case chest."

"So when her toys

no longer shine,

she'll search

of a new belle."

"We dread to tell

you'll grieve and

now dwell inside

the closet shelf."

written on: August 28, 2019