"Let's take a quick break." A young woman with burgundy hair said in the middle of her final consultation of the day.

The couple seemed grateful for the break, Kole walked briskly towards her office where she could ride out the discomfort. Just as the door clicked the pain crashed over her body like waves against the rocks, heat running through her veins like lava down a mountain side after an eruption. Each episode worse than the last, more excruciating; the heat and pain sent her reeling as she gripped onto a chair, clutching the back of the chair. Groaning as her body burned like the Sahara, her body yearned for the touch of someone she refused to admit she needed.

Taking slow, deep breaths she fell to the floor opening her blouse to reveal a burning red plunge bra to let cool air rush her burning skin as her pencil skirt slid up her generous thighs. Stopping just at the top of her stockings, the burning started to focus and migrate at the apex of her thighs, Kole began counting back from ten. By the time she reached one, the pain, the heat will be gone. Just as she had hoped the burning was all but gone, but tolerable. Letting out a sigh of relief just as her assistant landed a soft knock at the door.

"Kole, is everything alright? The Kendricks are ready for you." Sam said though the door.

Kole composed herself, straightening and buttoning her blouse and fixing her skirt she walked out to finish the wedding prep due to take place within the next month. Pinks and Blues were in high demand for this sleeping beauty themed wedding. Kole adored princess themes, they challenged her mentally, her inner cartoon enthusiast. By the end of the consult Kole was thrilled that her burning had not returned. She'd been dealing with this burning since she was seventeen, no matter what her doctors tried they couldn't seem to subside the burning, pills, shots, nothing would make it go away medically. Kole would burn several times a year, the burning seemed to be getting worse with each passing day and with her twenty-fifth birthday fast approaching she wasn't sure what to expect.

Going back to her office she saw a small memo on her desk.

"Sam, did I get any calls while I was with the Kendricks?" Kole asked picking up the orange paper with just the name Mathis and an address.

"Yes, an Aiden Mathis called he said he could help you with your burning." Sam said confused as she handing Kole a couple files for Monday's clients.

"No number so I'll swing by the address on my way home to see what the occasion is." Kole told her as she put the files into her bag.

On the drive Kole thought about the name, she knew exactly who Aiden Mathis was. Aiden Mathis was her mate; the only person on this world who could remove the burning. She came to terms with it when she was twenty, Kole just simply refused to succumb to the way other women had to men like him, a shifter. She would rather suffer through the burning than leave her career behind to be some animal's sex toy for the rest of her life. Only being there for when the burn came. Though during some of her episodes she wouldn't mind Aiden's engorged appendage pounding her into oblivion. The pain replaced with a rhythmic pulsating pleasure, the dance of the gods, her body humming with the pleasure only Aiden could bring her other than the burning pain that was there when she was alone.

Adjusting in her seat at the thought of what Aiden could do to her body, at the idea of having Aiden inside her again. She could already tell that her panties were soaked, fuck, seems like a cold shower tonight.

Pulling up to the gates Kole pressed the call button and the gates opened immediately, he knew she would come home. As he watched her jeep came rolling up the drive he was done living without his mate, without Kole by his side. He would offer a compromise since she enjoyed working. He just hoped she took the deal.

Parking the jeep in front of the steps Kole got out and stood on the other side of the hood looking up at Aiden.

"Nothing has changed Aiden, I don't want to quit my job, I don't want to be some barefoot and pregnant contessa stay at home house wife." Kole said as he made his way down the steps.

"I'm aware of that, but how about a compromise. I know you want to work, I admire that, but I want you to move in. Work from here. Be with me." Aiden offered leaning on the hood of the car.

"If I move in you'd just try to make me leave my job anyway. "

"I know your body burns for me. Come and live with me, have relief for your burning everyday. Be my mate, my wife."

"But my job." Kole started as she came around the front of her jeep.

"Keep it, have an office here. Design it how you want." Aiden told her coming around to meet her.

"None of that mahogany shit. I need to show that I am creative, mahogany doesn't say creative, it says boring. But what about when we have kids?" Kole said walking closer.

"You'd work from here more, the kids would be here with you. But you could still go to the venues with or without the kids. I'd work from home too, to help out. Kole all in all I'd do anything to have u here with me. To have you in my life." Aiden said pulling her into his arms.

She could feel the misting in her eyes. He was willing to do so much just to keep her in his life, this declaration made her feel warm...really warm.

"Aiden." Kole whispered.

"Yes." He said his lips hovering mere inches from hers.

"I'm burning." Was all she had to say and his lips crashed against hers.

Aiden had Kole pressed against the grill of the jeep as he tore open her blouse to reveal the red lace bra, she felt the grumble in his chest of appreciation. Red was his favorite color and the lace was so thin she could feel the callous scrapping against her nipples as he kneaded her breasts like two mounds of dough. While one had gripped and massaged her breast the other moved down to here thigh and lifted her leg to wrap around his hip, pressing his swollen Jean clad shaft against her pussy. She moaned into his mouth. She wanted the fabric gone, wanted to feel his length inside her. Lifting her other leg she wrapped herself around his waist. Grinding herself against him she could explode like this, but she wanted him here and now. Hard and fast.

"Aiden." Kole moaned breathless.

"Thought you'd never ask." He said knowing full well what she wanted, needed.

Letting her lean back on the hood of her jeep he released himself from the confines of his jeans. Kole moaned as his cock hit her swollen clit. She needed him inside her, Aiden reached down and slid her soaking panties aside sliding the head of his cock along her slit, she was soaking wet and ready for him. Aiden watched Kole as he slid inside, nice and slow. Her body gripped him tight, never wanting to release him again, the euphoria playing across her face as he entered her body, inch by throbbing inch. Kole moaning every inch that entered her body.

Kole shivered as Aiden settled inside her, letting her body get used to his thick girth once again. She moaned his name and he made his first full thrust. They both moaned and when he felt her body was finally ready, he bit her neck and began thrusting hard against her, Kole growled clawing at his back leaving deep claw marks even through his shirt. With a snarl Aiden licked the spot he had bitten and took another bite just inches lower. Marks already visible as he pounded into her. Kole soon returned the bites of her own leaving much smaller marks than Aiden had intended to leave on her body.

Sweat dripping from their bodies, Kole screamed with her final orgasm, the scream echoing through the forest. The passion in the kiss that followed was nothing compared to the animal that had been released while Aiden took his mate for the first time in years.

"Your birthday I will take more time to worship your body." Aiden said in between kissing her.

Kole giggled, "I'll hold you to that Mr. Mathis."

Smiling he carried his mate back inside so as to ravish her again and again through the night.