Laying in bed I contemplated my choices if I should have gone to the Plantation with my friends or if I was making the right choice in staying home to work. Large clients were coming in today, I just wish it wasn't during Season. With that thought my phone buzzed on my nightstand. Picking it up I saw the PSA flashing at me.


Placing my phone back on my nightstand I placed my fingers on my chest where the brand was. Since I was born under venus I had a circle with horns on my chest with a small infinity symbol in the center. Which translated to my being a Taurus and I was available during all seasons. Something stupid my friends and I did in college, drunk in college but the Elder Were counsel doesn't take that into consideration when they see your astrology branded on your chest. My friends worked at the Plantation year round and since it doubled as a orchard that was normal, until males were released into the grounds to find a partner during their stay. I'd worked there a few summers to pay for school and had the same patron, but when I left I didn't have as many people calling on me as the Plantation owner had warned me of, since he was the only one who could keep me safe. I loved my job, the heating that came over me was ignorable, any one who gets the mark is given a pill or injection to cause the heating during Season. So long as this life didn't interfere with my job as a secretary for an advertisement firm, my boss didn't care that I was marked as basically a whore with a larger purpose. At least that's how my mother, whom was a human contact on counsel, described me when I came home for holidays or family functions.

Getting dressed I wore a v-neck blouse and a pencil skirt with six inch heels, looking in the mirror and my eyes rested on that marker. I followed rules my whole life, but I wanted to break this rule, hopefully the clients would ignore it and take the presentation seriously. Running to catch the train I ran past pack members who were pinged that a marked human was close and so long as they didn't hit locate I was safe to keep running since I was already late. Once I got to my office I prepared the presentation and my boss came out of his office and grimaced when he saw my mark exposed, we had an understanding, my mark was hidden by concealer or a shirt unless it was that time. He knew the laws and I had two choices: obey his rules with the mark and keep my job or freely go to the Plantation and lose my job and any chance of getting it back. So I obeyed his rules and kept my job, so long as I didn't hear my phone screaming or buzzing because someone was trying to locate me, if and whenever that happened I had to leave to find somewhere private since I'd begin to warm and well the saying any port in the storm had proven true on more than one occasion.

Standing in the conference room I was placing the folders on the table when a wave of desire washed over me. No, no, not now! I bit my lip as my phone buzzed in my pocket. Opening up the alert it was in bright bold letters.

ALPHA ALERT! Please be prepared for locator activation.

Fuck! Clients we're due any second and I couldn't bail, I looked at my boss and he saw the alert on my phone.

"I'll take full blame but you have a job to do, Sam. If he selects you, press delay." He demanded.

"Yes, sir." I said laying my phone screen down on the table as the door opened.

"My apologies, my assistant won't be joining us today. Season started this morning and he was already gone." A man with a thick mane of hair said as he rushed the room.

Alpha! My body screamed as he brushed by me, clutching the folders I felt my body burn like the fires of hell were inside me. Looking up I saw his nostrils flare, he knew.

"Let's get this under way, I have several appointments to keep, one particular I don't want to keep waiting in discomfort." He said taking a seat and giving me s deep searing look.

Taking a deep breath, I calmed my body and the idea of the Plantation was suddenly an amazing idea. Sitting next to the Alpha I could feel the heat radiating off of him, I had to look between the screen and my boss to keep my focus. I knew this alpha and I knew him well. He used to frequent the Plantation when I was in college, at first he never took anyone form the Plantation, never once, than I came across him in the peach orchard. It had been my day to harvest them and he was up in one of the trees eating one of the peaches. I'd been marked as his every summer since, but when I didn't return after I'd graduated like my friends had, I received a call from the owner asking if I'd come back and he'd pay me double for my time. I'd just gotten the job with Lingo Advertising and I wasn't about to make a bad impression by choosing a pack obligation over what I'd studied to do for years. My phone hadn't alerted me that I was being requested so I denied an Alpha's request, something had had terrified me, but it hadn't been a virtual request or a face to face so I couldn't be held liable for the denial.

At the end of the presentation I excused myself to go outside for a break to breath, I left my boss and the Alpha in the room and when I was in the parking garage I stopped in at the ledge and took a deep calming breath leaning on one of the pillars. My chest was burning, my body was on fire. I wanted to petition to have this removed but I knew another 7 seasons would pass before it was approved, only way out would be if I had been marked as a mate permanently, either just during seasons or when they needed release or as a life mate. Being human that wasn't a high possibility.

Standing on the ledge I felt a dominant presence and I'd been trained at the Plantation to turn and face them with pleasure on my mind and in my body, but I had been in the human world for so long I'd been able to fight the urge to turn around.

"You deny yourself of something so natural to you as it is to me." A deep voice said from behind me.

I felt his hand on top of mine as it rest on the pillar. The electricity running through my body was more stimulation than I cared to admit, I couldn't breath, I couldn't think, nothing seemed to be working or keeping me calm.

"I have to have normality. This isn't natural for humans, this forced heat, the need" I trailed off as his other hand touched my arm.

I could feel he was fighting a change, while wolves were controlled by a full moon and season, werelions were controlled by emotions and pure power. I'd only laid with lions, particularly this lion. His claws were growing, I wanted him to mark me again and I'd take time off. I could go to the Elder council and I'd get another job, one that was more understanding when it came to marks and the Seasons.

"To mate." He growled in my ear two seconds before he ripped his hand over my left bicep leaving a mark right over the old scar.

I let out a moan over a scream, the contact, even though rough, was a release for the electricity bouncing around in my body. Turning back to the alpha his eyes had changed and his demeanor was all but collected. It was normal since the bill was passed for pack and pride members to take a marked mate in the streets, or in a public place. Still illegal for two humans but with the weres it was legal because when the heating hit a female it was almost painful and if not reduced to a manageable sensation could be lethal. So it was normal to see and so long as you were quick about it or if you weren't quick but discreet. I'd seen couples on the bus using the bumps to their advantage so as not to draw attention. A well trained mate could make little to no noise but their facial expressions spoke volumes.

My body called to his in a way that made me want to cut the brand off myself but I needed the elders to stop the heating which was just another shot to calm my body and my nerve endings so I could function in the human world, but there were permanent after affects: you felt the warming's tingle as if it were about to take over your life once more.

"I will petition for the removal if you do not want this anymore." He said looking down at me as he saw the war of emotions on my face.

"I want you, if not one last time." I said softly as my lips brushed against his.

With the the contact and consent initiated his hands gripped my ass and lifted me into the air and onto the bannister, the only barrier keeping us from the 8th floor plummet but added to the arousal of being almost suspended in mid air. I heard the tearing of fabric and saw the remains of my shirt and my silk bra flutter down to the streets below and my skirt was torn open and he admired his handy work.

"I'll replace the garments." He said before placing his hands and mouth on my bare sensitized skin.

I let out a soft moan as he sank his teeth into my neck while his hands kneaded my breasts, his right hand, after pinching and pulling on my nipple, trailed down my body leaving a searing path to the my waist. As part of guidelines you had the choice of wearing panties and having them destroyed or going without to you may get straight to business. The rumbling that vibrated down my body from his moan of approval when he could feel my bare wet pussy calling for his touch, rough, hard. Demanding and when his fingers slipped inside me I leaned back over the stone wall.

"So slick, so delicious." He said as he licked his fingers.

"Take me. Please I need to feel you filling me." I pleaded and heard the silent whisper of his zipper.

"As you wish." He said and I could hear the smile.

It had been so long since I'd had a partner, I prepared myself for the stretch as he entered my body. He kept a firm grip on my hips as he filled me to my core, growls echoed off the walls at his delight of the tight vise grip my body had on his. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he began thrusting into me. The first thrust was felt to my toes, after he began pounding into my body. I screamed out as his claws dug into my hips, and his cock took every inch of my body. Each thrust deeper than the last, I called out to the elders and begged for him to fuck me harder, faster. Growling he pulled from me and jerked me from the ledge bending me over the closest car.

Before entering me again he slapped my ass and the action echoed through the garage and he entered me again. Each thrust hitting my cervix and sending me into euphoria. I felt his hand trail around and place his middle finger on my protruding clit, pressing in he rubbed my clit causing my hips to jerk against his.

"Oh. Gods. I'm." I moaned seconds before my climax sent me reeling over the edge.

Falling to the floor of the garage I realized the car I was against was his, he got into the trunk and handed me a pair of pants and a dress shirt. Getting dressed and wrapping my arm in a bandage he passed me his business card.

"Call me after the season, I have something a little more permanent for you." He said and left.

I blushed when I realized he'd filled my cervix and there was no cum running down my leg, without a doubt I'd turn up pregnant by the end of the week and any other male would sense it. He'd spared me the remainder of the season and hopefully taken me off the market. Literally.