Hey guys, it's me back with a new story! Well, not really a story, story, I suppose. More like a challenge that I came up with! I'm sure you've heard of the 100 prompts and themes challenge from places like and others right? Well, I'm going to tackle that myself! However, I'm going way beyond 100. I have 1,000 and counting! I doubt I'll be able to finish this, but I'm going to try my best.

The first one I'm tackling is for my Cloudlanders story. I'll be using this challenge for a lot of my stories so I hope you guys enjoy! And yes, I'm well aware you all will probably be confused on the characters and setting since I don't have Cloudlanders done yet or even posted, but this gives you a taste of what to expect from the main story. XD

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this challenge and collection of one-shots, drabbles, small arcs, and whatever else I decide to do with it. Maybe add in a secret plot? -wink, wink-

Sit back and enjoy the introduction!

A pair of green eyes gazed out at the hyper and active bunch that were racing about Cloudlands. Their joyous and playful laughter echoing through the land high in the sky as they played their silly little game. They were having fun; something that went beyond the eyes watching them play idly in the shadows of the Academy.

"You aren't going to join them?"


Lunet scurried down the snout of her friend, golden eyes meeting emerald. "I thought that was the whole reason Aythnar sent you here so that you could make some new friends?" the black spyder reminded gently.

"I know. But he's not here right now so what's it matter? It's not like he's going to find out I disobeyed his wishes?"

The little helper rolled her eyes at the comment. "Didn't Adon say that he was going to be sending your process to your master? Aren't you the least bit worried?"

"No, I'm not. Why should I believe a word of what that old wizard has to say?"

"Because the old wizard is standing right behind you."

At the new found information, Coalra spun around to see that Adon was indeed behind her. He was tall with pale skin dressing up in a long robe the color of royal blues and reds with a matching pointed hat. He had a golden staff with a crystal ball the color of rubies that sparkles and crackled with magic. He had a long white bread that came to his chest, akin to a hairy whip. His pale blue eyes held many years of wise and stories of hardships and wars, but also gentle and caring, like a grandpa caring for his grandchildren.

"I see you're not hanging out with the other students again," the headmaster spoke with his gruff and raspy voice. He sounded displeased by the events, but not surprised in the slightest.

A puff of azure colored embers came from her maw. "I don't want to hang out with them," the dragoness retorted. "I'm fine with being on my own, Adon."

She refused to call him Master. Everyone else at the Academy did as he was the one teaching them, training them to fight the forces of darkness that would threaten the world as they knew it. But he wasn't. Not to her and he never would be. The only one that had the right to be called anything of great power was her teacher back home. Not this old coot.

"Coalra, we've talked about this many times. You need to hang out with the others. They are your friends and future allies when you have to fight the forces of evil. You will need to get to know them if you are to fight alongside them when the time comes."

"I don't need anyone apart from Lunet. I saved the world just fine on my own back in Asunda from a powerful dragon there all by myself! No one but Lunet was with me back then and right now, she's all the friends I need."

"I strongly suggest that—"

Before Adon could finish what he was going to say, Coalra spun around, stalking off away from him. She was clearly annoyed; the way her tail sharply lashed behind her and her green eyes were ablaze. This was something she didn't wish to drive into with anyone. Least of all someone who was trying to replace her teacher.

The old wizard watched her go, shaking his head as he released a deep sigh. Perhaps this was going to be harder than he first thought. His gaze shifted to the group still playing, none the wiser about what had just taken place.

Aside from one lone figure.

"That was rude of you the way you left like that, Coalra."

Emerald colored eyes rolled in annoyance at her friends comment. "I don't care, Lunet. You should know that by now. I need no one else a part from you and my teacher."

"I know you're the lone wolf type, but I do think it's best that you at least try to open up to others. Adon does have a point you know, these guys will become your allies in battle and you'll need to get to know them before you can even think about fighting alongside them."

"For once, I agree with the bug."

Coalra whirled around to see who had spoken. Standing before her was a member of the future Cloudlander s team. It was a purple-and-white fox with eyes the color of fire. Her outfit was that was normal ninja wear. Her hair was a fiery red, tied up in a ponytail behind her. The young dragon narrowed her eyes disapprovingly at the vixen, turning her head away from her.

"Go away, Fire Fox."

"Seider," the vulpine corrected.

"Like I care what your name is," the reptile fired back, still keeping her gaze away from the other female.

The vixen growled lower as she stomped towards the newcomer, tail lashing behind her and paws on her hips as she glared down at the outsider. "What is your problem? You've been nothing but trouble ever since you got here!"

"I didn't ask to be sent here, you know? Why don't you go back and play with your friends? Leave me alone."

"I get it. You don't like us that's easy to see. But like it or not, you're stuck here with us. There's a reason you were sent here you know. Adon has tried to get us to make friends with you and you keep pushing us away! What's the deal, Dragon? We just want to be your friends!"

Coalra didn't say anything right away. She kept her gaze away from the fox, though it was clear she was already reaching her limit. The tip of her blade ended tail was tapping on the ground and Lunet knew that was a sign that the dragoness was close to snapping at someone.

However, Seider had no idea for she didn't know her very well yet.

"Well?" the vulpine questioned when the black dragoness made no move to speak. "What's your deal, huh? Why are you so hellbent on pushing everyone away from you?"

"You want to know why I push everyone away from me?!" Coalra snapped, her green gaze hard as was her voice as she whipped around to face the fire controlling fox.

"Here we go…" Lunet made the smart move to scramble into her hiding spot atop her friend whenever she was this upset. It normally never ended well for anyone.

"Because my whole life has been nothing but a living nightmare! Back where I'm from, everyone hates me. I was treated lower than dirt all because of being a black dragon! No one cared for me until I met my teacher! He took me in and raised me! Gave me a chance unlike everyone else that saw me as a monster! A demon! A mistake! Something that needed to die! I was a toy to them! A slave! It was the only way they thought they could keep me under control so I wouldn't kill anyone! I've only ever had Master Aythnar and Lunet my whole life! As if that wasn't bad enough, I was thrust into a forced adventure to save the world from—you guessed it—a black dragon like me! So excuse me for not trusting anyone outside of my master and friend!"

By the end of her rant, Coalra was panting. Her breath came out in heavy gasps as she tried to calm herself down. Tears were already running freely despite her best attempts to hold them back. She hated crying in front of others. She hated allowing her weakness to show. She turned away from the fox, scowling at herself.

"Now you know why. Will you please go away now?"

When Seider didn't reply, she thought she had taken her request and finally left her to her sorrow. She was taken aback when she felt warm arms wrap around her in an awkward hug. She stiffened at the sudden contact, unsure of what to make of it. The only one who ever have given her a hug was her teacher.

"I'm sorry."

"Wh-What?" Had she heard that right? Why was she apologizing? "Why are you sorry?"

"I had no idea life had been so hard for you before you came to Cloudlands," the vixen spoke, still keeping her trapped in her embrace. "No wonder you keep to yourself. Because of how you were treated."

"I could have told you that."

"You just did, dork."

The two remained like that for a little bit longer before the kitsune pulled away from her future teammate.

"I'll try to see if I can't get the others and Master Adon to back off and let you decide when or not you want to hang out with us. Take all the time you need, Dragon. Maybe I'll tell you my history later. We're a lot more alike than you realize."

Coalra watched as Seider stood up, dusting herself off before she headed off to return to the group she left behind. The dragoness couldn't stop the small smile that began to creep up onto her muzzle.

Maybe being in Cloudlands wasn't going to be as bad as she first thought.

Theme: Introducation.

And there you have it, the first part of the challenge is done! One down, 999 to go! Hope you guys enjoyed the start to the 1,000 Challenge! If you guys want to take part in it yourselves, link to the challenge is on my profile! You guys don't have to do them all though! Just try to do as many as you think you can! If you take part, best of luck to you and be sure to have fun! Lemme know too so I can check out your story to read it as you tackle the challenge!

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